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About Ruby Necklace

Tell us which woman isn’t in love with ruby today! Try gifting a ruby necklace to your ladylove and we bet she won’t stop gushing over your love. Ruby itself has been known to symbolize love and passion since time immemorial. Bold and Beautiful, that’s probably how all of us would label the color red. And the best part is red goes great with anything and that when combined with the most expressive jewelry of all times, ‘necklace,’ the charm becomes quite unparalleled. With its intense red color, a ruby necklace can sure please any eye. And that’s what also makes it doubtlessly the most romantic gemstone of all times. Whether a classic solitaire or an expressive ruby necklace heart, the versatility of these is such that it can look just as impressive in all. Aren’t you already mesmerized by our heart key necklace, probably one of the most unique ruby necklace of all times! You’ll find a number of aesthetic picks in our collection, specially handcrafted by our skilled artisans.

And since red is so versatile a color, it can go well combined with other gemstones and diamond as well. Ruby necklace with diamonds is the brightest of them all. When the elegance of Ruby and diamond is combined, what more could a woman ask for! Our collection of ruby necklace gold comes in a number of metal color options including white gold, yellow gold and red gold. A ruby necklace can lift up your glamour quotient alone like no other. That’s what adds up to the hype for a Ruby necklace set too.

Be bold and beautiful: Earring styles of Ruby necklace

  • Solitaire Ruby Necklace : You would get the feeling like you belong to the royalties by donning a classic ruby solitaire necklace, perfect to add glamour to any outfit.
  • Halo Ruby Necklace : An encircling of Diamond Halo over the red beauty of ruby can sure dazzle many eyes. A ruby necklace with diamonds: perfect for those who love their necklace, bright and bold.
  • Infinity Ruby Necklace : The most romantic and intense gemstone ‘ruby’ when combined with infinity symbol, another expressive shape, how can it not make for a classic fashion statement as well as romantic valentine's or anniversary gift.
  • Heart Ruby Necklace : It is as if a ruby heart necklace is made to celebrate love! Heart and ruby both have been timeless signs of love and romance. The mere appearance is enough to tell that, making it the most precious gift for your loved one!
  • Three Stone Necklace : For all you out there who like to make a bold statement with their jewelry, a three stone necklace is probably the most royal, sparkling, bold and elaborate.
  • Cross Ruby Necklace : Since cross symbol looks so modern, expressive yet sleek, ruby embellishment just makes it more striking and eye-catching because of its powerful red color. Truly a favorite pick for all you fashion lovers!
  • Vintage Ruby Necklace : An antique piece of necklace when embellished with Ruby would surely make you feel like a vintage queen yourself, just of our time! That’s the beauty of a vintage ruby necklace.
  • Fashion Ruby Necklace : Calling all the fashionistas out there! A fashion ruby necklace can surely make you feel most in style, whether you don a ruby bar necklace or any unique ruby necklace.
  • Initial Ruby Necklace : When the gemstone is so intense and bold in in its appearance, why wouldn’t you want to add a tint of your personality as well by getting it it embedded with your name initial! We say it’d look the most elegant.
  • Dangle Ruby Necklace : A ruby necklace that dangles to complement your collar bones is sure a great pick. Loud, bold and fashionable!

Explore the 4 Cs of Ruby

  • Cut: The shape of ruby ranges from round, oval, baguette to princess, marquise, teardrop and ruby necklace heart.
  • Color: The color of ruby ranges from medium to dark red with quite a vivid color saturation.
  • Clarity: Ruby is opaque with the highest graded AAA ruby being known to be eye-clean with minimal to no inclusions.
  • Carat: The carat weight of ruby necklace range from 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. What are the benefits of ruby?

    Ruby carries many benefits including physical healing for cleaning of toxins from the blood in order to purify it and similar to its bold red color, it makes you more courageous and fearless. It also makes you more passionate in life. It was believed to provide protection to the wearer and thus was worn by soldiers at the time of war. Yes, this precious gemstone holds so many benefits.

  2. Can ruby necklace be worn on regular basis?

    A ruby necklace is known for its durability with a hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale and thus can be worn on a regular basis. It can take the wear and tear of regular use quite well and that makes it a classic pick to be adorned on a regular basis.

  3. How do you care for ruby necklace?

    One should always take care of their precious jewelry and it is not as tough as it may sound. You can clean it with a lukewarm solution of soapy water and remember to always avoid chemical exposure. If you’re going to shower or swimming pool, make sure to remove your ruby necklace. Apart from that, a little professional care once in a while can do wonders. So, try taking your ruby necklace to us when required to get it cleaned, re-polished and re-tightened in order to maintain its new like luster.

  4. What is the birthstone of Ruby?

    Ruby is known to be the semi-precious birthstone of July, making it all the more lucky for all the July babies out there.

  5. Where is Ruby found?

    With Burma being the leading producers of Ruby, it can also be found in USA, Afghanistan, India, Australia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam while Republic of North Macedonia in Europe also has naturally occurring Rubies.