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Green Sapphire Engagement Rings

Green Sapphire Rings

The G in our Green Sapphire Rings stands for glamorous. Don’t be surprised when we convince you of that with our stunning array of designs that have been handcrafted to perfection just for you. Keep scrolling and you’ll know:

What is a Green Sapphire?

Recognized as a Stunning September Birthstone, Green Sapphire is a gorgeous green variety of the precious gemstone Sapphire. You’ll find it hued in beautiful shades of green right from a pale green color to a rich, intense green color.

But did you know? Apart from its spectacular appeal, a Green Sapphire Ring has a unique way of speaking to its wearers. Let’s find out how:

Symbolically, what is the meaning of a green sapphire?

In complete justice to its nature-like hue, a Green Sapphire Stone Ring reflects calmness and tranquility. Moreover, since it is a Sapphire, it is also worn as a meaningful symbol of love, trust, loyalty, and integrity.

So, whether you’re looking to buy Green Sapphire online because of its aesthetic or astrological ties, we can assure you that each of our designs brings out its beauty at best.

Our Handcrafted Selection of Green Sapphire Gold Ring

  • Green Sapphire Solitaire Ring

    Featuring a Single Centerpiece of Green Sapphire that solely steals all the attention (thanks to its enormous size of 6 MM or more), a Green Sapphire Solitaire Ring makes for one of the most classic choices of accessory. For couples who don’t like to defy convention, a Green Sapphire Engagement Ring is always the best pick. The beauty of Sapphire Solitaire here is best reflected in the many shapes it is fashioned with. For an understated touch, go for a Round Green Sapphire Ring. While if you like to play with your aesthetic, fancier shapes like Marquise, Pear, or Princess Cut do the trick. On the other hand, for a slight hint of a vintage vibe, you can rely on a Cushion, Asscher, or Emerald Cut Green Sapphire Ring.

  • Green Sapphire Halo Ring

    In a Halo style, the gorgeous green centerpiece of Sapphire is lent more visual appeal with the encircling of a row of Diamond/Moissanite all around. The Halo here doesn’t take the attention away from the Green Sapphire but instead highlights its beauty by making it appear larger. If a sparkling Green Sapphire Diamond Ring has been on your list lately, consider crossing it off.

  • Green Sapphire Vintage Ring

    Boasting iconic designs inspired by Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco Eras, a Vintage-inspired Green Sapphire Ring turns back time, and how! More precisely, it features art-forward abstract patterns as well as milgrain and filigree detailing that ooze a vintage vibe. Moreover, an Antique Green Sapphire Ring is any day a fine choice of engagement ring for couples who fancy love emblems that carry a story.

  • Green Sapphire Eternity Ring

    Prized for being the easiest-to-stack rings out there, a Green Sapphire Eternity Band is paraded with uniformly sized stones of Green Sapphire all over the band. For a color-contrasting visual appeal, a Green Sapphire Ring with Diamonds in an alternating pattern seems like an interesting choice in this category. True to its style, it reflects on the kind of love that is eternal. That’s also something that makes this style a meaningful choice for Green Sapphire Wedding Ring.

  • Multiple Stone Green Sapphire Ring

    Just like the name suggests, a Multiple Stone Ring is embedded with twin or three stones of Green Sapphire arranged in a row. It has soared in popularity as one of the most unconventional yet meaningful Green Sapphire Engagement Ring. That’s because it carries a beautiful symbolism, with the two stones commemorating the union of two souls as one. While in a three-stone Green Sapphire Ring, each stone reflects upon the past, present, and future of the couple.

  • Green Sapphire Promise Ring

    Green Sapphire Promise Ring isn’t defined by a specific style, though it carries a well-defined symbolism. It features an understated center stone of Green Sapphire that is 4 MM or less in size. On the other hand, to lend it an interesting aesthetic appeal, it is often decorated with accents of Diamond/Moissanite, meaningful infinity motifs, and eye-catching floral or nature-inspired detailing.


  1. Are Green Sapphires rare?


    Green Sapphires are a rare sight to witness, especially if you have your eye on a Natural Green Sapphire Stone Ring. 

  2. What is the value of a Green Sapphire?

    Since it is a green color variety of one of the most prized gemstones- Sapphire, it commands great emotional value. While in monetary terms, the price of our Green Sapphire Gold Rings ranges from $350 to $2100 in our collection.

  3. What is the best setting for a green sapphire ring?

    Be it a rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold Green Sapphire Ring, the choice of the most ideal setting boils down to your choice of aesthetics and lifestyle.

    Prong is the go-to setting for any ring, let alone a Green Sapphire. That’s because it offers you the best of both worlds- protection and a timeless appeal.

    If you like to stay on the safe side and wish to secure your Center Stone with a more protective setting that puts more spotlight on the metal, a Bezel, Channel, or Flush would work best. On the other hand, if you’re all about the sparkle, don’t look past a Pave Setting.

  4. What is the difference between a green sapphire and an emerald?

    Though the green hue of both of these beautiful gemstones might get you confused at first glance, they are poles apart. Let’s tell you how:

    • In terms of chemical composition, Emerald is a type of Beryl Mineral. While on the other hand, Green Sapphire (being a Sapphire) belongs to the Corundum family of Minerals.

    • If you look closely, you’ll find out that a Green Sapphire is a bit lighter in color than its green counterpart, the Emerald. 

    • Green Sapphire takes the prize for being much more durable than Emerald (which is a big plus if you’re thinking to buy Green Sapphire online). Green Sapphire strikes an impressive hardness rating of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, as compared to 7.5-8 of Emerald.

  5. How to clean and care for a green sapphire ring?

    Whether you own a Custom Green Sapphire Ring or an alluring piece from our catalog, cleaning and caring for it in the right manner isn’t much of a task if you abide by the following hacks:

    First things first, to do away with all the accumulated dirt and grime, you can swear by the below-mentioned DIY cleaning hack:

      • Soak your ring in a mild solution of soap and water that has been heated to a moderate temperature (for at least 10-15 minutes).

      • While it is immersed, make sure to scrub away all the stubborn filth from the surface of your sparkler using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Don’t forget the ends, since that’s where most dirt piles up.

      • Once done, take the ring out and put it under running water to get rid of any residual soap.

    Finally, pat it dry with a soft microfiber cloth.

    Apart from that, make sure you’re not missing out on your trip to a jewelry professional to get your ring inspected and cleaned once a month. Just as is the case with any other gemstone, the color of Green Sapphire can be deteriorated by harsh chemicals from soaps, shampoos, makeup, etc. So it is always safe to keep your Sapphire sparkler as far away as you can from them.

  6. What is the price range for a Green Sapphire Engagement Ring?

    The price of a Green Sapphire Engagement Ring ranges from $550 to $1200 in our collection.

  7. What are the best metal options for a green sapphire ring?

    The Gorgeous Green color of Sapphire is best complemented by the three tones of Gold we handcraft it in:

    • White Gold: A White Gold Green Sapphire Ring exudes an understated appeal, making it a perfect fit for lending your ring a classic touch.

    • Yellow Gold: Thanks to its warm golden hue, yellow gold has always been the go-to metal choice for Green Sapphire Wedding Band, engagement rings, and basically any conventional occasion.

    • Rose Gold: The blush pink metal hue of a Green Sapphire Rose Gold Ring has made it a unique, feminine, and unconventional choice for modern women.