About Smoky Quartz Necklace

The gem known as "smoky quartz," which has a brownish tinge, is a member of the crystalline quartz family and can range in color from a lighter shade of yellowish brown to a deep brown. Although it is transparent by nature, a brownish gray or black color can make it appear opaque.

Reddish brown and orange brown are the most preferred one in Smoky Quartz jewelry. This gemstone will be a modern and unique choice for a pendant necklace some thing that will set you apart from the crowd.

It is birthstone for June babies and thus they can wear it to experience more grounding in everyday life. One can also gift this earthly hued subtle elegance to June woman on the occasion like birthday, anniversary or graduation day.

Points to take before buying Smoky Quartz Necklace

  • Color: Its unique color makes it a popular gemstone. You have choices from light brown to dark brown. Go for the one that catches your attention. Vivid Brown is favorite among all.
  • Clarity:  Usually Smoky Quartz is free from visible inclusion. It ranges from translucent variety to opaque ones. If you want to have lighter tones, then translucent variety will be ideal for you and in case of darker shade, opaque variety of smoky quartz
  • Cut: Bringing Smoky Quartz into a defined shape adds another dimension to its beauty. Due to being translucent in nature, it shines when cut into facets. You can find Smoky Quartz in princess, pear, round, oval and all other types of popular cuts.
  • Carat: Smoky quartz comes in large sizes and you can grab it without burning a pocket in your hole. Because they are available in abundance large carats can be grabbed at comparatively lower cost.


  1. What is Significance of Smoky Quartz ?

    Smoky Quartz can help in eliminating negative emotions like fear, depression and stress. It works on root chakra , makes one grounded and give a uplifted feeling.

  2. Where is Smoky Quartz found ?

    Smoky quartz is found abundantly in countries like Mozambique, Switzerland, Brazil, the United States, Madagascar, Australia and Scotland.

  3. Is Smoky Quartz Waterproof ?

    Smoky Quartz is very much safe in water. Even it is recommended to clean with spring water. Hence, you can be carefree in this regard.

  4. How to clean Smoky Quartz ?

    Soak Smoky Quartz in water for few hours and afterwards, gently wipe it with a cotton cloth.

  5. How much does a 1 Carat Smoky Quartz cost?

    It depends on the quality of stone but commonly Smoky Quartz can start from $8per carat and go upto $65 per carat.