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About Moonstone Necklace

Moonstone: a gemstone as sparkling bright as the moon. Can surely light up the world with its shimmering, scattering, bluish white lights! When highlighting your neckline with its radiant grace, a Moonstone necklace is sure to mesmerize many eyes. Such is the elegance of a Moonstone necklace that you wouldn’t help but fall head over heels over its opaque silver color. As if you’re donning a piece of moon itself! What better way to highlight your neckline than that! Royalty, grace and divine sparkle, combined! No other stone would be having such unique color hues, we can tell for sure. You know what makes a womens moonstone necklace so special for them? It being known to symbolize divine feminine energy of course! Our collection of moonstone necklace, each articulately cut in different shapes, provides you with diverse versatility to choose the one you love the most from. Explore, fall in love with one and shine like a divine queen forever! While a moonstone necklace vintage can turn back time and make you feel like an glowing piece of art yourself, a piece of Moonstone Solitaire Necklace can make for an alluring and sparkling accessory for any occasion. Both so distinctive yet no less elegant than one another! A real moonstone necklace to be cherished forever on your neckline!

You know what adds to the divine luster of Moonstone necklace gold? The various metal colors it’s crafted in in our collection: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Isn’t a glance at the vibrant yet so subtle color hues of rainbow moonstone necklace enough to make you a fan? Glowing, unique and perfect to be adorned with any outfit, whether a casual work outfit or a fancy nightgown. You’ll sure look like a glowing queen ready to take on the world in both. In fact, moonstone has been regarded as the stone of new beginnings. Talk about beauty and benefits! Let’s explore our collection and delve a bit deeper in the glorious world of Moonstone necklace.

Go out of the box with your fashion statement in Unique Moonstone necklace styles

  • Moonstone Solitaire Necklace : Classic beauty of Solitaire Necklace combined with the divine glow of Moonstone, what else would you like to highlight your neckline with! A Solitaire moonstone necklace gold in different shapes, can look just as royal paired up with any outfit.
  • Moonstone Halo Necklace : Can’t get enough of the glow of Moonstone? Want to add more definition to your necklace? That being the case, nothing can come close to the royal, shiny, refined and elaborate style statement of Moonstone Halo necklace! Sure to dazzle any eye with its elegance.
  • Moonstone Infinity Necklace : Bold and expressive statement of infinity combined with the subtle color hues of Moonstone, name a better combination to decorate your pretty neck with! Truly, one of the most romantic gifts for your loved one.
  • Moonstone Heart Necklace : Let her know your love for one another is just as glorious as a Moonstone heart necklace. One of the most unique gifts for your other half, sure to sweep her off her feet with its elegant charm!
  • Vintage Inspired Moonstone Necklace : Artistic design of Moonstone necklace antique combined with its radiant and vivid color hues sets it apart from the others. Who wants to look boring when you could look like an elegant piece of art yourself!
  • Moonstone Fashion Necklace : For all you fashionable divas out there who want to make a bold, bright and unique statement forever, a piece from our collection of Moonstone fashion necklace can surely do that job for you, whether a dainty moonstone necklace for a subtle fashion statement or a more elaborate Gothic moonstone necklace.
  • Classic Moonstone Necklace : A rainbow moonstone necklace has such vivid color hues yet a radiance so deep that it makes for one of the most classic pieces to be adorned with any and every attire.

Explore the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The shape of moonstone ranges from round, oval and cushion to pear, marquise and heart.
  • Color: The color of moonstone necklace, probably what makes it such an interesting pick, is known to be white with a hint of vivid rainbow like color hues typically dominated by blue sheen, grey, pink and orange
  • Clarity: A high quality moonstone is known to be free of inclusions and quite transparent as well.
  • Carat: The carat weight of real moonstone necklace ranges between 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. Can you wear a Moonstone necklace everyday?

    Moonstone, having a hardness of 6 out of 10 can be worn on a regular basis with some care, ensuring that it is not damaged and exposed to harsh chemicals.

  2. What makes Moonstone so unique?

    The uniqueness of Moonstone comes from the blue sheen it has because of the presence of adularescence which makes for the scattering appearance of Moonstone. That’s what makes for the rainbow like luster of Moonstone as well, adding more value to it.

  3. Can you shower wearing Moonstone necklace?

    Taking a little extra care of your jewelry would only make it glisten forever with its new-like shimmer. And that’s why it is advised to remove your Moonstone necklace while taking a shower in order to minimize its exposure to harmful chemicals. In fact, try storing it in a clean space to keep it away from dust. A little care can go a long way!

  4. What are the benefits of wearing Moonstone?

    Wearing Moonstone necklace comes with its share of benefits as well. Thanks to its divine appearance, it is known to be a gemstone of new beginnings. It is even known to bring a balance, provide strength and emotional stability in the life of the wearer. In fact, it is also believed to work as a lucky charm in the love and business life of the wearer. Yes, the best of both worlds! Apart from that, it also symbolizes divine feminine energy and that’s what makes it such a special womens moonstone necklace.

  5. What is the birthstone of Moonstone?

    Moonstone is known to be a semi-precious gemstone of June.