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About Blue Sapphire Necklace

Blue: the color that suits all apart from being the most royal and serene colors. And the hype for blue sapphire necklace is well justified by that. A blue sapphire necklace can compliment your neckline with such elegance that you wouldn’t help but fall all over its charm. That’s the whole point of a necklace! Whether you don a simple blue sapphire necklace or a more elaborate one, it would look just as pretty. Since it is available in a variety of shapes and styles in our collection, you can just not go wrong with a blue sapphire necklace. While a blue sapphire heart necklace looks more expressive and makes for a perfect gift, a blue sapphire cross necklace looks more modish and bold. All pleasing to the eyes and glamorizing to the neck! What adds to the value of this gorgeous necklace is that Blue sapphire has had ties with hope, faith and good fortune since time immemorial. That’s not it. A blue sapphire necklace also goes great combined with other gemstones and we bet you already would’ve been stunned with the sparkling bright beauty of blue sapphire necklace with diamonds, adding more definition to your necklace.

A blue sapphire necklace gold comes in a variety of metal color options: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Blue sapphire necklace white gold looks more classic and simpler, yellow gold looks pretty lustrous on all skin tones and rose gold has a blossoming beauty to it. Doubtlessly, the class of blue sapphire is what sets this necklace apart from all. Being handcrafted intricately by our best artisans, we’re sure our collection of blue sapphire necklace can end your search. Pair it up with a casual or a more fancy outfit, it would highlight your collar bones with just as much grace! A glance at the deep blue color can assure you of that.

Let your neckline do the talking: Blue Sapphire Necklace Styles

  • Blue Sapphire Solitaire Necklace : Here we come to the most classic picks out of all! Since a blue sapphire solitaire necklace looks royal, modish and of course timeless, looking just as stunning on any neck, it is a favorite of all.
  • Blue Sapphire Halo Necklace : Want to add more definition and spark to your necklace? We bet you can’t look past a blue sapphire necklace with diamonds in a halo setup. Two of the most timeless stones together!
  • Blue Sapphire Infinity Necklace : Infinity necklace has been in fashion for a while now and the embellishment of blue sapphire makes it look even more ravishing and royal. Also, one of the expressive gifts for your loved one.
  • Blue Sapphire Heart Necklace : A heart necklace for the queen of your heart along with the embellishment of blue sapphire to make it go easily with any of her outfits. Profound, expressive and also stylish, sure to allure any eye!
  • Blue Sapphire Three Stone Necklace : If you’re into one of those elaborate and studded looks, why settle for any less? Make your fashion statement loud and flashy with a blue sapphire three stone necklace.
  • Blue Sapphire Cross Necklace : Sleek, subtle but bold! And that’s what probably makes up the trend for a blue sapphire cross necklace. Pair it up with your most fashionable attires and look how it compliments their beauty!
  • Blue Sapphire Vintage Inspired Necklace : Vintage is the new cool! And what color is more ageless than blue? The intricate embellishment of blue sapphire adds vigor and makes this vintage inspired necklace look even more artistic and antique.
  • Blue Sapphire Fashion Necklace : For all the fashion lovers out there, a blue sapphire fashion necklace can sure make you feel more in style, whether you don a dainty blue sapphire pendant or a more unique swirl blue sapphire necklace!
  • Blue Sapphire Initial Necklace : Looking to add more personality to your necklace? We know the hype and that’s exactly why we have included in our collection unique blue sapphire initial necklace! That’s not it. What could be special and expressive of your love towards your significant other than a blue sapphire heart necklace combined with your initial? A romantic gift indeed!
  • Blue Sapphire Dangle Necklace : The trend for dangle necklace is here to stay and the embellishment of blue sapphire in it says that loud and clear! Perfect to go with the classiest as well as the most elegant of your attires!

Explore the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The shape of blue sapphire ranges from round, oval and baguette to pear, marquise, princess and heart.
  • Color: The color of blue sapphire, probably its USP is known to be royal blue, rich in color. The mere glance is enough to tell that!
  • Clarity: While blue sapphire is known to have some inclusions, a good quality blue sapphire with AAA grading is known to consist of minimal inclusions, thus having eye clean clarity
  • Carat: The carat weight of blue sapphire necklace ranges from 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. Can blue sapphire necklace be worn everyday?

    Blue sapphire is known to be one of the hardest gemstones of all times with a rating of 9 on Moh’s scale, making one of the most durable necklaces. The blue sapphire necklace is such that it cannot get scratched easily, thus withstanding wear and tear of regular use.

  2. What are the benefits of blue sapphire?

    The benefits of blue sapphire are manifolds including protection against physical illness, problems, theft, mental illness such as depression and spiritual benefits such as protection from evil and negative energies as well as strengthening of love life. It is known to bring hope and faith in the life of the wearer.

  3. Can blue sapphire necklace be damaged?

    Chemical exposure is known to be a little harmful so make sure to keep your necklace away from it as much as you can. While showering or going in swimming pool, always remember to remove your blue sapphire necklace.

  4. Which metal to combine blue sapphire necklace with?

    Gold can make anything shine out! A blue sapphire necklace gold crafted intricately by our artisans consists of three color options including white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. While blue sapphire white gold looks more bright and classic, yellow gold adds the much needed luster to it, perfect to go with any skin tone and rosy color of rose gold is already a favorite among women.

  5. How to judge the quality of blue sapphire?

    The quality of blue sapphire consisting of the 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat weight is judged and graded by SGL. To make you well assured of the quality of our products, we only sell SGL certified products, meaning that they have gone through the laborious process of analysis and inspection by SGL.