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Aquamarine necklaces

The serenity of sea blue color makes everyone adore it. Highly valued by the likes of royalty, an Aquamarine necklace is sure dazzle many eyes with its elegance. Carrying this stone on your plunging neckline is enough to get us all lost on its deep blue color. If you are thinking of adorning a beautiful aquamarine birthstone necklace, don’t think twice and just go for it! This light blue gem is captivating and wearing jewelry studded with it makes us dream of the blue skies and warm weather ahead. The march born women loves the serene and tranquility that the stone brings to their personalities and hence prefer to wear aquamarine diamond necklace with their go to outfits.

Widely known as march birthstone necklace, this stone is the real personification of waves of an ocean telling the wearer to live life to the fullest. This beryl family stone is believed to bring happiness and pure joy to the wearer’s life. Whether you believe it or not, wearing a real aquamarine necklace will make you feel like you are the center of attraction wherever you go.

Significance of Wearing Aquamarine Jewelry

The beauty along with benefits of this stone makes an aquamarine gemstone necklace the most trend setting. The mystic stone has also captivated hearts of many celebrities including, Karlie Kloss, Emmy Rossum and Diana Agron who chose to wear aquamarine jewelry such as earrings and aquamarine necklace and earring set. Aquamarine jewelry is always a lovely choice to pair with your outfit for any occasion.There are several benefits of wearing aquamarine jewelry and we have mentioned it all below.

Benefits of Natural Aquamarine Necklace

  • Spiritual Benefits

    Wearing an aquamarine necklace set is believed to evoke a sense of relaxation and calmness just like a sea. The jewelry of aquamarine gives the wearer an oceanic vibe. Also, associate the wearer with spiritual powers and clarity.

  • Physical Benefits

    A genuine aquamarine necklace would benefit the wearer by balancing hormones and curing throat and eye diseases. Other factors such as improvement in public speaking is also a major benefit of carrying an aquamarine jewelry.

  • Mental and Emotional Benefits

    Panic attacks, tension, and stress would all be cured to some extent by wearing a simple aquamarine necklace. This miraculous stone is supposed to transform all the negative vibes into the positive ones.

Aquamarine Necklace Styles

  • Aquamarine Solitaire Necklace : A necklace embedded with an Aquamarine, now that counts as a classic piece, just right to be worn to work or with your casual outfits and make a ravishing fashion statement.

  • Aquamarine Halo Necklace : Anything when decorated with diamond halo becomes more sparkling and royal, adding to the crystal blue shine of Aquamarine necklace gold, just what your beautiful neckline needs.

  • Aquamarine Infinity Necklace : Infinity shape, being one of the most expressive shapes out of the lot and the embellishment of Aquamarine together make for a stylish, bold and more emphasized statement. Also, a pretty blue gift for your loved one!

  • Aquamarine Necklace Heart : The light blue color of Aquamarine when combined with the most profound symbol of love, heart, makes for a precious gift for your precious one. If not one, a twin heart aquamarine necklace from our collection is sure warm your heart.

  • Three Stone Aquamarine Necklace : Why be boring when it comes to fashion? Why not make it more dramatic? A three stone aquamarine necklace can sure do that job for you and can alone make for a bolder and more shiny fashion statement.

  • Aquamarine Cross Necklace : Cross symbol embedded with Aquamarine, name a better combination for a voguish statement. It looks sleek, enchanting and radiantly chic paired up with the prettiest of your skirts or formal attires.

  • Vintage Inspired Aquamarine Necklace : Royalty of crystal blue color combined with the antiquity of vintage inspired necklace, name a better combination! You’d sure just miss your crown after adorning this. Whether an engraved floral aquamarine pendant or a filigree aquamarine pendant, every vintage inspired necklace in this collection has its way of making you feel like you’ve revisited the ancient Victorian times.

  • Aquamarine Fashion Necklace : Who doesn’t love experimenting when it comes to accessories? For all you fashionistas out there, a piece from our collection of aquamarine fashion necklaces can sure make you feel more in touch with trends, funky style and unique designs.

  • Aquamarine Initial Necklace : Let the radiant spark of Aquamarine combined with your letter initial tell it to the world that this necklace belongs to you.

  • Aquamarine Dangle Necklace : Embellished delicately with Aquamarine all over, the bold, radiant and feminine style statement of an Aquamarine dangle necklace remains unparalleled.

Why to Buy Aquamarine Necklace Online from Rosec Jewels?

Rosec Jewels is your one stop destination for all the designer gold aquamarine necklaces. We sell authentic aquamarine necklaces for women, handcrafted to perfection with Hallmarked gold. Whether you order our aquamarine jewelry in rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold the product shipping will be free. Also, we have 30 days free return pick up policy, in order to ensure you trust and safety. Shop online from our huge array of aquamarine pendant necklaces and stay in trend.

FAQ’s on Aquamarine Jewelry Set

  1. What does aquamarine symbolize?

    Aquamarine is known to have ties with serenity, tranquility and peace. An aquamarine is also known to enhance hope, honesty and integrity. The crystal clear shine of aquamarine also symbolizes purity of soul and all this combined can give you a kind of strength that you won’t know you had.

  2. What makes aquamarine necklace unique?

    Of course! the foremost USP of Aquamarine remains its crystal sky blue color, no less serene than still waters. You sure can get immersed in the depth of Aquamarine just how you can in the blue skies with just a gaze

  3. Where is aquamarine found?

    Aquamarine is found in Brazil, Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, Madagascar and Mozambique.

  4. How to clean aquamarine necklace?

    Just like other gemstones, an aquamarine necklace can be cleaned with a lukewarm mixture of soap and water, without any exposure to harmful chemicals. Clean your aquamarine jewelry at home and make it sparkle like new!

  5. What color options are there in aquamarine necklace gold?

    Aquamarine necklace crafted in Solid Gold comes in a variety of color options including white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. While Aquamarine necklace white gold looks more classic and adds to the serene appearance of aquamarine, aquamarine necklace yellow gold looks more luxurious and lustrous and rose gold makes it more alluring for women.

  6. Can aquamarine necklace be worn daily?

    Yes! If you wish to wear your aquamarine necklace daily, then there is no issue in that. You just need to a little careful about it and it’s regular cleaning is also important.

  7. Which zodiac can wear aquamarine necklace?

    Pisces and aquamarine are known to show the best effects when worn aquamarine. However, any zodiac sign can wear an aquamarine necklace for the beauty and elegance of this stone.