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About London Blue Topaz Necklaces

Blue Topaz being one of the most alluring varieties of topaz gemstone, comes in three different types. London Blue Topaz is a vibrant dark shade of blue that is absolutely mesmerizing to look at. You can flaunt this fascinating gemstone in its most elegant form by wearing it as a London Blue Topaz Necklace.

At Rosec Jewels, you have a wide range of designs and patterns to choose from. Whether you want to bring drama to the room or subtle elegance, whether you want to express infinite love or want to make a gesture for a stronger bond, you will find the perfect necklace for your purpose. London Blue Topaz Solitaire Necklace, Halo Necklace, Heart Necklace, Infinity Necklace are some of the most popular styles.

Picking the right London blue topaz necklace is not very hard. Here we share some of the factors that determine its quality and value.

Your Checklist to buy London Blue Topaz Necklace

  • Color: As blue topaz has different tones of blue, the darker one is categorized as London blue topaz.
  • Clarity: They are mostly eye-clean without any visible inclusions. You will easily get high-clarity London blue topaz stones at an affordable price. Hence, do not settle for a less clear gem.
  • Cut : A well proportioned cut of stone is more important than brilliance. The stone should be symmetrical as that will keep the reflection of light proper.
  • Carat: Large-sized London Blue Topaz is easily available without being expensive.
    • Treatment: Most London Blue Topaz stone are treated for their color. Color topaz is given irradiation and heat treatment for color enhancement.

Important : Look at the grade of the gemstone while buying jewelry. Blue Topaz grades range from A-AAA, with A being the lowest quality and AAA being the best quality. With Rosec Jewels, you will only have AAA quality London blue topaz necklaces.

FAQs about London Blue Topaz

  1. Does London blue topaz occur naturally ?

    No, it is actually colorless topaz that is given heat treatment and given a dark blue color.

  2. Who should wear the London blue topaz necklace?

    Though anyone can wear this vivacious gem, it is considered ideal for December babies. Also, it is associated with the 4th wedding anniversary. Give it for a birthday or anniversary, this London Blue Topaz pendant necklace will win anyone’s heart.

  3. How can you tell if London Blue Topaz is real ?

    London blue topaz is cool to the touch. Also, if the price is really low and the gem has a shiny and appealing appearance, there is a chance it is fake.

  4. What colour of blue topaz has the maximum value ?

    The most sought after and desired topaz varieties are London Blue Topaz and Swiss Blue Topaz.

  5. Can I wear London Blue Topaz jewelry every day?

    It is a pretty durable stone, as it scores 8 out of 10 in hardness. Hence, one can wear this gem in every day's jewelry.