About Orange Sapphire Necklace

Orange Sapphire, the vivacious but a rare gemstone radiates like no other gem. Its vivid luster that is luxurious, precious will awe anyone with its charisma. We have got you an elaborate collection of orange sapphire jewelry that has some stunning and trendy Orange Sapphire Pendant Necklaces. This eye catching pieces will make you fall for them in one glance.

There is a Sapphire Necklace for every kind of woman. Ranging from Vintage inspired to trendy pendants, from solitaire to halo style and from dramatic to minimal. Orange Sapphire Pendant Necklace can be the ultimate expression of love on special occasions or perfect way to flaunt your fashion statement.

Things to see before buying Orange Sapphire Pendant Necklace

  • Color: The orange sapphire is found in pale shade of orange to vibrant orange color. Its a blend of red and yellow hue. Vivid orange are expensive as compared to other shades.
  • Clarity:  Most of the orange sapphire stones are enhanced for there color and clarity therefore you must check them for eye-clean inclusions before buying them. If it appears clear to you, then you can pick the gem for your pendant.
  • Cut: Cut is a personal choice and you can go for the shape that seems most attractive to you. Most popular ones are pear, princess, round and oval.
  • Carat: Orange Sapphire in large sizes are difficult to find and that is the reason high carat fetch high price.


  1. Is Orange Sapphire rare ?

    Yes, orange sapphire is one of the rarest form of sapphire. It is very difficult to find them in natural state as most them are treated for their color.

  2. What is the other name of Orange Sapphire ?

    The other name of Orange Sapphire is Padparadscha Sapphire, and it is the most expensive as among all other sapphires because of its rarity. It takes its name from the Sinhalese named "Lotus Flower," which has yellowish-orange shade in it.

  3. What is Orange Sapphire Good For ?

    Like its Vibrant appearance, it adds vitality and life force in an individual. Along with that it is used to elevate illness related to blood disorders.

  4. Who should Wear Orange Sapphire ?

    It is a September Birthstone. Hence, people with the Virgo Zodiac Sign can wear Orange Sapphire. Also, it is stone of creative expression. So, It is also ideal for writers, singers, and artists.

  5. Is to a good option to buy Lab created Orange Sapphire ?

    If you want to spend less in that case lab created orange sapphire will be better option. The natural ones would start around $50 on the other hand, $8 would be starting cost of lab created orange sapphire.

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