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Emerald Engagement Rings

Coveted for its royal appeal and heart-warming symbolism, an Emerald Engagement Ring has become a favorite to commemorate the big proposal moment for unconventional couples. What’s more, we have handcrafted these vibrant emerald sparklers in an array of eye-catching styles that you’ve got to keep an eye out for! Head on, and you’ll know:

What is an Emerald Stone Engagement Ring?

Emerald is a semi-precious May birthstone that is native to the renowned Beryl family of minerals. In terms of aesthetics, it makes for an eye-catching stone for Engagement Ring owing to its rich color that ranges from bluish to intense, pure green.

Looking for a green signal to finalize Emerald as ‘the gemstone’ to pop the question with? The symbolism that Natural Emerald Engagement Rings boast won’t disappoint!

What does an Emerald Engagement Ring symbolize?

Since times immemorial, Emeralds have been revered for being the ‘Seeker of Love,’ ‘The Stone of Successful Love,’ and whatnot! So, it comes as no surprise that it epitomizes true love, friendship, and fidelity. An Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring is even considered the gateway to a healthy and blissful marriage. Its lush green color itself is symbolic of New beginnings.

Now that the symbolic meaning of Emerald Engagement Rings has made its place in your hearts, we’re proud to break it to you that we have a selection of rings that boast a meaning just as beautiful. Needless to mention, their trendy and timeless appeal.

Take a look:

Our Alluring Array of Emerald and Gold Engagement Ring Styles

  • Green Emerald Solitaire Ring

    One of the most classic and conventional choices of engagement rings, this style is adorned with a Solo Centerpiece of Emerald that effortlessly stands out with a size of 6 MM or more. Moreover, its versatility helps it speak to many senses of style. While Round Shape Emerald Solitaire Engagement Rings are the go-to choice for their understated aesthetic, those adorned with Pear, Marquise, or Pear Cut Emerald are meant for fashion-savvy brides. However, if you can resist falling for the old-school love emblems, an Asscher or Cushion Cut Emerald Ring sounds like a great fit. Symbolically, the Beautiful Solitaire of Emerald in this style signifies one-of-a-kind love.

  • Emerald Halo Ring

    A glitzy and glamorous take on the Classic Solitaire Style, the center stone of Emerald here is prominently defined by a sparkling row of Diamond/Moissanite all around. The extra layer of sparkles here helps your Emerald stand out by making it appear bigger (while also lending some extra carats to it). So, needless to mention- an Emerald Halo Engagement Ring is the go-to choice for brides who are all about the bling.

  • 3 Stone Emerald Ring

    Bold yet meaningful, this ring style boasts three identical-looking stones of Emerald that are arranged in a row. If you wish to flaunt the eye-striking green gemstone of Emerald a little more, the three-stone style looks like a great pick for you. While you’re most likely to come across a Round or Oval Emerald Engagement Ring under this collection, those fashioned with eye-catching cuts like marquise, princess, or pear speak to those with a more fancy sense of style. The meaningful symbolism that this ring style carries makes it a big hit in the world of engagement rings. The three stones of Emerald reflect upon the past, present, and future, respectively, thus commemorating the beautiful journey of the couple’s togetherness.

  • Emerald Vintage Engagement Ring

    A Vintage-inspired Emerald Ring boasts ornate designs that are reminiscent of the Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras and lend the vibrant appeal of Emeralds a perfect old-world feel. In a broader context, this ring style is home to abstract geometric patterns (significant in Emerald Art Deco Rings), filigree, and milgrain detailing, as well as other antique engravings. If you or your future spouse connect with an emblem of love that also carries an heirloom feel, look no further than this Antique Emerald Engagement Ring.

  • Toi Et Moi Emerald Ring

    Contemporary yet meaningful, a Toi Et Moi Emerald Engagement Ring for Women is characterized by twin stones of Emerald that are set side by side to one another. Not only does this ring style appeal with its uniquely unconventional, flashy, and contemporary aesthetic, but it also speaks to the wearer owing to its romantic connotations. The Toi Et Moi here is French for ‘You and Me,’ thus celebrating the union of two souls as one (which is the very reason for its popularity as a meaningful betrothal ring).

  • Celtic Knot Emerald Ring

    Another meaningful and somewhat antique pick in this collection, a Celtic Knot Ring emphasizes the beauty of Emerald with an unending pattern of intricately crafted knotwork designs found in Celtic Art. True to its definitive style, the unending knots here celebrate the kind of love that isn’t defined by any measures (making this Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring the new go-to for couples that fancy a romantic emblem of love). Also, this style puts more spotlight on the tone of Gold due to the heavy metal work incorporated to breathe life into Celtic knots. So if you wish to add to its romantic appeal, we’d recommend you go for a Rose Gold Emerald Engagement Ring.


  1. Are Emerald Engagement Rings popular?

    Owing to the meaningful symbolism and colorful appeal that Emerald brings, it has steadily become a popular choice of gemstone for engagement rings for unconventional couples. If we shed some light on their symbolism, Natural Emerald Engagement Rings epitomize love, friendship, and fidelity (thus speaking to the couples who go beyond the aesthetics to look for a certain meaning behind their engagement ring). Apart from that, it catches the eye with its vibrant green hue (in case you wish to ditch the conventions for something unique).

  2. Is Emerald ok for an engagement ring?

    Emerald impresses with an above-par hardness of 7.5-8 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale. So, that doubtlessly makes Real Emerald Engagement Rings a durable pick to commemorate the big day with.

  3. How to clean Emerald Engagement Rings?

    Cleaning and caring for Green Emerald Engagement Rings in the right manner doesn’t require you to be a professional. To keep it from appearing dull and hazy as a result of all the accumulated dirt and grime, consider relying on the following DIY cleaning mix:

    • Soak your ring in a solution of soap and water that has been moderately heated for at least 10-15 minutes.

    • To do away with all the stubborn stains from the surface of the Emerald once and for all, scrub it gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

    • Once done, take your ring out and make sure to put it in running water for a while to get rid of all the residual soap.

    • Finally, pat it dry with a soft microfiber cloth.

    Apart from that, caring for Emeralds isn’t much of a hassle since they are quite durable gemstones. Just make sure to store it separately (preferably in a velvet case) to keep it from being scratched by harder gemstones. Also, steer clear of harmful chemicals that can cause the vibrant color of your Emerald to fade over time. For that, make sure to put your Emerald sparkler off before hopping in the shower, swimming pool, or while applying makeup.

  4. Are Emeralds rarer than Diamonds?

    Yes, Emeralds are much rarer than Diamonds, which also drives great value for jewelry fashioned with this gemstone (be it an engagement or Emerald wedding ring).

  5. Who should not wear an Emerald Engagement ring?

    Astrologically, Emerald holds associations with the planet Mercury. So, wearing a Genuine Emerald Engagement Ring isn’t considered ideal for those native to the zodiac signs of Aries, Sagittarius, Cancer, and Pisces (since Mercury is not their ruling planet).

  6. Can Emeralds be worn daily?


    Emerald strikes an impressive hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale, which implies that you can wear it regularly without worrying about potential wear and tear. Needless to mention, the durability of this gemstone works as another plus point when you set out to buy Green Emerald Rings online.

  7. Can I wear Emerald Engagement Ring in the shower?

    Just as is the case with any other gemstone, the color of Emerald can be deteriorated by excessive exposure to chemicals found in soaps and shampoos. So, it is advisable to put off your Emerald and Gold Engagement Ring before hopping in the shower.