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About Knot Rings

The knot rings constitute an adorable collection of fine handcrafted rings which are an expression of love and friendship. The alluring range of love knot rings from Rosec Jewels is a way to embark on the journey of love and commemorate the moments of togetherness. In some traditions, celtic knot rings are also popularly used as a symbolism of eternal love.

Addressing the delicate designs of the knot rings, our team of artisans curate outstanding pieces of jewelry by blending traditions with latest trends. Various experiments with different colored gemstones and gold, we have successfully diversified our collection to tend to the tastes of women out there. Thus, showcasing an exclusive range of knot rings in gold carved with the traditional yellow gold for vintage look, serene white gold for soft hues and the romantic rose gold.

Things to Consider While Buying Knot Rings

  • Certified Gemstone: Gemstones are responsible for scintillating knot rings for women, thus a need for proper certifications is crucial to define them in all the 4 C’s of Quality.
  • Hallmarked Gold  : The hallmarked gold is used for crafting the knot rings to certify the purity of gold that is 10K, 14K and 18 K.
  • Gemstone Shape & Setting: Gemstones are the main attraction in gold rings, thus one should carefully look for the shape of the gemstone and the setting used to mount the gemstone.

Knot Ring FAQs

  1. What does a knot ring symbolize?

    Knot rings are a symbolism of love and friendship and are used to in various cultures to celebrate friendships.

  2. What is a Celtic Knot Ring?

    Celtic knot rings are specific category of knot rings incorporated with the celtic knot to signify eternal love.

  3. How much does a knot ring cost?

    Knot ring prices vary within a range of $500 - $2000 depending on the gemstones, metals and your personal preference.

  4. What occasion should I use a knot ring for?

    Although, you are free to use knot rings for any occasion you wish for, yet keeping in mind the significance of knot rings, they are best suited for romantic occasions like promise, valentine’s day, anniversary or birthdays.

  5. What is gemstone certification?

    The certificate which usually comes with the gemstone jewelry for authenticity of the product. The goal of the SGL certificate is to define gemstone in all the factors like carat, cut, clarity and color.