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Black Onyx Rings

Whether you like to call it bold or chic, Black Onyx Ring is a fashion staple in every woman’s jewelry box. To help you decide on the perfect one, we have assembled an array of different styles just for you. 

Love to stick to the classics? Or is your sense of style too flashy? However your choice of aesthetics looks, you'll find a favorite here.

What does a Black Onyx Ring mean?

Black Onyx is known to be a variety of the mineral Chalcedony (i.e, a mineral composed of silicon dioxide). It is the renowned birthstone of December. Above all, its luxurious and lush Black hue will catch your attention. And since Black is the modern color of fashion, the desirability of Black Stone Rings doesn’t need much emphasis. Precisely, it possesses a base of Black color complemented by a white upper layer.

But a Black Onyx Ring isn’t just favored for its aesthetics. Its symbolism goes much beyond. Similar to its powerful hue, it offers the wearer great strength, willpower, and protection. This mystical stone also carries ties with the Root Chakra. That, in turn, fetches it the name- ‘Grounding Stone’ (which means it helps you stay rooted and more connected to the earth). 

Long gone are the days when Black was considered unlucky. Shunning away these myths, Black Onyx is renowned as the stone that blocks negative energies from entering the wearer’s aura.

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Our Versatile Collection of Black Onyx Rings

  • Black Onyx Solitaire Rings

    In a Solitaire Style, the Single-Stone of Black Onyx works like the center of all attraction. The enormous size of Black Onyx here, i.e., 6-8 MM, makes all the difference. This style could easily be awarded the most popular and classic Black Onyx Engagement Ring. Right from the conventional round to fancy pear and marquise and vintage Asscher and Emerald, this ring style offers you a world of options. 

  • Black Onyx Halo Rings

    A Halo style encircles the Centerpiece of Black Onyx with a row of Diamonds/Moissanite, offering you a layer full of sparkles. With that, it also brings the monochromatic combination of Black and White to life. A Black Onyx Ring with Diamond Halo is made for the ones who like more character and definition in their ring. Moreover, it makes your Onyx look bigger (while saving you the extra bucks, of course).

  • Vintage Black Onyx Ring

    A Vintage-inspired Ring re-incarnates the designs that were significant back in Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras. This Antique Black Onyx Ring features filigree, milgrain, and other old-school engravings. It is best complemented by the bold centerpiece of Black Onyx that helps it look like a fashion-forward retro ring. (Talk about mix n match!)

  • Black Onyx Promise Ring

    A Promise Ring highlights the Centerpiece of Black Onyx while staying understated. That’s because the size of Black Onyx here is a lot smaller (typically, around 4 mm or less). This ring style could incorporate elegant floral motifs, minimalist nature-inspired details, or accents of Diamond/Moissanite (without overdoing it). When presented, these Black Stone Rings insinuate a promise of togetherness and an intent to take the relationship to the next level.

  • Black Onyx Wedding Ring

    Black Onyx Wedding Bands could range from an onyx studded curvature band to the designer, double/triple row bands, or floating Halo Bands. So, right from understated to extravagant bands, you have a world of options before you. Symbolically, exchanging this beautiful Wedding band along with the wedding vows officially commemorates your marriage.

  • Black Onyx Three Stone Ring

    This flashy style features not one, nor two, but a row of three Black Onyx (typically of the same shape) set as the center of attraction. So if you’re more about a bold and edgy style, you couldn’t have a better pick. (Needless to mention, the black splash of color makes it look even more eye-striking). Its symbolism would speak to the hopeless romantics. This Women’s Black Onyx Ring epitomizes the couple’s journey of togetherness with each stone signifying past, present, and future respectively.

  • Black Onyx Eternity Ring

    A Modern Classic, this Eternity Ring is paraded by a row of Black Onyx that are typically uniform in size. You’ll find no better style to flaunt your Black Onyx. But don’t take it to mean that it is all aesthetics. This style has been crafted in a way that carries an equally beautiful meaning behind it. The eternity pattern of stones commemorates the kind of love that lasts till the end of time (eternally). That’s why it also makes for an iconic Black Onyx Wedding Ring.


  1. Which finger should you wear a black onyx ring?

    You’ll typically witness Black Onyx Rings that are (comparatively) large. So for aesthetic purposes, it’s advisable to slip it over the index or middle finger. (since you can fully flaunt this gold ring with black stone that way). Apart from that, everything ultimately boils down to your choice of preference and sense of style.

  2. Which zodiac should wear Black Onyx Ring?

    Black Onyx is traditionally considered the birthstone of the Zodiac sign- Leo. So, wearing this December Birthstone Ring is astrologically believed to be lucky for them.

  3. Can you wear an onyx ring every day?

    Yes, you can! Black Onyx strikes a hardness of 6.5-7 on Mohs Scale (which is above average). So, you can rest assured that regular wear and tear won’t damage it as much. But make sure you’re also subjecting your Black Onyx Gold Ring to some essential care and maintenance now and then. 

  4. Can you shower with a black onyx ring?

    No, we’d always advise you to put off your beloved Black Stone Ring before hopping in the shower. That’s because harmful Chemicals (from soaps and shampoos) can cause substantial damage to any stone, let alone Black Onyx. 

  5. How can you tell if a black onyx ring is real?

    Be it a classic or Antique Black Onyx Ring, telling it apart from a fake one doesn’t require you to be a professional. The following tricks will do the job nicely:

    • Fake or synthetic gemstones are often made up of glass. So, try comparing it to black glass. If the two look like the exact replicas of one another, then your stone could be a fake one.

    • Hold your ring close to your breath for a while. Closely notice the duration taken by it to clear up. If it is above three seconds, there is a high chance that your gemstone is a fake one.

    • Observe how the gemstone feels against your skin when touched. If it feels warm, you may have been touching a fake stone.