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About Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement ring is another popular engagement ring style after the solitaire rings from the online store of Rosec Jewels. Halo is the category of rings boasting a dazzling halo of gemstones, that is a particular setting circumscribing the center stone with tiny diamonds or any other colored gemstones. The delicately crafted halo rings for women make a spectacular range of engagement rings with an extra added sparkle to the rings that will be the statement of your beloved unique personality.

Our team of expert artisans and gemologist, adhere to all the quality factors while crafting spectacular engagement rings for women so that the rings leaving our facility are boastful of the latest trends in jewelry. The halo engagement rings from Rosec Jewels will give you an excuse to celebrate the sacred union. Thus in our tireless efforts to curate an assorted range of engagement rings we have come up with a blend of gemstone shapes and colorful gold hues to bring alluring hidden halo engagement rings, double halo engagement rings, pear halo engagement rings and rose gold halo engagement rings. Choose the style which you think will best resonate with the charming personality of your beloved.

Things to Consider While Buying Halo Engagement Rings

  • Certified Gemstone: In case of dazzling halo engagement rings for women, gemstones are a crucial factor to define the overall beauty of these rings and should be carefully examined by referring to the certification which not only define gemstones in all factors but also ensures the ethical sourcing and fair practices.
  • Hallmarked Gold: Colorful hues of gold namely, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are being used to craft engagement rings for women, which comes with different purity of gold such as 10K, 14K and 18K and can be checked by looking for the hallmark.
  • Gemstone Shape & Setting: The chief attraction in halo engagement rings tend be the center stone and the halo set side stones used to decorate them. The various shapes of gemstone like round, oval, princess, emerald, heart, etc, should be carefully looked for along with the kind of settings used to mount them such as prong settings, claw setting, bezel setting and many more.

Halo Engagement Ring FAQs

  1. What does halo engagement ring mean?

    A halo setting stands for number of small side stones circumscribing a dominant center stone or diamond. The halo setting gives a perception of increased size of the center gemstone and it is what that gives name to the popular halo engagement ring styles.

  2. Can halo rings be used for engagement?

    Halo rings for women are very much suitable and are widely chosen as engagement rings for being the classical ring style with an extra added sparkle to appeal to the eyes of the beholder.

  3. How much does a halo engagement ring cost?

    The price of halo engagement rings usually fall within the range of $1000 - $3000 depending on the metal and gemstone quality used in handcrafting rings with a diamond halo.

  4. Does a halo make the center diamond look bigger?

    The halo setting in engagement rings does make the center dominant diamond appear larger owing to the optical illusion caused by the scintillating halo side stones.

  5. What is SGL certification?

    It is a certificate which comes with luxury gemstone jewelry to prove the authenticity of the halo engagement rings. The aim of the SGL certificate is to define the gemstone quality by defining all the factors like carat, cut, clarity and color.