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About Stud Earrings

Let us guess! Are you also on a hunt for a pair of earrings that are effortless yet stylish? We know the struggle! And we bet you won’t find a better option than Stud Earrings if that’s the case. The trend for stud earrings doesn’t seem to go away any soon. Going through the earlobe directly, a pair of stud earrings look elegant and simple at the same time. No hoop, no drop! Only a pair of Stud Earrings to go effortlessly just with any of your outfits, whether formal or casual. Nothing over the top but what beauty. In terms of style, subtle grace is all we’re chasing today when it comes to jewelry, that too everyone’s favorite jewelry of all times, earrings!

The appearance of stud earrings is such that it appears to be floating effortlessly from the earlobe with the strong support of a push back. Neat, right? Stud Earrings for women have become a go-to-option for all kinds of occasions. And why not? Who doesn’t prefer a classic and workable fashion statement today? The best part is that it looks just as stunning on women of any age group. Yes, such is the versatility of Stud Earrings! Stud earrings also go great studded with different gemstones, such as stud earrings pearl with diamond make for a timeless pair. See how it works? Let’s delve a little deeper in the glorious world of stud earrings

What shape do you prefer?

Talking of stud earrings, how can we forget to mention the wide variety of shapes it comes in, each intricately cut. Have a look:

Round Stud earrings:

Stud Earrings and round shape go hand in hand. Round Stud Earrings make for such a classic fashion statement since they are so easy to match with any outfit of yours, for any occasion! What doesn’t go with round shape after all? In fact this shape also has a special place in the jewelry box of Stud Earrings for men.

Oval cut stud earrings:

Oval is the new cool! As classic as round diamond but just a little more unique, an oval cut stud earrings set make for another interesting pick to be paired with your work outfits.

Baguette stud earrings:

Often confused with emerald shape, the elongated and stylish look of baguette shape stud earrings has a fan base of its own.

Pear Stud Earrings:

The brilliant sparkle of pear shape is hard to match. Often referred to as teardrop shape, pear shape stud earrings are a perfect combination of sophistication and uniqueness both at once.

Marquise Stud Earrings:

Being similar to pear shape, marquise shape adds a feminine touch to your stud earrings, making it a perfect Stud Earrings for women.

Cushion Stud Earrings:

Just like its name suggests, cushion cut stud earrings resemble a pillow in shape and could add a vintage touch to your stud earrings.

Heart Stud Earrings:

What’s more romantic and touching to look at than heart shape stud earrings? These can also make for a romantic gift for your significant other to express your love.

Sparkle some more in Gold

Since stud earrings are such a timeless choice, what better metal to combine them with than Gold! Let’s look at the variety of color options:

White gold:

If you’re a fan of a simple work look, look no further than a white gold metal to combine your stud earrings with. We bet the simplicity of stud earrings white gold would make for a decent yet evident fashion statement!

Yellow gold:

Doesn’t yellow gold carry a luxurious look with itself? Diamond stud earrings go great with yellow gold as the luster is irresistible.

Rose gold:

Stud earrings rose gold add a feminine rosy touch to your look because of its blush color, making your entire look pop out.


  1. What are stud earrings?

    Stud earrings are classic earrings that go straight inside the earlobe, unlike a drop or dangle earrings. Making a subtle fashion statement, stud earrings have been in trend for quite some time now because of its versatility.

  2. How are stud earrings kept secure?

    Stud earrings are secured by a push back such as screw back or lever back to keep it intact on the earlobe.

  3. How to clean stud earrings?

    Jewelry requires a little extra care and when it comes to everyday wear jewelry such as stud earrings, you should be quite consistent with its maintenance. These can be cleaned with a warm solution of water and soap and can be dried gently with a clean cloth. To maintain the new like sparkle of the gemstone of stud earrings, you need to take it to a professional for cleaning and tightening.

  4. What to look for while selecting stud earrings?

    While selecting a stud, first and foremost thing that you should look for is its quality, i.e., the 4 Cs of its gemstone: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. These should be graded and certified by GIA, validating its quality. Another thing to look for is how well the stud earrings go with the cut of your face. Since stud earrings go straight in the earlobe, having it go just right with the shape of your face is quite important.

  5. When can I wear stud earrings?

    Here we come to the USP of stud earrings which is that it can go well with any and every outfit of yours. The versatility of stud earrings is such that it can look simple at one moment and stylish the other. You can pair it up with the most formal of your work outfits or the most fancy outfits. It can gel well with any occasion, depending on your preference.