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About Ruby Wedding Rings

The classic range of ruby wedding rings by Rosec Jewels featuring the fiery radiance of rubies is something to watch out for. The exceptional beauty of this King of Gemstones will have a long-lasting impression on the beholder. Select from the non-traditional range of ruby wedding bands for women featuring the birthstone of July and make a statement of your personal style. The ruby has been long cherished in various cultures in our history and came to be associated with the sun.

Our team of experts tend to the delicacies while curating the extensive ruby wedding rings. Growing popular in demand are the fantastic ruby vintage wedding bands which boasts of designs taking into consideration fancy cut rubies, unique settings and metal embellishments in traditional yellow gold, elegant white gold and the romantic hue of rose gold. All together, we have an assorted range of ruby rings for engagement and wedding that will be rightful match for both the occasions.

Ruby Wedding Ring Meaning

Ruby wedding rings are a symbolism of passionate love among married couples.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Ruby Wedding Bands

  • Color: Ruby color ranges from vibrant red to slightly purplish red color. Those with overtones of orange and purple will fetch lower prices for ruby wedding rings.
  • Clarity: Rubies are expected to have inclusions and ensuring eye-clean clarity is a must while buying ruby band rings.
  • Cut: Rubies can be cut into almost every shape but most common shapes are ovals and cushions combined with brilliant-cut crowns of triangular facets and step-cut pavilions.
  • Carat: Fine rubies over one carat mark are quite rare and the as a general rule, prices per carat tend to rise exponentially with increase in size.

Ruby Wedding Band FAQs

  1. Is ruby good for a wedding ring?

    Rubies are fascinated for their natural fiery beauty and rarity among couples. The blazing hues and exceptional hardness vouch for the suitability of rubies in wedding rings.

  2. What does a ruby wedding ring mean?

    Ruby rings for women are a symbol of love, desire and passion, however, when worn as wedding ring or engagement ring, then are believed to symbolize passionate love.

  3. How much will a ruby wedding band cost me?

    A ruby band ring can cost anywhere between $500 - $4000 depending on factors such as gemstone’s carat, color, cut and clarity, the type of gold used and the presence of other precious or semi-precious gemstones.

  4. How to clean my ruby wedding ring at home?

    In order to clean your ruby wedding band at homes, make use of lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Soft toothbrush or a cotton cloth can be used to clean the underside of the rubies. One should refrain from using brush on the metal surface as it can give rise to scratches on the metal.

  5. What is a SGL certificate for rubies?

    Gemstone certificates are issued on the behalf of any reputed organization like the SGL which are responsible for defining a ruby in wedding rings based on all the quality factors namely color, clarity, cut and carat.