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About Heart Rings

The collection of heart rings by Rosec Jewels is a charming and exclusive range of heart shaped gemstone rings that are an expression of love and admiration. The gorgeous heart rings for women are quite versatile when it comes to their use. No matter the occasion, whether engagement, birthday, promise or valentine’s day, the rings featuring the fancy cut heart rings with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and many more gemstones make an outstanding range to choose from.

At Rosec Jewels, our team of craftsman curate an assorted range of heart rings to commemorate romantic occasions. The availability of different shades of gold namely, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold helps us diversify the range of gold heart rings. Besides, colors of gold, our experimentation with different gemstones and the respective settings helps us curate an enticing collection of heart rings for couples. We also help our customers to get a personalized heart rings with engravings.

Things to Consider While Buying Heart Rings

  • Certified Gemstone: While buying heart rings for women, it is important to look for proper certification which states gemstone in all the 4 C’s of Quality.
  • Hallmarked Gold  : Excellent gold heart rings should be hallmarked to certify the purity of gold that is 10K, 14K and 18 K.
  • Gemstone Shape & Setting: Gemstones are the main attraction in any rings and therefore one must carefully look for the gemstone shape and setting used to mount it.

Heart Ring FAQs

  1. What does a heat ring mean?

    Hearts rings can have different meanings for different people. Yet in general, heart shaped rings signify love, loyalty and friendship.

  2. Can I buy a heart ring for myself?

    Heart shaped rings are truly effortless and are a fitting match for any occasion. Heart rings are never out of fashion and can go well with every outfit you choose.

  3. How much will a heart ring cost me?

    The price of heart rings can fall anywhere between $500 - $1000 depending on the weight and quality of gemstone used in adorning the rings with.

  4. When are heart rings given?

    You can choose any occasion such as birthday, Valentine’s day or any one of the milestone anniversaries to commemorate with heart rings for her.

  5. What is gemstone certification?

    The certificate which usually comes with the gemstone jewelry for authenticity of the product. The goal of the SGL certificate is to define gemstone in all the factors like carat, cut, clarity and color.