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About Three Stone Engagement Rings

The three stone engagement rings are believed to have been associated with great many meanings and names such as trinity engagement rings and trilogy engagement rings. These engagement rings for women are growing in popularity among the women who seek to outshine with that extra touch of sparkle in their rings. Our three stone rings featuring spectacular designs are a perfect match to make your proposal a long-lasting memory in her mind. Being the symbol off past, present and future, through these three stone engagement rings carry a deep meaning when given as a proposal ring.

Our latest three stone ring styles will appeal to the women who love to celebrate each moment of their lives. With an amalgamation of latest trends and age old traditions we try to create spectacular engagement rings and wedding bands. Thus by a keen attention to details and fine craftsmanship, we at Rosec Jewels take immense pleasure in blending different gemstone shapes, sizes, settings and colorful gold hues to curate spectacular three stone ring in gold.

Things to Consider While Buying Three Stone Engagement Rings

  • Certified Gemstone: When it comes to buying three stone engagement rings for women, the gemstones play an important role in the overall beauty of these rings and must be carefully examined for the gemstone certification which not only define gemstones in all factors but also ensures the ethical sourcing of the same.
  • Hallmarked Gold: Different hues of gold is used to craft engagement rings for women, namely, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold which comes into different purity of gold such as 10K, 14K and 18K. In order to confirm the authenticity of the same one should look for the hallmark.
  • Gemstone Shape & Setting: The main attraction in three stone engagement rings tend be the gemstones used to decorate the engagement rings. The various shapes of gemstone like round, oval, princess, emerald, heart, etc, should be looked for along with the kind of settings used to mount them such as prong settings, claw setting, bezel setting and many more.

Three Stone Engagement Ring FAQs

  1. What does a 3 stone engagement ring mean?

    The three stones on an engagement ring symbolize past, present and future of any relationship but they are also popularly associated with friendship, love and fidelity.

  2. What is a three stone engagement ring also known as?

    Three stone engagement rings are often associated with names such as trinity engagement rings or trilogy engagement rings.

  3. How much will a three stone engagement ring cost me?

    The price of three stone engagement ring will vary according to the personal choices and budget, yet one can expect a price range of $500 - $3000 depending on the gemstones size, quality and metal used while crafting it.

  4. What should I look for while buying three stone engagement rings?

    When you are buying three stone engagement rings, you should ask for the gemstone certification, gemstone setting and the type of metal used along with the purity.

  5. What is SGL certification?

    It is a document to certify the authenticity of the three stone engagement ring. The goal of the SGL certificate is to determining gemstone quality by defining all the factors like carat, cut, clarity and color.