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Pearl Engagement Ring

With soft luster and delicate surface, there is only one thing that comes to our mind “Pearl”. The meaningful, classic, and absolutely elegant pearls are often adored for their beauty. Pearls always stood the test of time, which is why they are hugely used in jewelry making. The love for pearl rings is centuries old! The women of Royal British Family “Queen Elizabeth II” and “Princess Diana” incorporated pearls in some way on their wedding day. And for a bride to get a regal touch on their wedding, pearl engagement ring is such a blessing.

The luster of fresh water pearl ring is fascinates women of all ages! New era brides are opting pearl wedding rings because they know a pearl can never disappoint. However, real pearl engagement ring is pretty affordable too. Yes! Pearl is a beauty in a budget. Adding on, pearls are also loved for their versatility. The wide color range of pearls, different sizes and shapes and not to mention their fashionable appeal. Pearls can be as dramatic and as subtle as you want.

Pearl Engagement Ring Meaning

Pearl engagement rings symbolizes love, purity, and fidelity. Exchanging pearls on engagement day depicts a promise of happy and successful marriage. A solitaire pearl ring for engagement is a romantic gesture for your partner. Moreover, pearl and diamond engagement rings reflect love that comes with protection.

Types of Fresh Water Pearl

On the basis of origin the pearls are divided in two types -

  1. Natural Fresh Water Pearl

  2. Cultured Fresh Water Pearl

Natural Pearls -

  • Natural Fresh Water Pearls are formed organically, when an irritant enters a mollusc’s shell.

  • Natural Fresh Water Pearl are hard and the surface is shiny.

  • Natural Fresh Water Pearl are rare and expensive. (only 1 out of 10,000 molluscs product a pearl)

  • Natural Fresh Water Pearl can be of different colors and shapes (mostly round and white).

Cultured Pearls -

  • Cultured Fresh Water pearls are formed with the help of human intervention under controlled conditions.

  • Cultured Fresh Water pearl are formed when human inserts an irritant inside a mollusc’s shell.

  • Cultured Fresh Water pearls can be available easily and are quite affordable, which is why they are used to make affordable freshwater pearl engagement rings.

  • Cultured Fresh Water pearls are also “real pearls” as they are ultimately formed with natural process.

Benefits of Pearl

According to the Indian astrology, pearl is considered as the daughter of moon. Pearl is the goddess of love and it is associated with the planet Venus. Every culture finds pearls extremely beautiful. Apart from it’s undying beauty, pearl is also believed to bring good fortune to the wearer. Also, wearing pearls brings emotional balance to an individual’s life, providing them peace and strength. Pearls is a nature’s gift, having healing powers like improving skin, healing heart problems, eye ailments, digestive disorders. Women believe to wear authentic pearl rings to ease pain during childbirth.

Why to Buy Gold Pearl Engagement Ring from Rosec Jewels

Freshwater pearl engagement rings from Rosec Jewels speak for the serene beauty itself. We, at Rosec Jewels constitute a team of experienced artisans responsible for creation of engagement rings to appeal to the tastes of women across the globe. Our experimentation with different shapes and sizes of freshwater pearls, metal embellishments and gemstones helped us come out with spectacular vintage pearl engagement ring and pearl diamond rings to celebrate your proposal with. Besides, we also create further assortment of unique pearl rings by blending pearls with different gold hues thus enabling women to choose from white gold pearl engagement rings and rose gold pearl engagement rings.

Pearl Engagement Ring FAQs

  1. Is freshwater pearl a good choice in engagement rings?

    As far the meaning of pearls is concerned in an engagement ring, it is completely okay to have a pearl engagement ring, and to lay down the marriage proposal.

  2. What is difference between cultured and natural Freshwater Pearls?

    Freshwater Pearls are formed in nature as a defense mechanism of oysters and mollusks when an microorganism gets trapped inside the mollusk. In case of natural pearls, the formation takes place naturally while as with cultured pearls, whose formation is accelerated with the help of human interventions in cultured freshwater water reservoirs.

  3. How to take care of Freshwater Pearl Engagement Rings?

    Freshwater pearl engagement ring should be worn with utmost care and any sort of contact with cosmetics, whatsoever must be avoided. As the use of hairspray, lotion or perfume can dull the luster of the pearl. After their use, wipe them with soft tissue or cloth before putting them back. The organic gem must be kept in soft cloth bag to help them breathe.

  4. How can I know if my pearl engagement ring is real?

    When you are about to buy freshwater pearl engagement rings, you should make it a point to check for the certificate which defines the freshwater pearl in all of the quality factors. Also, the authenticity and purity of the gold used in crafting such engagement rings can be checked by the hallmark. For more information about pearl, you can read the educational content.

  5. Can freshwater pearls peel?

    Freshwater pearls are quite soft and might get cracked or scratched if handled carelessly, yet no such issue of peeling is encountered when it comes to pearl engagement rings.

  6. Is pearl too soft for an engagement ring?

    Measuring 2.5-3 on Mohs scale of hardness, the pearls are quite vulnerable to scratches and hence must be carefully worn to avoid any unwanted scratches while wearing freshwater pearl engagement rings. Pearl is much softer than other engagement ring stones, but you can have pearl engagement ring if you agree to care for it.