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About South Sea Pearl Earrings

There is something about pearls that makes it so alluring for women. Maybe because of its sophisticated look or its exuberant style. Whatever it is, we bet you also can’t resist the beauty of South Sea Pearl Earrings. With color ranging from champagne gold to honey gold, South Sea Pearl Earrings are sure to please any eye. The color gold has such versatility that it can look classic at one point, luxurious the other, making South Sea Pearl Earrings a top pick among women for every occasion. The royal luster of Gold and Pearl combined together is something else after all. We know how whenever looking for Earrings, the first thing everyone looks for is how well it can go paired up with any outfit. That’s the plus point of South Sea Pearl Earrings. Gold goes well with just anything.

These also look great when combined with other gemstones, specially Diamond. The timeless sparkle of South Sea Pearl Earrings with Diamond can make you skip a heartbeat, that’s for sure! Pearl and Diamond together are like a match made in heaven. South Sea Pearl are known to have the thickest nacre among all other pearls, which is also the reason behind its radiant luster. The satin soft finish of South Sea Golden Pearl Earrings makes it all the more eye pleasing for women.

A lavish yet classic statement: South Sea Pearl Earrings Styles

  • South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings: A work look isn’t complete without stud earrings and when these are embellished with South Sea Pearl, the timelessness is unparalleled.
  • South Sea Pearl Drop Earrings: Drop Earrings in Gold color, name a better combination! South Sea Pearl Drop Earrings make for a feminine yet royal and classy look, all at once.
  • South Sea Pearl Hoop Earrings: Hoop Earrings have been in trend for quite a while and it’s not going away any soon and when embellished with South Sea Pearl, the timelessness of lustruous Gold color and Hoop Earrings make for a perfect combination.
  • South Sea Pearl Halo Earrings: Halo Earrings are the new cool! If you want to add a little sparkle to your look, South Sea Pearl Earrings with Diamond make for an irresistible pick.

Enhance the luster: Gold Metal Color Options

  • South Sea Pearl White Gold Earrings: The radiant glow of white gold combined with satin luster of South Sea Pearl, makes this metal a great choice for South Sea Pearl Earrings.
  • South Sea Pearl Yellow Gold Earrings: Gold with gold! Want to look like a queen all in Gold? Then there’s no better choice than South Sea Pearl Yellow Gold Earrings.
  • South Sea Pearl Rose Gold Earrings: The blushy look of rose gold combined with the royal luster of South Sea Pearl makes these earrings another irresistible choice for women.

Get to know the 4 Cs of your South Sea Pearl Earrings

  • Cut: The shape of South Sea Pearl Earrings ranges from round and baguette to more intricate marquise and pear.
  • Color: South Sea Pearl is known to embody pastel color hues and have a color ranging from champagne gold to yellow gold or rose gold.
  • Clarity: The clarity of South Sea Pearl Earrings is graded from AAA to A. While an AAA graded South Sea Pearl is known to have superior clarity with no visible inclusions, an A graded South Sea Pearl is 70 % free of inclusions.
  • Carat: The carat weight of South Sea Pearl Earrings ranges from 0.01 to around 2 CT.


  1. What makes South Sea Pearl Earrings special?

    South Sea Pearl is one of the most sought after variety of Pearl. It is known for its high quality and luster. And the fun part is since it is grown in a lip variety oyster, its golden tone and luster is absolutely natural. That further adds to the value of these South Sea Pearl Earrings and makes it one of the most extraordinary variety of Pearl.

  2. What do South Sea Pearl symbolize?

    Belonging to the pure pearl category, South Sea Pearl are also known for its purity and loyalty. The goddess of love has been known to come from sea just like Pearl. Pearl is also known to have ties with Venus and Moon, making it a top pick for women. These are also known to represent wealth and prosperity, which you can tell from its rich gold color.

  3. How to care for South Sea Pearl Earrings?

    South Sea Pearl Earrings can be cleaned with a mild solution of water and soap along with a soft dry cloth. Since Pearls are sensitive to chemicals, make sure to remove it when you go to shower or in swimming pools to minimize the chemical exposure.

  4. How are South Sea Pearl graded?

    South Sea Pearl are graded on a scale from AAA to A. An AAA graded high quality South Sea Pearl is known to be highly flawless and clean with no visible inclusions, while an AA graded South Sea Pearl is 90 % free of blemishes and A graded South Sea Pearl is known to be 70 % free of blemishes.

  5. Are South Sea and Tahitian Pearl the same?

    While both belong to the Pearl category, Tahitian Pearl is known to be naturally black while a South Sea Pearl is known to have pastel color hues. That makes the look of Tahitian Pearl Earrings bold and loud while that of South Sea Pearl Earrings delicate and divine. While Tahitian Pearl is found in Tahiti and French Polynesia, South Sea Pearl can be found in Indian and Pacific Ocean. Also, while the nacre thickness ranges of South Sea Pearl ranges from 2 to 6 mm, Tahitian Pearl have a nacre thickness of mere 2 to 3 mm.