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About Zircon Engagement Rings

A sparkling token of love that promises lifelong togetherness: Zircon Engagement Ring! With its radiant hues and timeless fashion appeal, these rings have steadily become a sought after choice to commemorate the big day. Hailed as a stone of love, thanks to it being believed to strengthen the relationships of couples, a Zircon engagement ring makes for a dream-like proposal.

What does Zircon engagement ring symbolize?

Known to create a positive aura and hailed as a stone of purity, Zircon is used as a meditative stone. It helps in enhancing the psychic abilities of the wearer as well as attracting success and wealth. Fondly renowned as a stone of love, Zircon rings are known to bring peace to relationships, thus making for an ideal ring to pop up the big question.

Zircon engagement ring and the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The shape of Zircon in engagement rings ranges from a classic round, oval, cushion, baguette to princess, pear, heart and marquise.
  • Color: Most sought after Zircon engagement rings are colorless. They have been subjected to heat treatments to obtain the desired color.
  • Clarity: The clarity of colorless Zircon, thanks to the heat treatments, is inclusion free.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Zircon rings typically ranges between 0.5 to 4 CT.

Romantic and radiant: Zircon engagement rings

  • Solitaire: A ring that celebrates that one of a kind love and how! Carrying a radiant shine and royal style, it is adorned with differently shaped single stones of Zircon, making this ring one of a kind.
  • Side Stone Ring: Fashioned with sparkling side stones and crafted in different shanks including braided, designer, split and bypass, this Zircon engagement ring knows how to add a flair of uniqueness on your big day.
  • Halo: Enhanced with a sparkling Halo of stones all around the center stone, this Zircon engagement ring makes for a bright and elaborate token of love for the big day.
  • Floral: Floral Zircon rings are an epitome of elegance, thus making it to the list of most sought after engagement rings out there.
  • Vintage: Carrying a hint of antiqueness, a Vintage inspired Zircon ring turns back time and heads in a wonderful manner and is inclusive of beaded, milgrain detailed designs.
  • Celtic Knot: Why not tie the knot with this ring carrying the knot of eternal love? Fashioned with an endless knot of love, this engagement ring is a meaningful token of love she’d sure gush over!


  1. Is Zircon good for engagement ring?

    Absolutely yes! Zircon is one of the most sought after gems to fashion engagement rings with, thanks to its brilliance, beauty and adamantine luster.

  2. Can you shower wearing Zircon ring?

    It is advisable to remove the Zircon ring while taking a shower in order to avoid any damage due to exposure to harmful chemicals. Long term exposure to water can also damage the ring.

  3. Do Zircon rings scratch easily?

    Since they possess a hardness of around 7.5 on Moh’s scale, Zircon are known to be quite a durable gem. But some varieties of Zircon are quite brittle in nature, thus it is advised to take good care of them when worn on a regular basis.

  4. What is special about Zircon rings?

    Zircon is highly sought after gem for rings thanks to its adamantine luster and high refractive index of 1.92. It is hailed for its brilliance so much, that it has become a substitue to Diamond rings.

  5. How do you wear a Zircon engagement ring?

    A Zircon engagement ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger (fondly called the ring finger) of the left hand. It is believed that a vein from this finger directly connects to the heart, thus in an attempt to let your engagement ring stay closest to the heart, it is worn like that. Many people like to pair it up with a matching wedding band along.