About Green Sapphire Necklace

Here is a gem that is least known in the range of sapphires, the very unique and stunning green sapphire. They come in a wide range of hues that can give you a desired look. Green Sapphires are found in color ranging from light yellow green (like an olive) to medium yellow green (like a leaf).

Green Sapphire is undoubtedly rare among all the sapphires, but they are abundant in beauty and brilliance. Also, it is inexpensive as not many are aware of its existence.

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Things to take care while buying Green Sapphire Necklace

Main factor that affects its beauty is it color and then clarity and cut.

  • Color: It is the most important factor when determining the green sapphire value. From rich green to dull green, it displays a wide range. The stone with the most consistent color should be chosen, as it shines brightly and is more valuable. Bright hues are preferred over darker ones.
  • Clarity: The fine quality green sapphires should be eye clean, free from visible imperfections. Lighter tones in green sapphires would easily show inclusions, so the clarity is of utmost importance. You must consider this factor primarily while buying green sapphire jewelry.
  • Cut: A symmetrical cut reflects light at the correct angles and brings out the beauty of gemstone. It popularly comes in oval, round, octagon, emerald, princess, pear, and cushion shapes. However, choosing a shape is a personal choice. Always remember, no matter what the shape is, a well-cut stone will enhance its brilliance, whereas a wrongly cut stone will make it appear dull.
  • Carat: Green Sapphire comes in a variety of sizes, from small to large. The higher the carat value, the higher the price will be. Along with the carat, do check the measurements of the stone, as that will give you a better idea about its size.


  1. How Green Sapphire is different from other gemstones ?

    It is far more superior to emerald, peridot, and green tourmaline in brilliance and durability. Also, emeralds are rarer than green sapphire, and that is the reason they come at a lower price.

  2. What does green sapphire represent ?

    The Sapphire sapphire symbolizes calmness and tranquility. an encourager of love and peace, it is a very hard stone.

  3. How to know if its a real green sapphire ?

    Give it a breath test by fogging it up, and if it is real green sapphire, the mist will disappear completely within the first few seconds. On the other hand, if a sapphire is lab-created, the mist will take a few more seconds to disappear. Similarly, there are other ways, like a scratch test or looking for air bubbles and inclusions.

  4. Who can wear green sapphire ?

    It is a September birthstone, thus people born under the Virgo sun sign can wear this gemstone.

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