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About Emerald Necklace

The color green: probably the most refreshing and royal colors out of the lot! Who doesn’t like the rich green color of nature? Pretty serene, right? Well, someone has been quoted to consider Emerald to consist of all the green that is within the nature. What elegance when that is combined with women’s favorite and probably the most expressive jewelry of all times ‘necklace’! Yes, we’re talking about the most graceful Emerald Necklace! Necklace in itself is so romantic and since ‘emerald’ also symbolizes true love and fidelity, it makes for a great gift for your significant other as well. Emerald necklace has the magic to make your collar bones look more alluring, pretty and glamorous. Put on a pair of vintage emerald necklace to the fanciest of your evening parties and get ready to take on the world with your grace! Isn’t the name Emerald itself quite royal? Yes, we’re well aware of the hype and that’s why our collection of Emerald Necklaces range from a classic solitaire to an initial necklace.

Youthful, eloquent and royal, all at once! That’s what we call a real emerald necklace. Studded with precisely cut emerald by our most professional artisans, a collection of emerald necklace with such versatility can surely make a woman weak in her knees. That’s not it. Since green goes so well with anything and we’re not talking just about outfits here, the sparkle of emerald is further intensified with the combination of other stones such as diamond. Haven’t you taken a look at our emerald necklace with diamonds and fallen for its luxe beauty already? Probably a combination made in heaven! Having been crafted in Solid gold with color options ranging from a classic white gold, luxurious yellow gold or a unique rose gold, an emerald necklace gold looks absolutely timeless.

Go green: Alluring Earring styles of Emerald Necklace

  • Solitaire Emerald Necklace : A precisely cut Solitaire is absolutely timeless and the embellishment of Emerald can make it look all the more sophisticated, classic and graceful. Truly a favorite of everyone!
  • Halo Emerald Necklace : A diamond halo is everything you need to add sparkle to your necklace and an encircling of emerald necklace with diamonds as bright as the moon is sure to allure many eyeballs.
  • Infinity Emerald Necklace : Infinity, being one of the most expressive and eye-catching symbols in emerald necklace, makes it another timeless classic. Also, the most beautiful gift, specially when combined with heart shape.
  • Heart Emerald Necklace : Let her know your heart belongs to her with a heart shape necklace combined with the embellishment of emerald to make it look more youthful, eye-catching and vivid.
  • Cross Emerald Necklace : An emerald Cross necklace, the most sleek, subtle but bold to be paired up with casual as well as fancy outfits for a classy style statement.
  • Vintage Inspired Emerald Necklace : Donning a vintage emerald necklace would take you all the way back to the Victorian times and you’d feel no less than a royal queen yourself in this antique piece.
  • Fashion Emerald Necklace : Fashion and the vigor of emerald go hand in hand and we’re sure you won’t deny that once you take a look at our collection of fashion emerald necklace.
  • Initial Emerald Necklace : We know how you want your jewelry to have a more personalized appearance. Your initial letter studded in the grace of emerald, how does that sound to you?
  • Station Emerald Necklace : A necklace, studded with emerald in a station like pattern, unique, expressive of your personality and just what you need to complement your neckline!
  • Dangle Emerald Necklace : An emerald necklace that dangles gracefully on your neck to help you embrace the green queen that you are!
  • Three stone Emerald Necklace : An emerald three stone necklace is here to be cherished for a lifetime, making a statement that is bold, vintage and elite to look at! Aren’t you already fantasized by an emerald necklace set with earrings?

Explore the 4 Cs of Emerald

  • Cut: The precise shape of our emerald necklace ranges from a classic round, oval, baguette to more intricate princess, marquise, pear and heart shape.
  • Color: Having no color zoning, the color of emerald is known to be deep green or bluish green with grades ranging from AAA to B.
  • Clarity: Emerald are known to have some inclusions with most valuable of them being the transparent emerald.
  • Carat: The carat weight of an emerald necklace ranges from 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. Which metal is best for emerald necklace?

    Gold is the most sought after metal for an emerald necklace and to facilitate you with variety, our emerald necklace come in a number of metal colors including emerald necklace white gold for a more classic look, emerald necklace yellow gold to go with any skin tone and rose gold for a more feminine and unique look.

  2. What does emerald symbolize?

    An emerald, just like its appearance, is a rejuvenating gemstone, symbolizing love, hope and loyalty, the three most important aspects of our life. In fact, long ago, Greeks used to gift emeralds to the goddess of beauty and love. Apart from that, emerald is also known to bring peace and balance to the life of the wearer. In terms of healing, it is known to help with child birth as well as digestion problems. And because of its appearance, it is a true symbol of royalty and eloquence.

  3. What is the birthstone of emerald necklace?

    Emerald birthstone is known to be May, thus this semi precious gemstone is known to be extra lucky for those born in the month of May.

  4. What is the price range of emerald necklace?

    The price of emerald necklace ranges from under $500 to $1500, thus giving you an exquisite price range to choose from, according to your budget.

  5. Is emerald necklace durable?

    The hardness of emerald on Moh’s scale is between 7.5 to 8, thus making it a pretty durable gemstone to be worn on a regular basis as it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It also does not scratch easily.