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About Evil Eye Jewelry

No more evil eyes, just some eye mesmerized. Recognized worldwide as a jewelry that protects the wearer from all kind of evil eyes, it is a perfect amalgamation of style and faith. Let’s begin exploring: 

What is evil eye jewelry?

An evil eye jewelry, just like the name suggests, is designed with an evil eye symbol meant to protect the wearer by warding off evil forces. It has strong grounds of emotional value indeed but looks equally fashionable.

Meet the styles

  • Evil Eye Rings: An evil eye ring could go from being a classic ring crafted with an evil eye symbol that is fashioned with black and blue enamel, that could further be enhanced with diamonds, adding more definition to the design and making it look more elaborate.
  • Evil Eye Earrings:  A pair of evil eye earrings could go from classic studs, more elaborate hoops or dangle earrings crafted with the evil eye symbol, all fashioned with black/blue enamel or even enhanced with diamonds/gemstones.
  • Evil Eye Pendant:An evil eye pendant when worn, exudes, unparalleled fashion appeal. It is is mostly adorned with a colored gemstone or black/blue enamel.
  • Evil Eye bracelet: The most popular kind of bracelets out there! It could be fashioned with evil eye just in the center or all around on the sides, typically when it is a station chain bracelet. Although it goes fashioned with any gemstone, the charm of fire opal is unparalleled not to forget the classic blue/black enamel.


  1. What does evil eye jewelry symbolize?

    An evil eye jewelry has long been believed to protect the wearer from all kinds of evil forces. It is known to work like a protective shield, thus ensuring that you’re protected from misfortune, bad luck and negative energies.

  2. Who can wear evil eye jewelry?

    The best part about an evil eye jewelry is that anybody, from any religion and culture can wear this jewelry. While it has its origins rooted in Mediterranean countries, people all around the globe prefer to wear it for the exceptional fashion appeal as well as strong symbolism.

  3. Can you wear more than one evil eye bracelets?

    Yes, you could always wear more than one evil eye bracelets. Stacking is a trend and when it is the evil eye bracelet that we’re talking of, don’t fear going a step ahead with stacking. No one dislikes multiple evil eyes after all.

  4. Can you wear evil eye jewelry everyday?

    Yes, you can wear evil eye jewelry every single day, as long as it can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

  5. How to tell of the quality of an evil eye jewelry?

    To judge the quality of an evil eye jewelry, make sure to check if the gemstones/diamonds it is embedded with are certified or not.