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About Diamond Earrings

When we talk about jewelry and that too the most versatile jewelry of all times, earrings, isn’t Diamond something that gets mentioned before all? Maybe because of the undying sparkle of Diamond or maybe because of its timelessness. Whatever the reason might be, Diamond Earrings are and will always be a favorite of all! Not just women, the trend for Diamond Earrings has gradually made its way to men’s wardrobe as well. Why not? Who doesn’t like making a glowing style statement after all? Diamond earrings, whether donned for a casual day out or a luxurious cocktail party, it fits just right for every occasion. There’s a reason the hype for diamond has been this timeless. Now that we’re already getting into the groove, another great perk about Diamond Earrings, if you don’t already know, is no matter which generation you belong to, the hype for them is just the same.

You know what makes for the most classic combination of all times? Diamond Earrings combined with Gold metal. Gold, coming in a wide variety of color options including- rose gold, white gold and yellow gold makes the versatility of Diamond Earrings gold two folds. White gold combined with the sparkle of Diamond, makes for a perfect color match, yellow gold makes your Diamond earrings look more lustrous and royal and blushy color of rose gold gives a unique touch to your Diamond earrings rose gold. Apart from that, the versatility of Diamond is such that it looks just as stunning combined with other gemstones, aren’t you already a fan of the royal beauty of pearl and diamond earrings?

Versatility combined with Timelessness: Diamond Earrings Styles

  • Diamond Earrings Studs: What’s more easy to wear than stud earrings? When embellished with Diamond, the elegance is not even needed to be mentioned. Since Diamond Stud Earrings are so wearable for a casual look, it makes for a perfect work style statement.
  • Diamond Earrings hoops: Diamond hoop earrings are known to go just right with every occasion, whether a fancy party or a simple day out and since it is so workable, the trend for Diamond Earrings hoop is so evergreen. Why not? It combines hoop, the trendiest earring style along with the radiant glow of Diamond.
  • Diamond Earrings Dangle: Here we come to the most feminine and elegant earrings. Just like the name suggests, Diamond Dangle Earrings dangle down from the earlobe, helping you make a loud and evident fashion statement, not to forget the glistening of Diamond.
  • Diamond Earrings Huggies: Just like the name suggests, Diamond Huggie Earrings hug your earlobe and make for a unique fashion statement, just perfect to be worn to work everyday!
  • Diamond Earrings Halo: Diamond surrounded by some more Diamond, now that’s what we call luxurious. Diamond Halo Earrings can alone make your outfit look 10 times more bright and elegant.

Know the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The shape of Diamond Earrings crafted by our artisans ranges from round, oval, baguette to princess, heart and marquise cut, covering any and every occasion.
  • Color: The color of Diamond ranges from colorless and opalescent white to a tint of yellow.
  • Clarity: The clarity of Diamond ranges from flawless having no visible inclusions to 1st degree diamond having visible inclusions.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Diamond Earrings ranges from 0.01 to 1 CT.


  1. How to know if my Diamond Earrings are real?

    As hard as it is to match the brilliance of Diamond, we understand how important it is to for you to be assured if your precious Diamond Earrings are real or not. One method to check that is to observe your Diamond under black light since almost every real diamond would release a hint of blueish light under UV rays. Other than that, you can check for its hardness by rubbing sandpaper and seeing if it scratches since a real Diamond is known to be quite hard.

  2. How can you tell the quality of a diamond?

    The quality of a Diamond totally depends on its 4 Cs: Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity. To make you better assured of quality, we only sell SGL certified products.

  3. Are Diamond Earrings durable?

    Well, this is the most interesting part. Diamond, having a hardness of 10/10 on Moh’s scale are without any doubt the hardest. So much so that it is known to scratch steel and other metals as well. That’s why Diamond Earrings are one of the most sought after Earrings to be worn on an everyday basis. Apart from its classic appearance, it can easily take the wear and tear of daily use

  4. Can Diamond get dirty?

    Well, we’d say every jewelry asks for a little care. Diamond can get dirty because of accumulation of dirt or due to chemical exposure as well. That’s why it is advisable to clean it gently with a warm soap and water solution along with a clean dry cloth. Apart from that, a routine professional cleaning works like a charm. So, make sure to bring your Diamond earrings to us every once in a while to get it cleaned and re-polished in order to maintain its new like sparkle and luster.

  5. How to store Diamond Earrings?

    Diamond Earrings should be kept safely in a dry box to avoid exposure to dirt and along with that it should be kept away from other jewelry since the hardness of diamond is such that it can scratch other jewelry. That way it will also be unexposed to any harsh chemicals.