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About June Birthstone Jewelry

Fondly hailed as the ‘queen of gems,’ Pearls exude timeless class and elegance, something even the royalties can’t resist. What sets these timeless beauties apart is that they go great with any and every attire. Its radiant shine, royal luster and unparalleled sheen is what makes it such a sought after pick for any occasion.

Fun Fact: What makes Pearl Jewelry one of a kind is that it is the only jewel that forms from a living creature, i.e., inside the mollusk of oysters. And these have been considered so pure since ancient times that they were believed to be tears cried by gods.

What do Pearls symbolize?

Pearls, similar to their appearance, are known to symbolize wisdom, serenity and purity. These are world known for the calming effects they bestow the wearer with and are known to stand for integrity and loyalty, thus making for a great gift of love to present to your significant other.

Pearl and the 4 CS

  • Cut: The shape of Pearl ranges from the classic round, oval, pear and princess to more elaborate marquise, baguette and pear cut.
  • Color: The three different kind of pearl exude three different colors, all just as glamorous. Freshwater pearl possesses the serene and sober white color, south sea pearl is a shimmering golden color and tahitian pearls appear black and bold.
  • Clarity: The most sought after Pearls possess a clarity rating of AAA, though these might possess some inclusions since they arise out of shells.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Pearl jewelry typically ranges between 0.25 to 4 CT.

Pretty Pearl Jewelry

  • Rings: The Pearl rings in our collection range from the most classic solitaire ring, often accented with diamonds, engagement rings to more elaborate styles including beaded pearl rings, pearl halo rings and vintage art deco rings. Pearl engagement rings have become quite a trend nowadays.
  • Earrings: Our collection of Pearl earrings ranges from the classic solitaire studs, geometric earrings, sunburst earrings, the epitome of grace: pearl drop earrings, nature inspired pearl earrings to even bridal and vintage pieces that exude an unparalleled class.
  • Pendant: The most elegant out of the lot: Pearl necklaces range from floral, drop, angel, three stone to more quirky designs including snowman necklace and timeless vintage inspired necklaces.
  • Bracelets: Pearl Bracelets generally include station chain bracelets in our collection.


  1. Do Pearls damage easily?

    Pearls should be handled with utmost care since they possess a hardness rating of 3 on Moh’s scale, thus are more prone to scratches and damages.

  2. What makes Pearls so special?

    Pearls have been hailed as a treasured beauty since unlike other gems, they are not mined from beneath the earth but are interestingly, rather found inside the shells of a living creature. Its radiant shine and luster is in born and requires no polishing. That’s what makes them so special and sought after, even among royalties.

  3. What is Pearl famous for?

    World famous for their natural beauty and royal glow, Pearls have been a treasured jewelry for royalties. They have even been regarded as a jewel’s luster and queen of gemstones, thanks to their unparalleled elegance. Right from Cleopatra’s Pearl obsession to Ariana Grande going for a gorgeous Pearl engagement ring, celebrities have been a constant admirer of Pearls.

  4. Do Pearls have healing properties?

    Known to symbolize innocence and purity, Pearls are believed to help with physical healing including digestion problems, infertility and heart problems. They are even known to impart wisdom to the wearer and protect them from all kinds of negativities.

  5. Which Pearl is the most sought after?

    Freshwater Pearls are regarded as one of the most sought after Pearls out there thanks to its radiant white hues, signifying soberty and purity.