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About Citrine Earrings

Steal the charm of any social gathering, whether its work, or a romantic date or dining out with friends, with the right pair of citrine earrings from our exquisite collection. The earrings for women featuring the yellow quartz will add yellowish gold radiance to your outfit. Citrine being the official birthstone of November will be the right choice to gift gold citrine earrings to your loved ones. Not only as birthstone earrings but our exclusive collection of citrine bridal earrings can be chosen to adorn on your wedding day.

Rosec Jewels’ craftsmen are to be credited for crafting enticing range of citrine stud earrings for a simple yet decent look. On the other hand, citrine drop earrings and citrine hoop earrings are apt for any special fancy occasion. Also, blending different citrine shapes, gold colors and metal embellishments, have facilitated in creation of a wide range of November birthstone earrings boasting excellent craftsmanship of our artisans. No matter the personal choices of women across the globe, we have got something to satiate the needs of everyone.

Benefit of Citrine Earrings

Wearing citrine earrings can shower the wearer with wealth and prosperity. The birthstone of November is also associated with positive thinking.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Citrine Earrings

  • Color: The desirable color for citrine in earrings falls in the range of golden yellow to orange to reddish hues. On the other hand, a pale or smoky appearance of the citrine should be disregarded while buying earrings for women.
  • Clarity: The transparent yellow quartz will be preferred to have no eye-visible inclusions as they will greatly degrade the quality and price of the citrine earrings.
  • Cut: The November birthstone occurs in the form of large roughs in nature and makes it convenient for the cutters to cut it into both standard and fancy shapes.
  • Carat: Great availability of the yellow quartz in nature helps in cutting them in sizes fitting for crafting citrine earrings with different weight of gemstones.

Citrine Earring FAQs

  1. Where does citrine in earrings symbolize?

    Citrine is also known as 'the success stone’ and are thought to bestow success and abundance on the wearer. Thus, wearing citrine earrings can bring joy and positive results in the life of the wearer.

  2. How to take care of citrine gold earrings?

    The citrine earrings for women while they don’t usually get scratched easily but their regular use can sometimes dull the sparkle of the citrines. They can be easily cleaned at home by keeping the following steps in mind.

      1. A soft cotton or microfiber cloth should be used to gently wipe off dirt or oil.
      2. Take a bowl of lukewarm water and add mild cleaning agent.
      3. Place your earrings in it and use soft bristle brush to clean off the dirt from under the gemstones.

  3. How much will a citrine earring cost me?

    The price range of natural citrine earrings can vary from $500 to $3000 depending on the size of citrine as well as the color and clarity of citrine and the presence of other gemstones.

  4. What are citrine birthstone earrings?

    Citrine is the official birthstone of November and bring the various metaphysical benefits into the life of the November born. Thus, the citrine earrings are also known as the November birthstone earrings.

  5. How do I know if my citrine earrings are authentic?

    The authenticity of citrine in earrings is ensured by the gemstone certification by defining them in all applicable quality factors. The certificate is usually issued on the behalf of a reputed third party like the SGL Labs.