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Tanzanite Rings

Whether you like to call it exquisite or unique, Tanzanite is a gemstone of its kind. Nothing better than our handcrafted collection of Tanzanite Rings to perfectly highlight that!

So, be sure to make some space in your jewelry box because we offer a myriad of classic, vintage, and modern Rings that are too hard to resist.

To begin with, What is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is a semi-precious stone that is blueish-purple in hue (a color you don’t get to witness every day) and hails from the Zoisite mineral group. It is one of the rarest gemstones out there so, you can expect it to be widely popular among jewelry fanatics. That’s also what makes Genuine Tanzanite Rings such an appealing choice, apart from their striking color of course. Especially among the ones who always keep an eye out for something unusual, unconventional, and everything but ordinary!

Symbolic Meaning

Standing true to its lively hue, Tanzanite is favored as the stone of new beginnings and transformation. Ever since its discovery (and the events that led to it), it has been considered a miraculous stone that can transform negative energies into positive ones. Interestingly, it is uniquely pleochroic, thanks to which it exudes three different colors (royal blue, reddish-purple, and yellow-green) when viewed from different angles. As a result of that, it is believed to possess the power of spiritual awakening. All these age-old beliefs have garnered immense popularity for Real Tanzanite Rings.

Can’t wait to explore the versatile collection of Tanzanite Rings that we carry? You don’t have to, hop on! 

Our Finest Selection of Tanzanite Rings

  • Tanzanite Engagement Ring

    1. Tanzanite Solitaire Ring:

      It is one of the most conventional styles of Engagement Ring adorned with a Single Stone of Tanzanite, the not-so-conventional stone, as the centerpiece. Typically, here Tanzanite is around 6 mm or more in size since it is meant to steal the show. Classic is the word you’d label this style with though you also have versatile options of shapes to fashion your ring with. Right from simple Round, Vintage Asscher, and Emerald, to Fancy Pear, Princess, and Marquise Tanzanite Rings, there is a wide assortment out there to resonate with your future spouse’s aesthetics.

    2. Tanzanite Three-Stone Ring:

      Just as the name suggests, a Three Stone Ring is beautified by Three Tanzanite Stones, typically of the same shape (set in a row). The ones who can’t get enough of the exotic blue-violet hue of Tanzanite would certainly love this style (since three stones practically triple the pop of color). It also carries a meaning just as beautiful, with the three stones representing your past, present, and future together. So, it beautifully sheds light on your love story. That makes it such a sought-after choice among Tanzanite Engagement Rings.

    3. Tanzanite Halo Ring:

      Say hello to extra sparkles with our Halo Ring that encircles the Center Stone of Tanzanite with a layer of Diamonds or Moissanites all around. It offers more character and uniqueness to the otherwise classic Solitaire Tanzanite Ring. If ‘bigger is better’ for you (or your one and only), you’d be pleased to note that the halo style also makes your Tanzanite look larger than it is!

    4. Vintage-inspired Tanzanite Rings:

      Drawing inspiration from the eras bygone (Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian, etc.), a Tanzanite Vintage Ring looks nothing short of a piece of art. It is prominently defined by ornate metalwork featuring filigree, milgrain designs, and engravings, with the main emphasis laid on the center stone of Tanzanite. Those who’re more moved by engagement rings that carry a story as well as an old-school feel, look no further!

    5. Tanzanite Celtic Knot Ring:

      A Tanzanite Celtic Ring incorporates both the beauty of Tanzanite gemstone (set as the center of attention) and the intricate Knot-work patterns of Celtic design. The Knot-work is typically made up of interlocking lines and loops that interestingly, have no starting or end point. Thanks to that, it epitomizes an eternity of togetherness, which makes it such a beautiful emblem of love.

    Tanzanite Diamond Rings in floral and other eye-catching motifs are also quite popular in our Engagement Ring collection.

  • Tanzanite Wedding Ring

    1. Tanzanite Semi-Eternity Ring:

      Prized for its timeless appeal, a Tanzanite Half Eternity Ring comes studded with a row of Tanzanites (uniform in size) covering half of the circumference of the ring. Not only does this style offer an intense hue, but also stands true to its design and signifies eternal love. That makes it such a treasured Tanzanite Wedding Ring!

    2. Tanzanite Eternity Ring:

      Long story short, an Eternity Ring more or less mirrors a half eternity. The only difference lies in the fact that it is studded with Tanzanite all along the band. Commonly, people go for Round, Princess, or Oval Tanzanite Rings in this category thanks to their Elegance factor. But don’t hesitate to go beyond the ordinary with a marquise or pear shape or even a designer eternity ring, for that matter.

  • Tanzanite Promise Ring

    1. Tanzanite Solitaire Promise Ring:

      Super understated in style, a Solitaire Tanzanite Ring pens spotlight on the Single Center Stone of Tanzanite. This Tanzanite is typically 4 MM or less in size, which makes it somewhat minimal (as compared to engagement rings). It could be an all-about-Tanzanite ring, incorporate many floral or designer motifs, or even be accentuated with Diamonds/Moissanites. 

    2. Minimalist Tanzanite Ring:

      Quite understated and elegant, a Minimalist Tanzanite Ring is one-of-a-kind in itself. It could encompass a nature-inspired design, a minimal embellishment of side-stones of Diamond/Moissanite while keeping all the focus on Tanzanite. So, if she prefers aesthetics that are not too loud, gifting a Minimal Tanzanite Promise Ring would work like a wonder!

