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About Aquamarine Earrings

Aquamarines have been an adorable choice of gemstone in jewelry displaying colors ranging from a pale blue to blue-green, or the resembling colors of the sea. The handcrafted aquamarine earrings bejeweled with the famously called gemstone of the sea was long believed to deliver sailors from stormy voyages. Today, the sparkling aquamarine has captivated the hearts of the jewelers to craft amazing aquamarine jewelry. If you are also among those hypnotized by the beauty of aquamarines then our extensive range of aquamarine earrings for women will leave you awestruck.

Right from the traditional pieces to the modern earring styles, we at Rosec Jewels have something that will appeal to the hearts of women with a knack for latest jewelry trends. Our sophisticated aquamarine stud earrings will help you get through the day to day jewelry selection. While a pair of aquamarine drop earrings can be worn on less fancy occasions to seriously turn some heads. Our artisans blend various aquamarine shapes with solid gold in different impurities such as 10K, 14K and 18K to further diversify the range of aquamarine earrings in white gold.

Benefits of Aquamarine Earrings

Aquamarine in earrings for women is associated with tranquility and serenity. Aquamarine solitaire earrings when worn daily can help bring clarity to the mind of the wearer.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Aquamarine Earrings

  • Color: Aquamarine colors resemble those of the sea and thus a narrow range of blue to bluish-green is a preferred range of color for the aquamarine earrings.
  • Clarity: The naturally occurring aquamarines may have few liquid inclusions and generally an eye-clean transparent aquamarine in earrings should be chosen.
  • Cut: Owing to the abundance of aquamarines, the lapidarist can cut them into all sort of desirable standard and fancy cut to adorn in gold earrings for women.
  • Carat: Occurrence of aquamarine in large crystals makes it possible to cut them in different weights measured in the unit of carats.

Aquamarine Earrings FAQs

  1. Is aquamarine good for earrings?

    Aquamarines belonging to the beryl family tend to be quite durability owing to the considerable hardness of the birthstone of March. This hardness and adorable colors of aquamarine make them a suitable choice for crafting gold earrings for women.

  2. How to take care of aquamarine gold earrings?

    The aquamarine earrings for women while they don’t usually get scratched easily but regular use of gold earrings can sometimes dull the sparkle of the aquamarine. However, they can be easily cleaned at home by keeping the following steps in mind.

      1. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe off dirt or oil.
      2. Grab a bowl of lukewarm water and add mild cleaning agent.
      3. Place your earrings in it and use soft bristle brush to clean off the dirt from under the gemstones.

  3. How much will an aquamarine earring cost me?

    A decent pair of natural aquamarine earrings will cost as low as $500 and reach to the maximum price of $4000 depending on the gemstone size, the color of aquamarine and and the clarity.

  4. What are aquamarine birthstone earrings?

    Aquamarines are the official birthstone of March and have been long thought to bestow many healing benefits on the people born in March. Thus, the aquamarine earrings are also known as the March birthstone earrings.

  5. How can I know if my aquamarine earrings are authentic?

    The authenticity of aquamarines in earrings is ensured by the gemstone certification which vouch for the ingenuity of aquamarine by defining them in all applicable quality factors. The certificate is usually issued on the behalf of a reputed third party like the SGL Labs.