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About Black Diamond Necklace

The non-conventional Black Diamond is a modern and alluring deviation from colorless diamonds. Black Diamonds look stunning as pendant necklaces and other forms of jewelry. The gemstone's popularity has only increased with time, and black diamond jewellery is much worn and desired by today’s women and men owing to its offbeat, bold, and mesmerising look.

A black diamond is formed with a large number of inclusions in the diamond. Inclusions in white diamonds appear as dark specks, but if their level increases, they become totally black, and that’s how it is known as a black diamond. However, they have the same properties as other white diamonds and colored diamonds.

Let’s didcuss what are the factors that deternines it real value.

4C’s of Black Diamond Necklace

  • Color: There is only one color grading for all types black diamond that is fancy black.
  • Clarity:  Whether natural or treated, black gemstones are heavenly included. Hence, there is no assessment on clarity you can do. Also, it doesn’t affect the value of Black Diamond Jewelry.
  • Cut: When evaluating your black diamond jewelry, the cut is crucial. Due to their brittle nature, they are challenging to cut. Thus, a finely cut black diamond is expensive. They won’t reflect light like other diamonds, but a good cut can add sparkle. Black Diamonds are cut in common shapes like round, oval, and pear, but for more fancier shapes, you have to pay extra.
  • Carat: Black diamonds are denser as compared to other diamonds, and that is the reason one carat of black diamond will be smaller than one carat of white diamond. Therefore, larger carats are rare and expensive.


White buying the black diamond, Cut is the most important factor and not carat or color.


  1. What's special about black diamonds?

    The significance of black diamonds is similar to other diamonds. What sets it apart is its dark hue and attractive lustrous shine.

  2. Are black diamonds natural or man made?

    Black diamonds are real diamonds. They form naturally under the earth’s crust. Treated diamonds are also natural ones, but their color is artificial as it is given with heat treatment.

  3. How do black diamonds get their color?

    Black diamonds get their color from the impurities present inside them. Black diamonds have a graphite inclusion which produces the black color unlike white diamonds.

  4. How can you tell if black diamonds are real?

    The water test can tell you if the black diamond is real or fake. If on dropping the water in a glass of water, it sinks, it is a real diamond, and if it floats above, it is a fake diamond.

  5. Why should I choose Black diamond pendant necklace ?

    Black diamond pendant will be a smart investment as black diamonds are quite hard and don’t break that easily. Also, it doesn’t lose its lustre easily like black onyx. In addition to that, they are also affordable, especially the treated ones.

  6. What is the cost of black diamonds ?

    Natural black diamonds can be bought in the range of $1500-$3000 and treated black diamonds start at $300.