    3. Tanzanite Infinity Ring:

      A Tanzanite Infinity Ring features an infinity motif that steals away attention. It could be crafted right in the center along with Tanzanite(s) or be mounted in the shank just as beautifully. Beyond the aesthetics of this women’s Tanzanite Ring, you’ll see it as a symbol of never-ending love and a promise of lifelong commitment. (Practically everything that an Infinity symbol illustrates!)

    If you like to keep it subtle, nothing better than a White Gold Tanzanite Ring. But if you crave a luxurious color splash, a yellow or rose gold Tanzanite Ring could be the one for you.


  1. How much does a Tanzanite ring cost?

    The cost of Tanzanite Ring could range anywhere between $350 to $1400 in our collection.

  2. How to tell if a Tanzanite ring is real?

    Determining a Real Tanzanite Ring comes with its own set of tried and trusted measures:

    • An authentic Tanzanite is always pleochroic. So, try viewing it from different angles. If you see some sort of color changes, then congratulations-you’re on the safe side and your Tanzanite is real.

    • You could always rely on the traditional method of viewing the gemstone under natural light. It tends to give off a blue hue with slight tints of purple when placed under natural light. However, when subjected to incandescent light, purple is more likely to be the dominant hue, accompanied by hints of pink or red.

    • When a Tanzanite is naturally formed, it is innate for it to exhibit some inclusions under 10 X magnification. Make use of a magnification glass to check that and you’ll be good to tell if it is real or fake.

  3. What are the best settings for a Tanzanite ring?

    You’ll find several Tanzanite Rings online, available in just as many settings. But if you ask us, going for a protective and durable setting might be a wise decision. That’s because Tanzanites strike a hardness of 6-6.5 on the Mohs Scale (that is slightly on the lower end of the spectrum). One of the best examples of protective settings are- Pave, Channel, or Bezel. Apart from that, everything boils down to your choice of aesthetics and the kind of lifestyle you lead.

  4. What is the difference between Tanzanite and Sapphire?

    Tanzanite and Sapphire are both beautiful in their ways. But since both of them carry a blue hue, it can sometimes get difficult to tell them apart. No worries, here are some note-worthy differences that might help you in doing so:

    • Blue Sapphire is an all-blue gemstone. It possesses no other hue. Tanzanite, on the other hand, is prized for its blueish-purple hue. 

    • On top of that, Tanzanites are pleochroic, which implies that they exude three different colors when viewed from different angles. That is not the case with Blue Sapphires.

    • Sapphire takes the prize for being more durable than its blue counterpart- Tanzanite. While Sapphire strikes a hardness rating of 9 on Mohs Scale, Tanzanite carries a relatively less hardness of 6-6.5.

  5. How to care for a Tanzanite ring?

    Here are some tips and tricks that might work like a charm in caring for your Tanzanite Gold Rings the right way:

    • DIY Cleaning Mix:

      1. Immerse your Tanzanite ring in a solution of lukewarm solution of soapy water for a good 10-15 minutes.

      2. While it is submerged, scrub away any dirt, grime, or oil from the surface.

      3. Once cleaned, make sure to pat it dry with a soft, microfiber cloth.

      And ta-da, there you have your Tanzanite sparkler brimming at its best.

    • Don’t subject your ring to harsh chemicals or sudden temperature changes. Make sure you put it off while in the shower, during workout sessions, gardening, etc. You may also want to store it away from harder gemstones that hold the risk of scratching it.

  6. What is the history of Tanzanite?

    Tanzanite is not merely another beautiful gemstone. It also comes with its share of historical tales that our ancestors remember it by.

    Its on-paper discovery is relatively new, dating back to 1967 when it was found in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania. As far as the story goes, some Maasai Herder came across this beautiful blue gemstone. He instantly informed a local prospector and gem dealer, who discovered it as a blue variety of the mineral Zoisite. Soon, mining claims were made and famed jewelry designers saw it for what it was- a uniquely beautiful gemstone that demanded attention.

    Some folklores suggest that the hills where this gemstone was discovered caught fire once due to extreme lightning. Once the fire has subdued, a group of Maasai Herders found this eye-striking stone in the ashes. Thanks to this magical occurrence, Tanzanite has been associated with various mystical properties. Some even believed that it could transform negative energies into positive ones.

  7. What is the best cut for a Tanzanite ring?

    The world admires the beautiful blue-purple hue that Tanzanite beholds. That’s why Round-Brilliant Shape tops the list of the most popular shapes for this December Birthstone. Apart from being the most conventional cut, it helps the stone (any stone) shine most brilliantly thanks to its 57 facets. 

    Other than that, Pear and Cushion Shapes also put the spotlight on its beautiful color, luster , and brilliance. Oval Tanzanite Rings are also desirable since they give off the illusion of long and petite fingers.

  8. Where can I buy Tanzanite rings?

    Buying a Tanzanite Ring online might come with a lot of ifs and buts. But when you’re getting your hands on the very best in terms of quality as well as catalog, these concerns sure take a back seat. That’s exactly the motive Rosec Jewels carries, which has helped it earn its name as one of the most prestigious sellers of gemstone jewelry. You can rely on us thanks to the following factors:

    • Certification: We only offer Certified Tanzanite Rings that are exceptional in terms of quality. Each gemstone goes through assessment and evaluation to be approved by the International Gem Society, a reputable gemological laboratory. We also hand out a Quality certificate as a paper-proof of that.

    • Hallmarked Gold: Each Ring is handcrafted in Hallmarked Gold. The hallmark precisely tells you that the metal is pure and passes the quality test. 

    • A Unique Catalog: We have as many options in our catalog as you want. Right from Classic Solitaire Rings to Fancier and Vintage Tanzanite Rings, our catalog is a unique fusion of it all. You can let your aesthetics lead your way to ‘the one.’