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Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Aquamarine engagement rings are associated with different traditions, cultures and folklore. The Aquamarine stone is termed as the “Treasure of mermaids” and it has majestic shades of ocean. The considerable hardness of this gemstone make it a desirable choice to craft magnificent aquamarine engagement rings for women. The dazzling blue hue of aquamarine gemstone engagement rings gives the wear a something blue touch of nature. Aquamarine is a member of beryl family, known for it’s wonderful clarity and serene color. The light blue aquamarine engagement rings lures us all, it’s timeless appeal is what deeply loved down the line always.

Aquamarine engagement rings are an ideal choice for engagement rings, they are bit more colorful and much more elegant with a unique pinch of light blue. Aquamarine is a “March” birthstone and march birthstone engagement rings are versatile. They are traditionally accepted, beautiful, durable, they have a meaning and most of all they are affordable. New brides who love the vibes of sea and beaches but can’t say no to diamonds are loving diamond and aquamarine engagement rings for their big day. Aquamarine rings gives a fresh vibe that you won’t have to think again before buying.

Aquamarine Engagement Rings Meaning

Symbolizing love, trust, tranquility and harmony, halo aquamarine engagement rings are everything you are looking for. In a marriage, gold aquamarine engagement ring is a reflection of fidelity between a couple. The aquamarine engagement rings brings clarity and purification in the wearers life. The aura of calmness and peace that aquamarine brings directs towards pure love. Aquamarine engagement rings are thought to possess energies to reduce stress and bring balance to the mind and sharpens the intellect of the wearer.

How to Choose the Perfect Aquamarine Engagement rings :

  • Stone Quality - Make sure your aquamarine stone is clear and always go for a stone that is abrasions or inclusions free.

  • Cut - Emerald cut is the most popular cut of aquamarine. Besides emerald cut, princess cut and pear cut aquamarine are also preferred greatly.

  • Aquamarine Settings - The light returning tendency or aquamarine increases when it is mounted in a setting that has open back. For example - Prong setting.

  • Bands - Thin bands complements the delicateness to the appearance of aquamarine. So choose a thin and sturdy band for your pleasing aquamarine.

Popular Settings

  • Halo - Aquamarine halo rings appears more dazzling as the diamond halo contributes to the more sparkle.

  • Solitaire - The simpler, the best! Aquamarine solitaire rings are classic and it standouts every time you adorn it.

  • Three Stone - Among the most popular engagement ring styles, aquamarine three stone rings shows couple’s past, present and future and it also signifies love and fidelity.

How to care Aquamarine engagement ring:

  • Aquamarine engagement rings should be cleaned gently after every third or fourth wear with the help of a mild cleaning agent, microfiber cloth, lukewarm water, and a soft toothbrush.

  • Always store an aquamarine ring in a soft fabric storage box or a padded box where there are no chances of getting chipped and scratched.

  • Avoid wearing your aquamarine ring while doing heavy exercises, taking shower, in a pool, and during an adventures sport. Also, prevent doing makeup and applying moisturizer and deodrant after wearing the ring.

Why to Buy Aquamarine Engagement Rings Online from Rosec Jewels?

Rosec Jewels brings you a great assortment of aquamarine engagement rings which are curated by the our craftsmen by combining different aquamarine cuts (oval cut, princess cut, emerald cut etc), hues of gold and metal embellishments. All our aquamarine engagement rings are handcrafted in Hallmarked Gold and certified aquamarine gemstone. Every Rosec Jewels’ jewelry comes with free shipping and 30 days free return policy to ensure the best customer service from our end.

FAQ’s On Aquamarine Engagement Rings

  1. What Does Engagement ring with Aquamarine Symbolize?

    Aquamarine engagement rings are a symbol of loyalty, hope and purity in relations.

  2. Is Aquamarine Okay for an Engagement Ring?

    Definitely yes! Without a doubt. Aquamarine engagement rings are beautiful, unique, looks vintage, and are affordable and most importantly durable.

  3. Can aquamarine be worn daily?

    Aquamarine engagement rings are quite durable owing to the 7.5 to 8 on Mohs scale of hardness, the gemstone can be worn on a daily basis.

  4. How to clean aquamarine engagement ring?

    While cleaning aquamarine engagement ring make use of lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Soft brush should be used to clean the underside of the aquamarine.

  5. How can I know if my aquamarine is real?

    To ensure the authenticity of aquamarine engagement rings, make it a point to check the certificate which determines a gemstone in all quality factors.

  6. Are Aquamarine Engagement Rings Popular?

    Yes! Aqumarine engagement rings are popular trend among unconventional new brides, who wants stunning engagement ring with a pinch of something blue.