About Rose Quartz Necklace

Blushing rosiness of Rose quartz can make every woman weak in her knees. And who doesn’t look pretty in pink? A rose quartz necklace can so delicately decorate your neckline that you’re sure to go all awe of its beauty. Cheeky, Rosy, and serene! That’s how we’d label a Real Rose Quartz Necklace. Whether a simple dainty rose quartz necklace or a more elaborate halo rose quartz necklace, it is known to add more definition to your neckline just as elegantly. There’s a reason women are so in love with this color. Feminine, romantic and youthful, all at once! In fact, just like its color, a Rose Quartz Necklace is known to have a calming and reassuring effect on the wearer. Beauty & benefits combined, isn’t it? A rose quartz necklace comes in a variety of shapes and styles: all pretty and distinctive, with the common USP being its blossoming pink color. So lifelike, right? It’s one of the most romantic colors of all times, aren’t you already familiar with how a rose quartz necklace heart in our collection can make for an ideal gift for your significant other? A true symbol of love indeed!

You know what can add more luster to your necklace and make it stand out? Of course, being crafted in Solid Gold! Gold and rose: name a more dazzling combination! A rose quartz necklace gold, being available in a number of color options: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, looks alluring yet so distinctive in all! Soft pastel color of rose quartz necklace makes for a subtle sweet fashion statement. If you’re into light and bright colors, we know how in awe you’d be of that! All the styles have been crafted intricately by our best artisans to mesmerize you with the delicate charm of a rose quartz necklace.

Rosy, Romantic and Radiant: Beam in different styles of Rose Quartz Necklace

  • Rose Quartz Solitaire Necklace : Solitaire Necklace: a classic of all times and when embellished with Rose Quartz, it sure gives that blooming, feminine and rosy vibe, sure to add a subtle detailing to your neckline. Do classics ever go out of style after all?
  • Rose Quartz Halo Necklace : Elegant is what we call a rose quartz necklace detailed with diamond halo, giving your neckline a royal decoration of the best of both, rose quartz and diamond.
  • Rose Quartz Infinity Necklace : Rose quartz adds that unique florescent touch to an infinity necklace which ofcourse looks romantic as well, also making it an expressive gift for your significant other.
  • Rose Quartz Necklace Heart : Heart, being a well known symbol of love combined with the blossoming pink beauty of rose quartz makes for another romantic gift, sure to sweep your girl off her feet.
  • Rose Quartz Three Stone Necklace : When talking of a favorite color of all, why not make it a little more elaborate by combining it with a three stone setup. Loud yet such a subtle fashion statement!
  • Rose Quartz Vintage Inspired Necklace : TImeless artistry of vintage inspired necklace combined with subtle grace of rose quartz can make it look all the more fashionable and royal, like you’ve revisited the Victorian times.
  • Rose Quartz Fashion Necklace : Calling all the fashionistas out there! A rose quartz fashion necklace gives that vigorous, youthful and cheeky tint to your whole look, making it look more fashionable.
  • Rose Quartz Dangle Necklace : A dangle necklace embedded all over with rose quartz is more elaborate, royal and decorative and can alone add more definition to your entire look!

Explore the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The shape of amethyst necklace ranges from round, oval baguette and cushion to princess, heart, marquise and pear.
  • Color: The delicate color of rose quartz ranges from a pastel to deep rose pink, a florescent color to adorn any neckline.
  • Clarity: Rose Quartz is known to be a little translucent with little inclusions, fashioned to look just as pretty.
  • Carat: The carat weight of rose quartz necklace ranges from 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. What are the benefits of rose quartz?

    Rose Quartz are a crystal known to enhance self love, clear skin and are known to enhance compassion and improvement in sleep quality. That’s not it! A rose quartz is also known for its emotional healing properties and ofcourse to strengthen love and romance in a relationship. That we bet you can tell from the romantic color of this gemstone.

  2. What metal to combine rose quartz necklace with?

    Rose Quartz necklace gold can come in a variety of color options: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. While white gold looks more classic and simpler, rose quartz yellow gold looks luxurious and rose gold matches the rosy color of rose quartz perfectly well.

  3. How to clean rose quartz?

    Rose Quartz, just like other gemstones, can be cleaned with a lukewarm mixture of soap and water. Other than that, what really changes the game is a little professional care every once in while. So, make sure to take your rose quartz necklace to us to get it insepected, cleaned, re-polished and tightened to wear it like it’s new forever.

  4. Where is rose quartz found?

    Rose Quartz is largely found in Brazil, Sambia, Namibia, California and Maine.

  5. How much is roze quartz necklace worth?

    The price of a rose quartz necklace can range between $ 500 to $ 1500.