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London Blue Topaz Engagement Rings

Save her the hunt for ‘something blue’ by popping the question with a royal London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring! Our best-in-business artisans handcraft these Blue sparklers in a fusion of classic, contemporary, and vintage designs that are meant to speak to every kind of couple. Let’s navigate through the many ring styles that we carry to find the one that best defines your love!

What is a London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring?

Let’s quickly break down everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind gemstone so that you know what a Natural London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring is:

If we define it in the simplest terms, London Blue Topaz is the darkest color variety of the parent gemstone, Blue Topaz. So just like any other variety, this semi-precious gemstone serves as the birthstone of November and belongs to the silicate family of minerals. What truly makes it stand out is its royal hue, which ranges from medium to dark, inky blue shades.

Besides that, we know you’ve been wondering, “What does a Blue Topaz symbolize?” And you’d only be glad to know that proposing with this Blue Topaz Engagement Ring speaks of your love most profoundly. The symbolism that it carries takes complete credit for that. Let’s discuss:

London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring Meaning

First things first, London Blue Topaz is globally revered as the ‘jewel of love and loyalty.’ Not just that, it is also considered a meaningful symbol of friendship, eternal romance, honesty, and clarity. Some even believe that a Genuine London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring can work wonders against bad luck in love. Besides that, similar to its serene blue hue, it is known to have a calming effect on the wearer.

Now that you know what a London Blue Topaz Ring brings to the table, we know you can’t wait to ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage with it. So without further ado, let’s introduce you to the phenomenal selection of ring styles that we carry:

Our Collection of London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring Styles

  • London Blue Topaz Solitaire Ring

    A Royal classic, this Solitaire Style is brought to life by the Centerpiece of London Blue Topaz that, just like the name suggests, shines all alone. It is deservedly the go-to choice of engagement ring, and its timeless appeal deserves credit. Moreover, despite its conventional aesthetic, it resonates with different senses of style owing to the many shapes that it is fashioned in. While a Round London Blue Topaz Ring speaks to couples who are quite understated, the one adorned with Pear, Princess, or Marquise Cut resonates with those who like to go beyond the ordinary. Besides that, to subtly incorporate a little old-school touch into your classic token of love, go for an Asscher, Cushion, or Emerald Cut London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring.

  • London Blue Topaz Halo Engagement Ring

    Meant for the sparkle-loving bride-to-be(s), a Halo defines the Center Stone of London Blue Topaz by surrounding it with petite stones of Diamond/Moissanite. With its color-contrasting appeal, the shimmering halo draws more attention to the royal blue hue of your Center Stone (and, interestingly, also makes it appear slightly larger). Additionally, a London Blue Topaz and Diamond Engagement Ring (with Diamonds set in a Halo) is meant for the kind of couples who like to stick to classics but still fancy some bling.

  • Vintage London Blue Topaz Ring

    Standing out for its art-forward aesthetic and sense of nostalgia, a Vintage style engagement Ring is inspired by the Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras. Precisely, it features intricate artwork that brings filigree and milgrain detailing, abstract geometric patterns, and antique engravings to sartorial display! Complementing the regal appeal of London Blue Topaz with an antique feel, this vintage-inspired Blue Topaz Engagement Ring is meant for couples who’re a little old-school when it comes to love.

  • London Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring

    A perfect fit for the bling-loving bride-to-be, this ring style puts the spotlight on a big and flashy Centerpiece of London Blue Topaz. It is further lent a dramatic appeal with sparkling stones of Diamond/Moissanite that are set in eye-striking patterns. So in case you’ve been looking for a flamboyant Blue Topaz with Diamond Ring for the big day, you won’t find a more visually striking fit. 

    FYI: No matter what style you go for, teaming it up with a matching wedding band is always a good idea. And lucky for you, the London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring Sets that we carry are the perfect way forward!


  1. Is Blue Topaz good for an engagement ring?

    Blue Topaz has emerged as the finest choice of gemstone to be embedded in an engagement ring, and the reasons are endless. So if we keep the long story short, the reasons boil down to the aesthetic appeal, meaningful symbolism, and durability that it boasts.

    In terms of aesthetic appeal, London Blue Topaz speaks to unconventional couples owing to its royal inky blue hue. However, this gemstone is much more than just aesthetic. The London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring is revered for signifying love and loyalty, which sheds some light on its meaning and symbolism.

  2. Can you wear a Blue Topaz Engagement Ring every day?

    Blue Topaz registers a durable hardness rating of 8 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which makes it highly resistant to potential damage as well as regular wear and tear. So coming back to your question, you can wear a London Blue Topaz Gold Engagement Ring every day!

  3. Can you wear Blue Topaz Engagement Ring in the shower?


    Though water alone cannot damage your Blue bauble, harmful chemicals from soaps and shampoos can cause its color to fade. So no matter whether you own a London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring in White Gold or one mounted in Rose or Yellow Gold, if you wish to keep it from appearing hazy, don’t make the rookie mistake of wearing it in the shower.