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About Fire Opal Necklace

Fiery, bold and vibrant! What if we tell you your style statement could be just that by donning a piece of necklace? Quite effortless, isn’t it? That’s the beauty of a fire opal necklace! With a number of vibrant styles and shapes, a piece from our collection of fire opal necklace is easy to fall in love with. Its radiant charm is enough to highlight your neckline and level up your glamour quotient. Whether a vintage fire opal necklace or a simple solitaire, the gleam of a fire opal necklace is enough to let the world know your shine! It is well known for its bright orange-red hues and play of colors. Aren’t you already a fan of the vivid sparkle of a fire opal necklace? It is even known to symbolize love and passion, that we bet you can tell from its fiery bright sun like color! Sure to dazzle any eye with its radiance. Just like its joyous color, it symbolizes joy and heart and is known to bring positivity in the life of the wearer, providing relief from emotional trauma and strengthening relationships as well.

A fire opal necklace gold can add to its glistening sparkle with its metal color options: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. You know the best part? It goes just as vigorously with any outfit, whether a classic work outfit or a fancy party wear! Who doesn’t love wearing orange, that too having such depth of color. Having an exclusive range of fire opal necklace, each intricately cut by our artisans, we’re sure you can pick your favorite among the lot with ease. Don’t believe us? Have a look at our versatile collection of fire opal necklace handmade in different styles and shapes:

Radiant, rich and vibrant styles of Fire opal necklace

  • Fire Opal Solitaire Necklace : A solitaire necklace embellished with radiant fire opal can surely highlight your neckline subtly yet with such vigor, that it’s perfect to be adorned to work any day with such ease!
  • Fire Opal Halo Necklace : You know what adds to the radiant sun-like glow of Fire Opal? Being decorated with diamond all around! The orange-red color hues of Fire opal and crystal like sparkle of diamond combined can sure light up any room with its glow. Perfect to add more definition to your neckline.
  • Fire Opal Infinity Necklace : The boldness of infinity symbol combined with the vigor of Fire opal makes Fire opal Infinity necklace another fashionable pick for any occasion. Also, one of the most expressive and romantic gifts for your significant other!
  • Fire Opal Heart Necklace : Heart, one of the most expressive symbols of love, combined with the vigor of Fire opal necklace gold makes for another romantic gift for your loved one! The one that could tell the world how the radiant spark of your love for one another is undying.
  • Vintage Inspired Fire Opal Necklace : The artistic design of vintage inspired necklace combined with the brilliant orange glow of fire opal, would surely give you feels like you’re of Victorian era, just in this age! A combination like no other! That makes Vintage fire opal necklace perfect for you to flaunt your neckline, making an elaborate and vigorous fashion statement.
  • Fire Opal Fashion Necklace : For all of you fashionistas out there, whether you don a dainty fire opal pendant or a bolder devil heart fire opal pendant from our collection, you would sure grab many eyeballs with your voguish, bold and trendy fashion statement.
  • Fire Opal Classic Necklace : A classic can never go out of style! Specially when it’s embedded with such a vibrant colored gemstone. Yes, a fire opal classic statement can be donned to any occasion for you to get ready to take on the world.

Explore the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The shape of Fire opal ranges from round, oval and cushion to marquise, pear and heart.
  • Color: The color of Fire Opal is known to be bright and radiant orange-red with a tint of yellow. It’s also known to possess a little play of colors.
  • Clarity: The clarity of Fire opal is known to be a bit transparent with a little inclusions.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Fire opal necklace is between 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. What makes fire opal unique?

    Fire opal is one of the most unique gemstones in the Opal family, because of its bright and dominant red-orange hues. In fact, the name fire opal itself has been derived from its bright radian color. It also possesses a unique play of colors, which means that when looking at from different angles, it reflects patterns of different colors, all just as bright and vibrant.

  2. How to tell if Fire opal is real?

    The radiant bright glow of Fire opal is what sets it apart from the other gemstones and that’s exactly how you differentiate a real gemstone from a fake one. Since, a real fire opal is known for its transparency, you can tell if it’s real or not from that. Also, to make you better assured of quality, we only sell SGL certified products whose quality, typically the 4 Cs have been thoroughly examined and validated.

  3. Is fire opal a birthstone?

    Fire opal, a semi precious gemstone, is known to be the birthstone of October.

  4. What is the difference between white opal and fire opal?

    The key difference between white opal and fire opal lies in the color. While white opal is known to be quite opaque, having a light color, fire opal is known for its transparent radiance and red-orange color hues.

  5. Is fire opal expensive?

    The price of our fire opal necklace ranges from under $300 to around $1500, thus availing a wide variety of options under different price range so that you can select your favorite with much ease.