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Blue Sapphire Rings

A beaming Blue Sapphire Ring is any day a royal choice of accessory! No matter what your sense of style looks like, our assortment of classic, vintage, and contemporary pieces has you covered. Let us assist you in finding your ideal pick:

But firstly, What is a Blue Sapphire Ring?

The most iconic of all the color varieties of Sapphires, Blue Sapphire belongs to the precious family of gemstones. It is a variety of the mineral Corundum that commemorates the month of September. Its eye-appealing hue showcases the most beautiful shades of blue, from velvety blue to an intense violet-blue. 

But do you know what makes Natural Blue Sapphire Rings such a prized possession since times immemorial? Yes, you guessed it right- the meaningful symbolism that this September Birthstone beholds. Let’s discuss

What does a Blue Sapphire Ring symbolize?

A Blue Sapphire Birthstone Ring is often worn or exchanged between lovers as a token of love, loyalty, luck, and happiness. Needless to mention, that makes it a meaningful Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring. You’d be mesmerized to note that this miraculous gemstone also carries divine favors, which makes it a great spiritual stone. Lending complete support to this belief is the fact that Sapphire is known to break you free from unwanted thoughts, negativity, and depression. Not just that, it is also believed to impart wisdom, creativity, and patience to the wearer.

That being said, aren’t you excited to explore the finest selection of Blue Sapphire Rings in Gold? Keep scrolling:

Our Handcrafted Collection of Unique Blue Sapphire Rings

  • Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring

    True to its name, a Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring features an enormous Centerpiece of Blue Sapphire that is meant to steal all the limelight. The Solitaire of Blue Sapphire here makes its presence felt with its enormous size of 6 MM or more. Its classic and understated appeal makes it the go-to choice of engagement ring style in a Blue Sapphire Bridal Ring Set. What makes this ring style versatile is the fact that it suits many aesthetics. While a Round Cut Blue Sapphire Ring offers a classic touch, the one fashioned in marquise, princess, or pear cut is made for the unconventional to-be-weds. An Asscher or Emerald Cut Blue Sapphire Ring, on the other hand, lends it a perfect old-school appeal.

  • Blue Sapphire Halo Ring

    A modish take on the conventional Solitaire Style, a Blue Sapphire Halo Ring encloses the center stone of Blue Sapphire with a shimmering parade of Diamond/Moissanite around. The Halo puts more spotlight on the beauty of Sapphire by making it appear slightly larger. The most iconic ring in this category is the royalties’ favorite- Princess Diana-inspired Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond Halo.

  • Blue Sapphire Eternity Ring

    Prized as one of the most romantic tokens of love, a Blue Sapphire Eternity Ring is encrusted with uniformly-sized Blue Sapphires in an unbroken circle (all over the band). It oozes a timeless vibe, complemented by the vibrant blue splash of a row of Sapphires. The best part? You can stack it with your favorite sparklers with little to no effort. Moreover, this Blue Sapphire Ring Band commemorates the kind of love that doesn’t know any measures.

  • Blue Sapphire Promise Ring

    Classic, extravagant, and everything in between, a Blue Sapphire Promise Ring isn’t defined by a specific style. You will witness the most understated Solitaire Rings in this category that feature Blue Sapphire that isn’t more than 4 MM in size. But you can also expect to fall for the ones that have been ornately detailed with nature and floral-inspired motifs, accents of diamond, or twin/triple stones of Sapphires. However, nothing compares to the romantic appeal of a Blue Sapphire Heart Ring in this category. Symbolically, it is exchanged between couples as a gesture of lifelong commitment ( which often precedes engagement).

  • Blue Sapphire Vintage Ring

    Treasured as a piece of ancient art, a Vintage-inspired Blue Sapphire Ring incorporates ornate designs from Edwardian, Art Deco, and Victorian Eras. It comes with a sense of nostalgia thanks to its old-school metalwork that boasts filigree, milgrain detailing as well as geometric patterns. Each design here carries an era-old story, which makes it a meaningful choice for the Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring.

  • Blue Sapphire Wedding Ring

    A Blue Sapphire Wedding Ring is encrusted with a beautiful parade of Sapphires all over the band. The best part about it is that it offers you a world of options to pick the one to say ‘I do’ to. It ranges from a Curvature Sapphire Band that is meant to fit with your engagement ring (making for a Beautiful Blue Sapphire Ring Set) to eye-striking designs, including those beautified by floral motifs, vintage metalwork, diamond accents, and much more!

    Apart from our array of handcrafted designs, we facilitate you with many options in tones of Gold as well. A Blue Sapphire Ring in white gold is meant for the ones who like to stick to classics, while the one in rose gold is treasured for its feminine appeal. On the other hand, a Blue Sapphire Ring in yellow gold takes the prize for being the most conventional, luxurious, and go-to choice for milestone occasions.


  1. How much is Blue Sapphire Rings worth?

    The emotional value of Blue Sapphires is hard to be demonstrated in words because of the kind of symbolism and divine ties that it carries. 

    If we speak in monetary terms, the price of Natural Blue Sapphire Rings in our collection ranges from $400 to $1500. However, if you get your hands on a Blue Sapphire Ring for Sale, you can expect to pay a much more pocket-friendly price.

  2. What color Sapphire is most valuable?

    Color determines the value of a gemstone unlike any other factor, and Sapphire is no exception. Sapphires that fetch the most value owing to their color are velvety to violet-blue in hue (with a vivid color saturation). 

  3. What signs should not wear Sapphire?

    As per Vedic Astrology, people native to Aries, Leo, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Scorpio Zodiacs should keep from wearing a Blue Sapphire Birthstone Ring.

  4. How can you tell if a Blue Sapphire is real?

    It comes as no surprise that as the popularity of Blue Sapphire is growing, its synthetic counterparts have also become a common sight to witness. 

    But the good news is that telling a Natural Blue Sapphire Ring apart from a fake one doesn’t require you to be a professional. Just abide by the following tried and trusted tricks, and you’ll face no trouble differentiating between them:

    • Thanks to its natural formation, a Genuine Blue Sapphire Ring would any day be home to more inclusions than its synthetic counterpart. The inclusions you will most likely witness are feather-like, long and thin needles, etc. Try looking for them through a magnifying glass. If you can easily spot these inclusions, then congratulations- your Sapphire is a real one.

    • Another trusted measure of spotting the difference is observing how your Blue sparkler interacts with light. Wondering why? Well, synthetic Blue Sapphires are often made of glass. That is why they reflect light in a kaleidoscopic spectrum of colors (which is not the case with Natural Blue Sapphires). So try subjecting your gemstone to bright natural light and taking a good look at its reflection.

    • As a result of its synthetic formation, it is natural for some gas to get trapped inside the surface of a fake Blue Sapphire in the form of bubbles. So, a simple way to check its authenticity is to observe it under 10X magnification. If you can easily spot some bubbles, your Sapphire is probably an imitation.

  5. Do Blue Sapphires hold their value?

    Well, it depends on the quality of your Blue Sapphire. 

    If you’re investing in a high-quality gemstone, you can rest assured that it will hold its value over time.

  6. Are lighter or darker sapphires more expensive?

    Genuine Blue Sapphire Rings that showcase a Velvety-blue hue with a medium-dark tone are considered the most valuable and hence expensive.

  7. What month is Blue Sapphire Birthstone?

    Blue Sapphire is renowned as the birthstone of September.