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About Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Isn’t a glance of pearl enough for you to fall over its royal look? Haven’t you ever seen queens adorn big pearl earrings proudly? The grace of pearl is such that you just cannot resist its beauty. In fact, these have been named ‘Freshwater Pearl’ since these pearls are for real found in rivers and lakes. How serene, right? The silky, fresh and lustrous look of Freshwater Pearl is sure hard to resist after all. That makes Pearl one of the topmost embellishments for Earrings. A pearl is without any doubt a woman’s best friend. Freshwater pearl, like the name suggests, looks just as natural and vibrant paired up with any outfit. Whether you’re mesmerized by its silky smooth texture or the royal glow, there’s something about a Freshwater Pearl that you just cannot resist. The best part about Freshwater Pearl Earrings is that they look just as stunning combined with other gemstones, specially Diamond.

Just like its appearance, Freshwater Pearl also symbolizes purity and harmony. Now that’s what makes these radiant earrings more valuable. Got an idea why Freshwater Pearl Earrings make for such a modest style statement? Since the appearance of Freshwater Pearl Earrings is so holy and graceful, these also make for a beautiful bridal jewelry gift. Such is the divine grace of Freshwater Pearl Earrings that whether you wear a classic round shape Freshwater Pearl Earrings or a Teardrop shape Freshwater Pearl Earrings, it looks just as stunning. That being said, let’s get a little more familiar with these gorgeous Freshwater Pearl Earrings:

Royalty combined with Versatility: Freshwater Pearl Earring Styles

Freshwater Pearl Earrings Stud:

Stud Earrings are known for their simple yet chic look and when embellished with the most elegant gemstones of all times, Freshwater Pearl Earrings make for a graceful fashion statement.

Freshwater Pearl Earrings Dangle:

When looking to add a bit of sophisticated touch to your appearance, look no further than Dangle Earrings embellished with Freshwater Pearl.

Freshwater Pearl Earrings Drop:

The grace of Drop Earrings when combined with the divine look of Freshwater Pearl can surely make for an irresistible fashion statement.

Freshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings:

The trend for Hoop Earrings is here to stay and when embellished with Freshwater Pearl, it can make for a perfect casual as well as formal look.

Radiant Glow of Pearl combined with luster of Gold: Choose your metal color

Freshwater Pearl Earrings White Gold:

The radiant white glow of Freshwater Pearl Earrings when combined with White Gold Metal makes for a glorious color combination.

Freshwater Pearl Earrings Rose Gold:

The blushy look of Rose Gold when combined with the royal elegance of Fresh Water Pearl Earrings makes for a feminine yet chic fashion statement.

Freshwater Pearl Earrings Yellow Gold:

What’s more magical than White and Yellow combined? Freshwater Pearl Earrings in Yellow Gold make for a divine fashion statement.

Explore the 4 Cs of Freshwater Pearl Earrings

  • Cut 

    The shape of Freshwater Pearl Earrings ranges from a simple Round, Oval, Baguette, Pear to Marquise and Princess cut.

  • Clarity 

    A Freshwater Pearl with AAA grading is known to be of highest clarity.

  • Color 

    The color of Freshwater Pearl Earrings ranges from natural to a little gold or peachy color.

  • Carat

    The carat weight of Freshwater Pearl Earrings ranges from 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. What are the benefits of wearing Freshwater Pearl?

    Apart from the elegant beauty of Freshwater Pearl, it is also known to have great spiritual ties. It is known to enhance the peace of mind of the wearer and are known to have physical healing powers as well including heart, liver and lung problems. All in all, this radiant gemstone promotes happiness and serenity, which we’re sure you can tell from just a glance.

  2. Can Freshwater Pearl earrings get wet?

    Every jewelry requires some special care. You must keep your Freshwater Pearl Earrings away from chemical exposure of swimming pools or possible damage while showering. That’s why it is advised to remove it when going in water and store it in a clean dry box as well.

  3. How to retain the shine of Freshwater Pearl Earrings?

    The USP of Freshwater Pearl is its radiant shine. To maintain its new like luster, you must clean it gently on a regular basis with a damp soft cloth. Store it individually in a clean box. Apart from that, take it to us whenever needed to get it re-polished and cleaned in order to maintain its radiant glow. If taken proper care of, Freshwater Pearl Earrings can last a lifetime.

  4. What is the birthstone of Freshwater Pearl?

    Freshwater Pearl, a semi-precious gemstone is known to be the birthstone of June and is known to enhance serenity and harmony in the lives of the wearer.

  5. Can Freshwater Pearl Earrings be worn everyday?

    The versatility of Freshwater Pearl Earrings is such that it can be worn on any occasion, whether a prom night, royal party or just a casual day at work. Donning Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings make your look pop out with its glow without making it look loud. Although, you should be extra careful while wearing it and make sure to not scratch it.