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Black Diamond Rings

Black Diamond Rings are made for the days you wish to flaunt your fashion-savvy sense of style. Moreover, the handcrafted selection of Black Diamond Gold Rings that we’re about to introduce you to is sure to captivate your attention with its mystical charm. Stay with us and you’ll be on your way to finding your favorite:

What is Black Diamond Ring?

Black Diamond, also referred to as Carbonado is a polycrystalline variety of diamonds that are made up of graphite and amorphous carbon. Just like the name suggests, it allures in a fancy black color ( as a result of the presence of dark-colored graphite inclusions). 

If you see beyond the bold black aesthetics of your Natural Black Diamond Ring, it holds a surprisingly unique symbolism:

What do Black Diamond Rings symbolize?

In complete justice to their powerful hue, Genuine Black Diamond Rings have long been worn as a symbol of strength, passion, and power. Apart from that, since they are a Diamond, they also epitomize eternal love and fidelity (which is something that makes Black Diamond Engagement Ring a fine choice for unconventional couples). 

Since ancient times, people believe that wearing this Black Stone Ring not only helps in warding off evil but also lends great emotional strength to the wearer. Interestingly, it is also hailed as a great spiritual stone that connects the wearer with the divine.

With such miraculous symbolism and magnificent appeal, we bet you can’t wait to buy Black Diamonds Ring online. Well lucky for you, we have you covered with the most diverse collection of rings that boast classic, antique, and fancy pieces!

Our Selection of Black Diamond Gold Rings

  • Black Diamond Solitaire Rings

    A Black Diamond Solitaire Ring is characterized by an enormous Single Stone of Bold Black Diamond that is the center of all attraction. The most versatile yet Simple Black Diamond Engagement Rings that you’ll get to witness are fashioned in this style. Precisely, the size of Black Diamond here is close to 6 MM or more which helps it capture much attention. For a classic appeal, the Black Diamond Solitaire is fashioned in Round Shape, while Marquise, Pear, or Princess Cut Black Diamond Rings speak to the more fancy sense of style. To lend an old-world charm to the ring, Black Diamond fashioned in Cushion, Asscher, or Emerald Cut fits well.

  • Black Diamond Halo Ring

    Edgy and sparkly, this ring style incorporates a shimmering row of Diamond/Moissanite all around the Center Stone of the Black Diamond. If you fancy a Simple Black Diamond Ring but have a thing for sparkles, you won’t find a better pick. Needless to mention, it also visually appeals with its monochromatic combination of black and white. 

  • Black Diamond Three-Stone Ring

    Just like the name suggests, a Three Stone Ring boasts three uniformly sized stones of Black Diamond arranged in a row. If no amount of Black is too much black for you, this ring style is made for you. Also, our Three Stone Rings with Certified Black Diamond especially speak to those who like their love emblem to carry a story. That’s because each of the three Black Diamonds represents the past, present, and future respectively.

  • Vintage-inspired Black Diamond Ring

    Turning back time, a Vintage Black Diamond Ring brings back the old-school designs from Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras to life. It features ornate milgrain and filigree detailing as well as abstract geometric patterns that give off a vintage vibe. Making for one of the most unique and artistic Black Diamond Gold Ring, this Vintage Ring appears to be a true stunner.

  • Black Diamond Eternity Band

    You may have gotten an idea from the name that a Black Diamond Eternity Band is encrusted with identically-sized Black Diamonds all over the band. So if you wish to go all out with Black Diamonds, this ring style is your gateway to it. Thanks to the kind of symbolism it brings to the table, it also makes for a meaningful Black Diamond Wedding Band. That’s because the endless pattern of Black Diamonds here commemorates the kind of love that isn’t defined by any measures.

  • Black Diamond Promise Ring

    Exceptional and extraordinary, a Black Diamond Promise Ring isn’t defined by a specific style. It could go from being an understated cum bold Black Diamond Solitaire Ring to more unique styles that feature sparkling accents of diamond/moissanite, nature/floral-inspired, and meaningful infinity motifs. But without a shred of doubt, the most iconic and romantic out of the lot is a Black Diamond Heart Ring.

  • Black Diamond Wedding Band

    Just like the eternity, this ring style is also encrusted with an endless parade of Black Diamonds. It could be a classic curvature band that makes for a stunning Black Diamond Wedding Ring Set when worn together with its engagement ring. Or be on the fancier and flamboyant side with designer, vintage-inspired, and triple-row Black Diamond bands. It has soared to popularity as a choice of ring for exotic and unconventional brides as well as a go-to Wedding Ring for men.

  • Black Diamond Cocktail Ring

    Bold and dramatic, a Black Diamond Cocktail Ring features one flashy center stone of Black Diamond that demands attention. On top of that, it is often decorated with Diamond/Moissanite in eye-striking patterns. Often ornamented with floral, nature-inspired, and vintage detailing, this large Black Diamond Ring is the go-to for every woman who fancies an extravagant touch.


  1. Are Black Diamonds worth anything?

    In an astrological sense, a Natural Black Diamond Ring fetches great emotional value thanks to the kind of symbolism and astrological benefits that it offers the wearer. If we speak in monetary terms, be it white gold, yellow gold, or rose Gold Black Diamond Ring, its price ranges from $300 to $1600 in our collection.

  2. Are black diamonds real diamonds?

    Yes, Black Diamonds are real Diamonds that exude a beautiful black hue. They possess the same chemical composition as white Diamonds, the only difference is that they are home to many inclusions. 

  3. Who should wear a black diamond?

    Aesthetically speaking, a Black Diamond Ring is the go-to choice for women who like to stand out with their bold, flamboyant, and dramatic style. Symbolically, a Natural Black Diamond Ring imparts inner strength and power to the wearer.

  4. How can you tell if a black diamond is real?

    For starters, invest in a Certified Black Diamond Ring to be assured of its authenticity. Besides that, you can swear by the following tried and trusted measures to tell your Genuine Black Diamond apart from a fake one:

    • Natural Diamonds are considered great conductors of heat. So, the simplest method of checking for their authenticity is through a Fog test. Put your Black Diamond Stone close to your mouth and breathe on it. If you notice a film of fog forming on the surface as a result of heat and moisture from your mouth, your Black Diamond is likely a real one.

    • Black or White, a Real Diamond reflects phenomenally under the light. Simply subject your Black Diamond sparkler to a source of white light. If you don’t notice any reflection or worse, see it exude a dull reflection, your Black Diamond might be an imitation.

    • Diamonds are regarded for their high density. So, to judge their genuineness, try submerging your Black Diamond sparkler in a glass of water. If you see it sink right to the bottom, congratulations- your gemstone is real.