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I am one of those people who don’t like being presented with a gift on Birthdays but an expected gift from my boyfriend last year (13th Aug 2020) has now made me crave for birthday gifts more than ever. So, my boyfriend, Chris, came to me and handed me a small box and a card which read, “Do not reject this one and I promise to never give presents ever.“
So, I opened it and I froze as I held this beautiful Ring with my favorite Sapphire and Chris, well he was already on his knees and what happened next is a memory still afresh and I rejoice it everyday as I look over this gorgeous ring.

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I wanted to make this Valentines special because it had been 2 years, us being together. Although, proposal wasn’t on my mind as I didn’t want to rush anything. So, I decided to gift her a ring to make a promise of my love. I found the right one from Rosec who helped me customize the same.
Now, the surprising part, Valentines came and I took her to dinner and we both exchanged gifts, she had got me a bottle of wine which we shared later. And when she opened my present she was shocked, a good shock judged by her blushing smile. Nevertheless, in my astonishment she said, “Yes” cheerfully and now we are happily engaged.

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Me and Martin are fond of hiking and camping and this time we made it to the Yosemite Falls. It was another adventure for us until one night, sitting beside the fire under the starry sky, he asked me for dance. I nodded and we jammed on our favorite song and while we were at it, he knelt before me and took out a small ring box and opened it, all the while saying, “Will You?“
It was magical and a perfect moment and I said, “Yes.” I saw him smile as he slid the sparkling ring into my finger.

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We have been married for two years now and our Anniversary was approaching and we decided to have a romantic dinner at home due to Covid19. I prepared Derek’s favorite and wanted to surprise him with his favorite wine and songs. However, during dinner, he was the one who surprised me by placing a beautiful ruby ring in my plate of dessert and said, “Will you marry me once again, Stella.“
I was very happy and said, “Yes, why not, we already have the ring.” We ended our night with the wine I had brought.

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After three years of relationship with Nova, I finally decided to propose her. I got the right ring with her birthstone but was not sure as when, where and how to propose. The moment had to be right and wanted it to present itself. So, I always carried the ring with me for many days until one weekend we went to beach and it was sunset. Carrying the ring with me, I took Nova to water and half immersed in water with the sun at horizon, I present the ring to her.
She got speechless for few seconds until a wave brought her to senses that it was indeed happening. She produced her finger in front of me.

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Everly always complained that the spark between us had been lost after the marriage, therefore I wanted to take her by surprise. I chose Thanksgiving of 2020, as it had be the day she would least expect any romantic surprise. So, after the dinner, I took her to the park where we had our first date and there we sat for a while, refreshing our memories and then I shown her the ring I got for her and I still remember her beautiful smile, the same which has me falling for her over and over.

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We have been together for five years, and every year we take a trip together. We share a love of travel. This year it was Saint Lucia, where he had proposed me. It was right before dinner and he waited until I walked out, and came up to me and was shaking uncontrollably. All I saw was the ring that he held in his hand and the next I know he was kneeling before me with few guitarists playing different notes. And all I could do was blush and smile, certainly I was too happy that I forgot how to react. The moment in itself brought back countless memories.

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We met in high school back in 2008! It took me months to get the courage to finally talk to her. She has been my absolute everything for the last 12 years! All of our “firsts” have been together. From the first house, vacations, marriage, having three most amazing children. All of which is owed to Josephine. In order to thank her for all those amazing years and the years to come, I had this custom ring made for her with engravings, “P&J”. It was like after all those years, we got to cherish the good old days, once again.

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Everyone goes on planning their weddings to make the day an everlasting memory but for me my own wedding was a surprise. Carl persuaded me for a small trip before our wedding and we just took a road trip to the nearby, not so famous falls and camped there. I was setting up the camp while he was off to fetch wood but it took him long to get back. And as sunset approached, he blindfolded me and took me somewhere.
As he removed the blindfold, I saw rose petals around a tree and our initials carved on its trunk. He took out two rings and told me, “Let’s get married, right away.“

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Vivian and I got married last year (January 2020, right before the pandemic began) and since then she had been mad at me for not proposing her since we mutually agreed to get married. So, this year I thought to redeem myself and a day before the anniversary, we went to her favorite restaurant and I asked one of the waiters to bring the ring I gave him with one of the meal course. He brought the ring with a cake as a surprise to both of us. I proposed to her right there while the staff clapped and greeted us as we cut the cake.

