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Freshwater Pearl Rings

Sophisticated yet statement-making, Freshwater Pearl Rings have been royalties’ favorite for a reason! Their refined beauty couldn’t be captured as gracefully as it is done by our handcrafted designs of classic, contemporary, and old-school pieces. Take a look to find the one that interests you the most.

But firstly, What is a Freshwater Pearl Ring?

Unlike any other stone, Freshwater Pearls naturally originate in freshwater (such as ponds and lakes) with the help of mussels (a rare species of shellfish that creates Cultured Pearls). Real Pearl Rings commemorate the month of June. You’ll find them hued in soothing shades of white and cream. In a rare event, you might even come across Freshwater Pearls that possess slight overtones of pastel shades of pink, green, blue, or purple.

Besides that, Natural Pearl Rings boast a symbolism that does complete justice to the kind of appeal they drive. Let’s have a quick look:

The Symbolism of the White Pearl Ring

True to their heavenly hue, Freshwater Pearl Rings are renowned for symbolizing purity, innocence, harmony, and humility. Some folklore suggests that back in ancient times, Pearl was highly regarded for carrying the miraculous powers of the moon. Its sophisticated appearance would tell you that it is hailed as a feminine stone. Apart from that, its iridescent glow is believed to impart inner wisdom and love to the wearer. 

Now that you’re well aware of all the good reasons to buy Pearl Rings, let’s get you acquainted with the versatile collection that we carry. 

Our Handcrafted Selection of Pearl Rings for Women

  • Freshwater Pearl Solitaire Ring

    A Solitaire Style Ring stands out with the Solo Centerpiece of Freshwater Pearl that exudes an understated, timeless feel. The elegant aesthetic of Freshwater Pearl is brought out best by this classic Solitaire Style, making it the go-to choice for Pearl Engagement Ring. You’re most likely to find Round Shape Pearl Rings in this selection. It speaks to the wearer with its classic aesthetic that you just can’t go wrong with. A great way to make this engagement ring more visually appealing would be to team it up with a sparkly Diamond Wedding Band (so that together they make for a stunning Pearl Engagement Ring Set).

  • Freshwater Pearl Halo Ring

    When the Centerpiece of Freshwater Pearl is highlighted by the encircling of Diamond/Moissanite all around, it is referred to as a Pearl Halo Ring. Halo not only lends a layer of glitz and glamour to your Pearl but makes it appear larger. What’s more, a Pearl and Diamond Ring (with Diamonds set in a Halo) brings together the perfect blend of sophistication and sparkle.

  • Multiple Stone Freshwater Pearl Ring

    A Multiple Stone Freshwater Pearl Ring boasts twin or triple stones of Freshwater Pearl that are nestled close to each other. If you’re worn out of the Simple Solitaire Ring and want your ring to be more about Pearls, a Multiple Stone Ring seems like a great fit. The style might look super contemporary and trendy, but it also carries a conventional meaning. The twin stones of Pearl signify the union of two souls as one, while the three stones of Pearl reflect upon the unique journey of the couple’s togetherness (with each of the three stones signifying the past, present, and future, respectively). That is the very reason why this style makes for a meaningful Pearl Promise Ring.

  • Vintage Freshwater Pearl Ring

    A Vintage Pearl Ring is all about ancient art-forward designs from the Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras. More precisely, it is ornamented with heavy metalwork that features milgrain and filigree detailing as well as abstract geometric patterns. If you’re on the hunt for an emblem of love that not only carries an old-world story but is also somewhat royal, a Vintage Pearl Engagement Ring could be a great fit.

  • Freshwater Pearl Cocktail Ring

    Flashy, fancy, and flamboyant, a Pearl Cocktail Ring is characterized by an enormous Centerpiece of Freshwater Pearl. To add to its eye-striking appeal, the Pearl is often complemented with bold patterns of Diamond/Moissanite around (a Pearl Cluster Ring for instance). Also, if you fancy an unconventional Pearl Diamond Engagement Ring that is anything but ordinary, this style might hold a great selection for you in store.


  1. Is it OK to wear a Pearl Ring every day?

    No matter how tempted you are to wear your pretty Pearl Gold Ring every day, it is not professionally recommended. That’s because Freshwater Pearl strikes a hardness of 2.5 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which makes it a soft stone that is not very scratch-resistant. However, you don’t have to consider it a downside of Pearls if you’re aware of the precautions and maintenance tips that come along with wearing Pearls.

