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Eternity Rings For Women

Eternity rings are symbol of love between two passionate lovers. Giving an eternity ring to your partner symbolize pure love that you feel for your partner. However, it is widely exchanged for occasions like wedding and anniversary as a symbol of ever-lasting love. It comprises diamond all around the top side usually but to personal choice it can be studded with gemstones.

The handcrafted eternity rings for couples from the online store of Rosec Jewels take their inspiration from the ages old tradition of ancient Egyptians who exchanged rings of braided reed to seal the marriage. Moreover, today the eternity rings for him and her are crafted with precious metal with sparkling gemstones studded along the circumference. This never-ending circle of diamonds or gemstones symbolize the eternal love.

Meaning of An Eternity Ring

Eternity Ring stands for the promise of never-ending love and commitment. We can say that that eternity rings denote eternal promise of togetherness. It’s just a physical way of expressing to you partner that you love them and you will be there with your partner through thick and thin forever.

For some couples, eternity rings means an honest commitment of forever love, while for some it could mean a promise to love till eternity.

Things to Consider While Buying Eternity Rings

  • Certified Gemstone: Gemstones are the main attraction in eternity rings, thus it is important to look for proper certification which defines them in all the 4 C’s of Gemstone Quality.

  • Hallmarked Gold: The gold used for crafting the eternity rings should be hallmarked to certify the purity of gold that is 10K, 14K and 18 K.

  • Gemstone Shape & Setting: Gemstones are the main attraction in gold rings, thus one should carefully look for the shape of the gemstone and the setting used to mount the gemstone.

Why to Buy Eternity Ring from Rosec Jewels?

At Rosec Jewels, our team of artisans craft an assorted range of eternity band rings to commemorate crucial occasions. The availability of different shades of gold namely, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold helps us diversify the range of most popular eternity rings . Besides, colors of gold, we also handcraft with various colored gemstones. Our range of sapphire eternity ring and ruby eternity ring gather incredible charm. We also curate an enticing collection of diamond eternity rings for women. We also help our customers to get a personalized eternity ring with engravings.

Eternity Ring FAQ

  1. Are eternity rings only for wedding?

    Traditionally eternity wedding band is meant for sealing the marriage, the trend still continues. However, these days eternity rings are widely used as promise rings, anniversary rings, etc.

  2. How much an eternity ring cost?

    Although, eternity ring prices are subject to your personal choices and budget. If one chooses to buy a diamond eternity ring it would cost higher than a moissanite eternity ring. Yet in a general opinion most people tend to buy wedding rings that cost around $1000.

  3. Can anyone wear an eternity ring?

    Yes, eternity rings can be worn by anyone. There are designs which can very well suit the preferences of all genders. People also call them stackable eternity rings due to their diversified use.

  4. When should a woman get an eternity ring?

    The most celebrated events like a milestone achieved in marriage, a woman should get an eternity ring for her.

  5. What is the difference between an eternity ring and a promise ring?

    Although, both symbolize love and commitment. The eternity ring is usually given on special occasion like anniversaries. While, promise rings are given to make commitments (usually before marriage).

  6. What are eternity ring for?

    Traditionally speaking, eternity rings are for expressing eternal love and happiness. Eternity ring are for big celebration like wedding anniversary and birth of a child.

  7. Why buy an eternity ring?

    To make your partner feel your love, care and support at every stage of life. Eternity rings will make your big celebration bigger.

  8. How to wear eternity rings?

    There is no certain rule about how you wear it but most of the women prefer to wear it in the ring finger of their left hand.