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Lydia had been my girlfriend for five years, we had been the only couple among our friends which actually lasted. I felt it was time to propose her, so I ordered the right ring for her but I was not sure about the place and the right day. I decided to take her to the Michigan Lake, where we had our first kiss while in college. I reminded her of the day and I could sense her shock as I am not usually romantic. But she was more shocked when I fell on my knees and said those magical words while holding the ring in my hand.

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We have been married for 20 years now and had been blessed with a son and daughter. With David, I had amazing twenty years with all his love and care. Even after all those years, he can be as romantic as a young boy in high-school. On the Thanksgiving of 2020, when we were having a family gathering, he did something amazing. After dinner, he raised his glass into toast and my daughter dimmed the light as my son started lighting candles. After that burst the balloons out of flowers petals came pouring out. David knelt before me with this beautiful ring he had in his hand and I couldn’t control my tears of happiness.

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Me and Nathan were cruising to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. It was surely a memorable one, as the staff of the cruise ship organized a small party for us with everyone onboard. To, my surprise the decorations and the party in itself felt like it was indeed my wedding day. Nonetheless, they called us out to cut the cake and before I took the knife, one of the ship’s staff came carrying a ring box and I glanced over Nathan who was smiling and I understood that it was indeed his doing. It was like marrying all over again but this time sailing in midst of Caribbean Sea.

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After getting engaged to Cora, I wanted to make her wedding day memorable as it was a very simple proposal. At the time of wedding dinner, while toasts were being raised for us by our friends. I got up and raised my glass and every eye was on us. Cora had no idea as to what was happening, I took out this extra ring they call promise ring and in that room full of guests, I knelt before her offering the ring and promising all of my love to her.

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It was our first wedding anniversary and we couldn’t invite many people on our wedding because of the prevailing pandemic in the country. So, we decided to invite some friends for dinner on our anniversary. Our friends forced us to enact the wedding about which later I came to know that it was after all, Ivan’s idea to surprise me as he already had brought this gorgeous brand new ring for this little play. Certainly, the man knows how to make me happy.

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I never knew Chris was so thoughtful when it came to surprises, since his proposal was a lot simpler than what I am about to write. As our first anniversary gift, he took me on a bike ride to the cafe we used to meet, back in the days. We sat and refreshed our memories and it was then a waitress approached carrying a note in her hand, “Will you marry me, once again?“ I was confused and soon the whole staff came carrying boards which read the same while Chris offered me this beautiful ring. I had never been happier.

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It had been six years since our marriage and Sarah had lost her engagement ring, so I made it a point to surprise her with a new ring on any occasion which approached and luckily it was Valentines. I thought of spicing up things and ordered a beautiful love charm ring and took her to dinner. While we returning, I detoured to a cliff famously called as the Lover’s Point by youngsters and gifted her the rings with a proposal and all the couples there stared at us as we were doing anything different than them.

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Even after 17 years of marriage, Charles never stopped to surprise me with his little playful tricks and one such trick made me the happiest when on the night before our anniversary, he woke me up at 12 midnight and took me to our lawn where he already had few decorations done and a bottle of wine lay beside a cake. He asked me to cut the cake and as we cut it he took out a ring from his pocket and asked for my hand.

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When we were still in college, I never thought our relationship would lead to marriage but then William did something amazing. On our last day, he took me to the small lake behind our college where we usually used to hang out. There, I found all our friends gathered and I thought that it must be a sort of goodbye but to my surprise, they began clapping as we approached and I looked at William in confusion who was already smiling with a ring in his hand. Next, I know he was on his knees and saying, “Let be together for the rest of our lives.“

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I wanted to do something memorable for her this birthday rather than taking her out for dinner. So, I decided to show up late from work and get her angry. Meanwhile, I bought dinner and few drinks and a cake. Just before ringing the bell, I set up two glasses and poured the drinks, lit the candles and kept the ring ready. I rang the bell and she came angrier than ever, however when she saw me on my knees with a ring in my hand, her heart melted and she hugged me real tight.

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