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About Morganite Necklace

The peachy fresh glow of Morganite can make any woman fall head over heels in love with a Morganite necklace. Light, feminine and blossoming! Is it spring already? Yes, it can look youthful and graceful both at once. That’s the beauty of a Morganite necklace. We say necklace is the most highlighted accessory of all times ladies, why settle for any less! The vibrant peachy glow of Morganite can sure not convince you anything else. So subtly it can make you go all awe of its beauty. And who doesn’t look pretty in pink after all! Our collection of pink Morganite necklace, handcrafted by our artisans with great passion, in different shapes and styles is easy to fall in love with! Royal, romantic and refined, all at once! Got an idea why it is known to symbolize love, compassion and joy! While a Morganite heart necklace can make for a romantic gift for your significant other, a piece of Morganite solitaire necklace can alone add a youthful tint to your entire look.

While a cushion cut Morganite necklace can look more precise, a classic round Morganite necklace looks great paired up with any outfit. All distinctive but just as magnificent in their own sweet way! Morganite necklace gold makes for a royal, lustrous and vigorous fashion statement. While A Morganite necklace white gold looks classic, when combined with yellow gold metal, it looks pretty on every skin tone and Morganite necklace rose gold is like a match made in heaven, thanks to its rosy pink color. Highlight your neckline with nothing but the pretty vigour of pink Morganite necklace. Enough to make you stand out with its unique designs from butterfly, floral patterns to princess cut morganite necklace! Modern and fresh, both at once! Let’s get to know our collection of Morganite necklace a little more:

Pretty in peach: Youthful Styles of Morganite Necklace

  • Morganite Solitaire Necklace : A solitaire can never go out of trend and that too when combined with such a vibrant yet subtle color! A morganite solitaire necklace is sure to dazzle any eye with its classic beauty, giving you those spring like vibes with its peachy color, just right to make a fashionable statement at work anyday, whether a cushion cut Morganite necklace or pear cut!
  • Morganite Halo Necklace : Do you like highlighting your neckline with one of those radiant necklaces? The one that can alone light up a dark room with nothing but its glow and grace? If yes, look no further than a Morganite necklace white gold or Morganite necklace rose gold encircled with diamond halo adding more definition, drama and a lot more sparkle to your entire look.
  • Morganite Infinity Necklace : The expressiveness of infinity symbol combined with the youthful peachy radiance of Morganite, sure to look just as pretty on any neckline! Also since peach is such a romantic color and infinity has long been a symbol of love, you can also gift a Morganite infinity necklace to your special someone!
  • Morganite Heart necklace : Let’s try something new! A peach heart necklace, doesn’t it sound surreal and romantic both at once? We bet no woman can resist this color and when gifted as a symbol of your undying love for her, a Morganite heart necklace becomes all the more endearing.
  • Vintage inspired Morganite necklace : The ancient artistic design of Vintage necklace combined with the peachy glow of Morganite, a combination like no other indeed! Would surely give you a royal princess vibe. Elaborate yet so subtle! Perfect to be paired with your favorite fancy outfits, making your neckline look more polished and pretty!
  • Morganite Fashion necklace : Do you also love trying out everything that’s new in the trend? If yes, a Morganite fashion necklace whether a pretty swirl pendant or a Solitaire drop pendant, can look just as modish on your neck! If you’re in love with pastel pink hues of Morganite, nothing can beat how in trend a youthful Morganite necklace gold is!
  • Classic Morganite necklace : One of the timeless of all times: Pink Morganite necklace cut in different intricate shapes, looks pretty and youthful on any neckline.

Explore the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The shape of Morganite ranges from round, oval, baguette and cushion to princess, marquise, heart and pear shape.
  • Color: The color of Morganite necklace is known to be peachy pink or salmon pink.
  • Clarity: A high quality Morganite is known to possess flawless eye-clean clarity.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Morganite necklace ranges between 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. Can you wear Morganite necklace everyday?

    Morganite, having a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on Moh’s scale out of 10, is quite durable to be worn on a regular basis. Thus, a morganite necklace can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

  2. Can Morganite go in water?

    Long and continuous exposure to water can substantially damage Morganite and thus, it is better to avoid it whenever you can.

  3. What are the benefits of wearing Morganite?

    Wearing Morganite also comes with its share of benefits. Talking about physical healing, it is known to help the wearer with heart diseases, lung problems and is also known to keep the nervous system healthy. Apart from that, it is also known to bring positivity and deep love in the life of the wearer. That we bet you can tell from the romantic peach color of Morganite.

  4. What is the difference between Morganite and Pink Tourmaline?

    The key difference between Morganite and Pink tourmaline is in the color. While Morganite is known to be peachy pink or a little salmon pink, the color of Pink tourmaline ranges from pale to bright rosy pink.

  5. What is the birthstone of Morganite?

    Morganite, a semi-precious gemstone, is known to be the birthstone of October, thus making it extra lucky for all the October babies.