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About Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Add exquisite pink tourmaline earrings to your jewelry collection and pamper yourself on any occasion. The lovely pink hues of the October birthstone will sway away the hearts of women from all walks of life. The romantic shades of the pink tourmaline will make women fall in love with the extensive collection of gold earrings for women. The outstanding durability and hardness of tourmaline make them a suitable gemstone to curate an assorted range of tourmaline earrings for women.

At Rosec Jewels, our team of experts tend to the fine details with utmost care so that the finished jewelry can appeal to the tastes of the women. The pink tourmaline stud earrings and drop earrings features exceptional designs which take into consideration the fancy cut pink tourmaline, unique settings and metals in traditional yellow gold, romantic rose gold and the elegant white gold. Furthermore, emphasizing on the metal embellishments like, gold beads, miligrains and leaf motifs to craft fantastic vintage inspired earrings for women.

Benefits of Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Pink tourmaline being the birthstone of October can bring various healing benefits into the life of people. When worn as pink tourmaline earrings they can symbolize emotional healing.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Pink Tourmaline Earrings

  • Color: The color of pink tourmaline can range from pale light pink to a bright hot pink and should be carefully examined for a desirable color in pink tourmaline earrings.
  • Clarity: The transparent pink tourmaline in earrings should be selected for a eye-clean appearance.
  • Cut: The beautiful birthstone of October can be cut into almost all the standard cuts and fancy cuts befitting any earring style.
  • Carat: Carat account for the weight of the gemstone rather than the visible size. The availability of tourmaline make them an easy find in different weights.

Pink Tourmaline Earring FAQs

  1. Is pink tourmaline good for earrings?

    Pink tourmaline tend to be quite durability owing to the considerable hardness of the birthstone of October. This hardness and adorable colors of pink tourmaline make them a suitable choice for crafting gold earrings for women.

  2. How to take care of tourmaline gold earrings?

    The pink tourmaline earrings for women while they don’t usually get scratched easily but regular use of the gold earrings can sometimes dull the sparkle of the tourmaline. However, they can be easily cleaned at home by keeping the following steps in mind.

      1. Make use of soft microfiber cotton cloth to wipe off dirt and oil. 
      2. Take a bowl of lukewarm water and add mild cleaning agent.  
      3. Place your earrings in it and use soft bristle brush to clean off the dirt from under the gemstones.

  3. How much will a pink tourmaline earring cost me?

    A decent pair of natural tourmaline earrings will cost as low as $300 and reach to the maximum price of $4000 depending on the gemstone size, the color of pink tourmaline and the clarity.

  4. What are tourmaline birthstone earrings?

    Pink Tourmalines are the official birthstone of October and have been long thought to bestow many healing benefits on the people born in October. Thus, the tourmaline earrings are also known as the October birthstone earrings.

  5. How can I know if my pink tourmaline earrings are authentic?

    The authenticity of tourmaline in earrings is ensured by the gemstone certification which vouch for the ingenuity of tourmaline by defining them in all applicable quality factors. The certificate is usually issued on the behalf of a reputed third party like the SGL Labs.