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About Floral Jewelry

We know how you’re always falling for florals, be it jewelry or clothing. And deservingly so! A Floral inspired jewelry not only makes for a summer staple, radiating major spring like vibes but has also come to be worn as a bridal jewelry.

What is Floral Jewelry?

A Floral Jewelry, just like the name suggests, is fashioned with a flower inspired pattern, thus exuding unmatchable elegance, style and class. It comes adorned with colored gemstones/diamonds/pearls, right from simple floral to more elaborate vintage inspired patterns. Come, let’s take a look:

Meet the styles

  • Rings: A floral ring is fashioned in a flower inspired pattern, fitting any and every occasion right from casual day outs to engagements. Take a look:
  1. Solitaire Floral Ring: A Floral ring that is fashioned with a single stone set in the center, further enhanced with secondary stone or metal in a floral pattern, is referred to as floral solitaire ring.
  2. Vintage Floral Ring: A floral ring that is fashioned along with Art deco designs, i.e., abstract geometric patterns, filigree designs, i.e., interwoven metal wire like designs and milgrain beaded designs belong to the vintage category.
  3. Floral Engagement Ring: Hands down, the most romantic. A floral engagement ring could go from being a classic floral halo to heavier and more vintage styles.
  4. Floral Eternity Ring: Floral patterned rings that are fashioned with gemstones in an unending, eternity design, are referred to as floral eternity rings.
  5. Floral Cluster Ring: A ring that is fashioned with a series of gemstones clustered together in a floral pattern is referred to as floral cluster ring.
  6. Floral Wedding Band: A band that is fashioned with gemstones/diamonds studded all over in a floral pattern, is referred to as floral wedding band.
  7. Floral Halo Ring: When the side stones of a ring encircle the center stone in a floral pattern, the ring is referred to as floral halo ring.
  • Earrings:  The world of floral earrings is wide and versatile and they need no explanation. Come, let’s give you a glance:
  1. Floral Stud Earrings: A pair of floral stud earrings is worn directly through the earlobes, making for a true classic, perfect to be worn on a casual day out or when you don’t want to go for a loud look.
  2. Floral Halo Earrings: When the center stone is enhanced with a halo of diamond/moissanite in a floral pattern, it is referred to as floral halo earrings.
  3. Floral Cluster Earrings: When the colored stones/diamonds are clustered together in a floral pattern, it is referred to as floral cluster earrings.
  4. Floral Drop Earrings: When the earrings hang below the earlobe and are fashioned with a floral pattern, it is referred to as floral drop earrings.
  5. Floral Dangle Earrings: This is a more elaborate style and refers to floral patterned earrings that swing (dangle) left to right below the earlobe.
  6. Vintage Floral Earrings: Vintage inspired floral earrings are inclusive of floral earrings inspired by the most significant historic styles/eras like art deco, filigree as well milgrain detailed.
  • Pendant: A Floral Pendant again is one of the most modish as well as elegant accessories out there. Come, take a look:
  1. Floral Halo Pendant: A floral pattern pendant the center stone of which is encircled/enhanced with a loop of diamonds/moissanites, belongs to this category.
  2. Floral Cross Pendant: It is a modern take on cross pendant that is fashioned like a four petal flower.
  3. Vintage Floral Pendant: A vintage inspired floral pendant is crafted along with an art deco design, filigree design or beaded with milgrain detailing.
  4. Geometric Floral Pendant: A geometric floral pendant is both flower inspired and crafted in a geometric shaped gemstone, hexagon, for example.
  • Bracelets: A bracelet that is patterned in a flower inspired style is referred to as floral bracelet, including station chain, link, bolo or a vintage flower motif bracelet.


  1. Do brides wear floral jewelry?

    Interestingly, Floral jewelry is brides’ latest staple jewelry. Thanks to its elaborate and elegant fashion appeal, a floral inspired jewelry has become a staple bridal jewelry today.

  2. How to style floral jewelry?

    Floral jewelry is one rare piece of accessory that goes with any and every attire, be it your casual classics or more party wear attires. While for everyday wear, you could go for a simple solitaire floral ring or classic flower studs; and to make a fancy statement, you could pair up your attires with more extraordinary art deco rings, floral cocktail rings, etc.

  3. What does a flower ring symbolize?

    It comes with a history just as engrossing. Back in ancient victorian times, suitors would present their ladylove with flowers that would serve as a symbol of their true love. A flower ring is believed to be a modern day symbol of that tradition with it signifying eternal love.

  4. Can you wear flower earrings everyday?

    Floral stud earrings are made to be worn everyday, since these not only make for a minimalist look but also radiate unparalleled elegance.

  5. What does a flower necklace symbolize?

    A flower necklace is a symbol of beauty and purity, just like a lotus flower.