The way you express your love, either in the simplest way possible or make it grand, every way counts.

Your mediums could be any, such as - showing certain gestures that the other person appreciates receiving from the other person, leaving notes in different corners of the house for them, ordering food items they are fond of, taking for activities outdoor and the list can go so long depending on the personal preferences.

But, have you ever wondered about that one gift, which can perfectly personify the depth of your love for your significant other and stays true for your eternal connection?

Yes, you might have guessed it right, we are talking about the “Eternity Rings”.

An Eternity Ring Meaning and Definition

  • Meaning of an Eternity Ring -

    Eternity Rings can be defined as an emblem of eternal love between two passionate lovers. It’s a kind of ring that purely justifies your never ending bond. Giving or exchanging eternity rings tend to mark a certain milestone for a couple.

    Hence, we can denote an eternity ring as a symbol of eternal promise of love and togetherness.

    In a brief - An eternity ring is a physical way for saying “I love you till infinity” or “There is no end to my love for you”.

  • Eternity Ring Definition -

    An eternity ring comprises of gemstones or diamonds placed all around the band that symbolizes an everlasting love. This never ending circle represents your honest and long-lasting love for each other.

What does Eternity Ring symbolizes?

What does Eternity Ring symbolizes?

A token of eternal love and life, a lifelong promise of love and commitment .

It is also believed to symbolize a circle of life, and traditionally it is given to a partner after a child’s birth; denoting a new beginning of eternal love.

Trust me, there is so much more to know about eternity rings and the history that it has. But not to worry as we’ve gathered all the information about eternity rings just for you. Grab your favorite drink and stay on this page!

Eternity Rings are classified as -

Eternity Rings are classified as -
  • Full Eternity Rings

  • Half Eternity Rings

    Let’s discover the basic difference between full eternity and half eternity rings.

Full Eternity Rings

As the name suggests - In a full eternity ring, the diamond or gemstones are held in a continuous pattern in a band, making an eternal circle. The embellishment of stones is done in such a way which makes the full eternity ring a luxurious choice.

Half Eternity Rings

Whereas, a half eternity ring has stones covering the top half of the band ring. If 1/2 or 3/4 of the band is covered with continuous gemstones or diamonds, it is considered as ‘half eternity’.

People say half eternity rings are more comfortable and practical than the full eternity rings because the dorsal side of the ring is free from embellishments.

When do we give an Eternity Ring?

Although, your love for the significant other can be expressed any day, but there are certain times, when you realize that your love just grew deeper.

So, if you and your partner are celebrating a special moment of life with each other you can gift an eternity ring. Your wedding day or the day when you have completed certain years with each other are the perfect occasions to exchange eternity rings.

  • To celebrate a significant wedding anniversary

    An eternity ring comprises of diamonds or other precious stones set all the way around the band. They are also called infinity rings. Eternity rings are usually given by a husband to a wife on a special anniversary, such as their first anniversary or fifth anniversary, but they can be given for any occasion.

  • To mark a birth of your first child

    Birth of a first child is also considered as a traditional time to gift to your partner an eternity ring. You can gift an eternity ring to your partner on birthdays as well, to intensify your romance.

  • Marriage Proposal

    Remember that every proposal is unique, and the most important thing is the love you bring to that moment. Proposing with an eternity ring, can be a beautiful and meaningful way to start a new chapter of life with your partner.

Popular Eternity Ring Settings

There are few popular Eternity Ring Settings. Each setting provides a unique appearance and excellent stone protection to create a seamless look. Lets take a look on some popular eternity ring settings.

Channel Setting

Pave Setting

The gemstones or diamonds are set between the vertical metal walls, that will secure the stones in their right place and offers a sleek look.

When multiple small gemstones or diamonds are placed closely together secured by small beads or prongs. Pave Setting is known for it’s incredible sparkle.

Prong Setting

Bezel Setting

It’s a classic choice for an eternity ring. Each gemstone or diamond is shared by same prongs that can be done with four, six, or more prongs, depending on the design.

In bezel setting, each gemstone or diamond is encircled with metal rim which provides an excellent protection for the stone and offers a modern look.

The History Of the Eternity Ring

The History Of the Eternity Ring

The eternity rings are so popular and in trend now, but do you know that eternity rings have rich history?

Well, around 4000 years back, the ancient Egyptians originated the eternity rings. They use to wear and exchange the eternity rings as a token of eternal love and life. Back in times, there were designs like a snake devouring its own tail, signifying the vicious circle of life and death. This design is called as “Ouroboros”.

Although, the eternity rings have lost its charm for centuries somewhere in between, but they regained popularity in the 60’s and since then, the eternity rings are advertised as gifts for husbands and wives to gift each other as their eternal love sign.

The eternity rings that are made these days are very close to the design of original eternity rings that were used to be made back decades earlier. However, some women pick an eternity ring as their wedding ring while, some pair their eternity ring along with their wedding band.

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What makes an Eternity Ring different from other rings?

Have you seen any band or rings all covered with a series of similar pattern with diamond or gemstone other than an eternity ring? Well, you’ve probably not. And that’s what makes an eternity ring unique and special.

Difference between an Eternity Ring and Wedding Ring

Difference between an Eternity Ring and Wedding Ring

The presence of diamond or gemstones marks the main difference between a wedding ring and an eternity ring.

A wedding ring can be a simple metal band, having the band mostly diamond embellished (there may be a single diamond or many) .The wedding band ring usually matches the engagement ring and most importantly, it is given on the wedding day only.

While, an eternity ring can have diamond or gemstones or both encompassing the complete circumference of the band necessarily to form a complete circle and can be presented to a partner on any big occasion.

Note : - We can call an eternity ring a wedding ring but not necessarily the vice versa is true!

Wrapping Up -

Till now, you must have understood that the eternity rings are not a mere gift, they have much more significance. Giving or receiving an eternity ring comes with the expectations of togetherness for life and hence it adds so much meaning to it. The eternity ring that you are going to give will witness all the ups and downs of your relationship and will still keep you and your partner bound to each other strongly.

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