About Amethyst Bracelets

Amethyst, the vivid purple stone, is a natural healer as well as a gem of kings and queens. Its captivating hue makes it a winner for all the love this gem gets. It is used for creating all kinds of striking jewelry, be it amethyst rings, amethyst necklaces, or amethyst bracelets.

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Guide To buy Amethyst Jewelry

  • Color:

    An intense and vibrant purple with no color zoning. Medium-saturated is ideal, and too dark makes it look black. We can find amethyst in a light to intense shade of purple, and the best quality amethysts are richly saturated with rose color flashes inside.

  • Cut:

    A symmetrical and proportionate cut that enhances its brilliance. And this alluring gemstone comes with variety of shapes like; round, oval, princess, pear, octagon and cushion.

  • Clarity:

    Should be eye-clean with no prominent inclusions

  • Carat:

    With increased carat weight or large sizes, amethyst's price does not get affected much. So, it's a good deal to buy bold amethyst jewelry.

  • Grading of Amethyst:

    AAA: Excellent quality, medium dark purple color, fine cut

    AA: Better quality with a little less superior than AAA

    A: Good quality with heavy inclusions that are not visible to naked eyes.

FAQs about amethyst jewelry

  1. What is so special about amethyst jewelry ?

    Amethyst is not just royal in its color but it has been a favorite amongst royalty. It was a stone that was used to adorn crowns, thrones, and capes.This vivacious purple is much loved as a gem and crystal due to its mystic aspect. It's a stone of wisdom and spiritual growth.

  2. Is amethyst jewelry durable?

    On the Mohs scale, amethyst scores 7, which indicates your amethyst jewelry will need a certain amount of care and cautiousness so that it lasts for a longer period of time.

  3. Will my amethyst jewelry in water?

    Amethyst is considered a water-side gemstone. Hence, your amethyst jewelry is going to be fine even after coming in contact with water.

  4. Who can wear amethyst bracelets?

    February borns, Pisceans can wear amethyst bracelet as it is a February gemstone.