  2. What does a pearl symbolize in a wedding ring?

    Pearls have been the go-to choice to commemorate romantic occasions thanks to the meaningful symbolism that they carry. Pearl Wedding Rings are no exception since they are exchanged as a symbol of integrity, loyalty, and purity.

  3. How often can you wear a pearl ring?

    Owing to its low hardness rating, Pearl is not recommended for everyday wear. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t flaunt your Freshwater Pearl Ring entirely. If you’re cautious with its care and maintenance, you can wear it occasionally. Just make it a point to avoid exposing it to harmful chemicals, store it away from harder gemstones, and most of all, take it for professional inspection every once in a year (if possible).

  4. Do pearl rings scratch?

    Pearls strike a relatively low hardness of 2.5 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale. So, it is quite easy for it to get scratched by hard blows and harder gemstones. However, you can do away with that risk (whether you own a white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold Pearl Ring) by swearing by some professionally prescribed precautions and tricks.

  5. Who should not wear a pearl ring?

    Wearing White Pearl Rings is not astrologically recommended for those native to the Zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo, Gemini, and Capricorn.

  6. Is it OK to get a pearl ring wet?

    While Freshwater Pearls originate in water, it is highly recommended to avoid exposing them to water whenever possible. The simple reason for that is to protect its setting while also doing away with the risk of it getting in contact with harmful chemicals. So, it is always recommended to put off your Pearl Gold Ring before hopping in the shower, swimming, or doing dishes.

  7. Which finger do you wear a pearl ring on?

    In case you’re looking to buy Pearl Rings online, you should know that it is recommended to wear them on the little or ring finger of the right hand so that you’re getting the most of the astrological benefits that they offer. Apart from that, the choice of finger to slip it over rests on your personal preference.

  8. How do you tell if a pearl is natural or cultured?

    While a Natural Pearl Ring looks surprisingly similar to its cultured counterpart, it is important to know that both of them possess some noteworthy differences. For starters, Natural Pearls (just like the name suggests) originate naturally without any human aid. Cultured Pearls, on the other hand, are formed in Pearl farms with the help of human intervention by artificially sowing a nucleus in an oyster.

    Apart from that, here are the most tried and trusted measures to tell them apart:

    • Natural pearls are often not perfectly round or smooth and may have small blemishes or irregularities on their surface. Cultured pearls, on the other hand, are often more uniform and smoother in appearance.

    • As we mentioned, Cultured pearls are formed by placing a small bead or nucleus inside the oyster or mussel to initiate the pearl-forming process. If you can see a nucleus or a bead inside the pearl, it is most likely a cultured pearl.

    • Besides that, you’re most likely to witness growth lines within the nacre of Pearl, which is not the case with Cultured Pearl (which is characterized by a surprisingly round nucleus).

  9. Why is Mother of Pearl so cheap?

    Mother of Pearl is more abundantly found than Pearl gemstones. So, that is specifically why a Mother of Pearl Ring isn’t as expensive as the latter. 

  10. Is it safe to buy pearls online?

    In short, yes! 

    If you’re looking to buy Pearl Rings online, we understand if quality concerns and dilemmas have taken the better of you. But that shouldn't be a point of worry if you’re mindful of the following factors:

    • Certification: Make sure that you’re investing in a Pearl ring that has been certified by a legitimate gemological laboratory. A certificate works as the paper-proof, which indicates that your Pearl has passed through various quality checks and assessments to come out as authentic.

    • Hallmark: Gold Hallmark is living proof of its purity. Whether you own a rose gold, yellow gold, or White Gold Pearl Ring, make sure that you’re investing in a ring that has been crafted in hallmarked Gold.

    • Exchange/Return Policy: To be on the safe side, ensure that you’re guaranteed a 30 Days Free Return or Exchange Policy. Apart from that, it is always better if the shipping is insured too.

    Having said that, we take immense pride in letting you know that Rosec Jewels only offers Certified 14K Gold Rings with Pearls to make online shopping a smooth experience for you.

  11. What age group wears pearls?

    Wearing Pearls isn’t confined to a specific age group. Be it a Classic Pearl Band Ring or an intricate antique Pearl Ring, it is treasured by young and older women alike. The credit completely goes to its sophisticated aesthetic,which exudes a timelessly feminine appeal.