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Aquamarine Rings

The “something blue ring” that the unconventional modern day brides are accepting wholeheartedly are aquamarine stone rings. The gemstone aquamarine belongs to beryl family, the same family from which emerald and morganite belong. Women's aquamarine rings looks are both distinctive and fashionable with diamond and which is why diamond aquamarine rings and aquamarine halo rings are in high demand for new brides.

Additionally, an aquamarine is considered as the “Gem of the Sea” as it is believed to keep the sailors safe at sea. This mystical real aquamarine ring comes in light blue, light greenish blue, and green blue in color. You may rarely find any inclusions in this stone as it is generally clear as water. Aquamarine is a “March” birthstone and hence, aquamarine rings are also known as march birthstone rings. However, anyone can wear this gemstone for it’s soothing coolness. Brazil is the most potential source for aquamarine. While, countries like China, Kenya, Ukraine, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and United States are also the source for aquamarine.

Significance of Aquamarine Rings

Traditionally, wearing an aquamarine ring signifies love, honesty, and happiness in a marriage. The beauty of an aquamarine gemstone ring is not bound to it’s physical appearance but it’s other properties like protection from an evil eye and all that is bad. The fantastic glitter of aquamarine rings in gold brings purity to the spirit of the wearer. Due to it’s significance in a relationship and marriage, aquamarine engagement rings and aquamarine wedding rings are gaining high popularity.

The aquamarine birthstone rings are fairly durable as the stone stands at 7.5 to 8.0 on Mohs scale of hardness. Having the color of sea, aquamarine rings makes everyone adore them, especially, the mariners and sailors. Aquamarine rings are known for their wonderful clarity and affordability. The round cut aquamarine rings, oval cut aquamarine rings, and princess cut aquamarine rings are quite popular and trendy. However, the charm of solitaire aquamarine rings and vintage aquamarine rings are ruling over hearts.

Healing Properties of Wearing an Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarine rings are considered as lucky, but besides that there are plenty of properties in wearing an aquamarine ring.

  • Physical healing

    Balances hormone, fights throat diseases, cue eye diseases, and improves communication.

  • Spiritual healing

    Detoxify body and mind, plus, it also helps in activating throat chakra.

  • Mental and emotional healing

    Calms nerves, generates soothing effect, dissolves fear and restlessness.

Why to Buy Aquamarine Rings from Rosec Jewels

The exclusive collection of genuine aquamarine rings by Rosec Jewels is the showcase of amazing rings featuring the Gemstone of the Sea. Our craftsmen carefully craft the rings with fine details and metal embellishments for the wearer to cherish every occasion the aquamarine rings are used for. We have thus come up with aquamarine engagement rings and wedding bands befitting the preferences of customers. Our expert team of gemologists and craftsmen constantly work towards innovating latest and trending aquamarine rings for women to adorn on special occasions. We only use hallmarked gold and certified aquamarine gemstone to ensure that you get only standard quality. Additionally, our free shipping and 30 days free return policy is also there for your ease.

FAQ’s about Aquamarine Rings

  1. Can I wear aquamarine ring daily?

    Aquamarine Rings can be worn daily owing to its hardness of 7.5-8 on Mohs scale, it just needs a little care.

  2. How to clean aquamarine ring?

    While cleaning aquamarine ring make use of lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Soft toothbrush can be used to clean the underside of the aquamarine. Also, the aquamarine rings must be individually kept to avoid contact with other jewelry to avoid unnecessary scratches.

  3. Who can wear aquamarine rings?

    Aquamarine is the birthstone of March born people who can bring the many metaphysical benefits of the gemstone of ocean into their lives. Although, Pisces is the zodiac sign most appropriate for aquamarine rings.

  4. What Chakra, aquamarine is associated with?

    Aquamarines are associated with activating the heart chakra.

  5. What does an aquamarine ring symbolize?

    Aquamarine rings are a symbolism of serenity, tranquility and truth.

  6. Is aquamarine expensive?

    An aquamarine of 1 carat would cost you around $600 to $900. Seeing it’s benefits and properties it’s not at all expensive.

  7. What finger is aquamarine stone worn on?

    Although the finger won’t matter much but traditionally, middle or fourth of any of your hand would be appropriate.

  8. How can you tell if aquamarine is high quality?

    If you are thinking to buy an aquamarine ring, firstly ensure that the stone is free from inclusions, having dark blue to slight greenish blue color and most importantly the stone is certified.