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About Garnet Earrings

Garnet earrings from Rosec Jewels will leave your beloved astound when she will adorn the beautiful pair of earrings for women for any occasion. Featuring natural garnets, the member of silicate family of minerals with a wide spectrum of colors of almost all the shades. This diverse range of colors helps jewelers to adorn red garnets while crafting garnet earrings for women. Our artisans take immense pleasure in curating January birthstone earrings for women that boast of fine and delicate designs.

Mesmerizing garnet bridal earring styles are created by combining different garnet shapes ranging from round, asscher, pear, marquise, princess and many more. The garnet earrings can also be selected on the basis of different earring styles, most popular being the garnet stud earrings for women with a knack for latest trends in fashion. Metal embellishments in different adorable colors of gold namely, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold will leave the jewelry enthusiasts with plethora of garnet drop earrings and vintage earrings to choose from.

Benefits of Garnet Earrings

Garnet earrings for women are thought to inspire love and devotion.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Garnet Earrings

  • Color: The color of red garnet ranges from orange-red to deep blood red which is the most desirable factor of color in garnet earrings.
  • Clarity: The red garnet in gold earrings tend to have no eye-visible inclusions. An eye-clean garnet earring will fetch you higher prices.
  • Cut: Garnets are offered cuts to retain maximum weight from the rough and in case of the red garnets they are a classic choice for beads and cabochons.
  • Carat: Red garnets are found in larger sizes which brings no dramatic change in the value with a smaller variation in size.

Garnet Earring FAQs

  1. What does garnet in earrings symbolize?

    Garnets are a symbol of love and life force and are thought to kindle the spark of love in the wearer.

  2. How to take care of garnet gold earrings?

    The garnet earrings for women while they don’t usually get scratched easily but their regular use can sometimes dull the sparkle of garnets which can easily be regained by cleaning them at home by the following steps.

      1. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe off dirt or oil.
      2. Grab a bowl of lukewarm water and add mild cleaning agent.
      3. Place your earrings in it and use soft bristle brush to clean off the dirt from under the gemstones.

  3. How much will a garnet earring cost me?

    The price range of natural garnet earrings can vary from $300 to $2000 depending on the size of garnet as well as the color and clarity of garnet and the presence of other gemstones.

  4. What are garnet birthstone earrings?

    Garnet is the official birthstone of January and shower the various metaphysical benefits into the life of the January born. Thus, the garnet earrings are also known as the January birthstone earrings.

  5. How do I know if my garnet earrings are authentic?

    The authenticity of garnet in earrings is ensured by the gemstone certification by defining them in all applicable quality factors. The certificate is usually issued on the behalf of a reputed third party like the SGL Labs.