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Tahitian Pearl Earring

Aren’t we all just mesmerized by the vibrant color hues of a peackock? What if we tell you that you can don similiar earrings! Tahitian Pearl has been known for its unique color hues. Tell us which woman isn’t a fan of pearls already? The royal, unique and lustrous look of Tahitian Pearl makes it a favorite of all. It may appear to be Black to the naked eye but has a slight dark green overtone as well to it. That’s what adds the unique touch to these earrings. Since Black has always been the most stylish colors of all times, it further adds to the value of Tahitian Pearl Earrings. What doesn’t look good with black after all? Whether you choose to adorn it for a formal work look or a graceful party look, the versatility of Tahitian Pearl Earrings is such that it has always got you covered.

The lustre of Gold metal further adds to the radiant shine of these earrings. You can choose from the wide range of metal color options available for your Tahitian Pearl Earrings including rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Every color just as stunning in its own sweet way! When paired up with white gold, Tahitian Pearl Earrings make for a monochromatic black and white color combination, yellow tint adds to the lustruous shine of Tahitian Pearl Yellow Gold Earrings and finally when paired up with rose gold metal, every woman is sure to go gaga over the feminine yet chic look of Tahitian Pearl Gold Earrings. The intriguing fact about these earrings is that they are found in French Polynesia in a black lipped oyster.

Modish and Bold: Versatile Tahitian Pearl Earring Styles

Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings:

Since Drop Earrings make for such a feminine yet chic look, embellishment of Tahitian Pearl on top of that makes these earrings a perfect pick for all those breezy summer looks.

Tahitian Pearl Dangle Earrings:

Dangle Earrings are the new cool! Tahitian Pearl Dangle Earrings make for an exotic and loud fashion statement, just for those royal party looks.

Tahitian Pearl Hoop Earrings:

Hoop Earrings aren’t made for a specific age group. Whether you’re a teen or a mother of a teen, Tahitian Pearl Hoop Earrings would look just as graceful on you.

Tahitian Pearl Halo Earrings:

Tahitian Pearl goes great combined with other gemstones as well. Like we said, what doesn’t go with black? Combined with other vibrant colored gemstones in a Halo setting, Tahitian Pearl Halo Earrings make for a unique fashion statement. Aren’t you already a fan of Tahitian Pearl Earrings with Diamond?

Let’s talk about the 4 Cs

  • Cut  

    The shape of our intricately crafted Tahitian Pearl Earrings ranges from round, oval, pear to princess cut.

  • Color

    The color of Tahitian Pearl Earrings is black with slight peacock like dark green overtones.

  • Clarity  

    A high quality Tahitian Pearl is known to be eye clean, free of any visible inclusions.

  • Carat

    The carat weight of Tahitian Pearl Earrings ranges from 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. What makes Tahitian Pearl special?

    Well, talking about the USP of a Tahitian Pearl: its color; while it may appear to be Black to the naked eye, it actually has slight dark green or Peacock like earthy overtones to it. That’s not it. They are even considered to be the second most valuable commercially farmed pearl in the world because of its natural dark color.

  2. What does a Tahitian Pearl symbolize?

    Tahitian Pearl, has always been known as a well known symbol of long life and fertility. Its luster is even compared to that of moon. Apart from that, Tahitian Pearl also has ties with wisdom since it is known to represent hidden knowledge. Such are the holy ties of Tahitian Pearl that it was even known to illuminate heaven with its brightness. It also known to protect the wearer against evil energies.

  3. Can Tahitian Pearl Earrings be worn everyday?

    Because of its intense yet lustruous dark color, Tahitian Pearl Earrings can be worn everyday for any occasion. Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings make for a simple yet fashionable style statement for everyday work look while Tahitian Pearl Hoop Earrings make the entire look pop out and go with formal as well as casual outfits.

  4. Are Tahitian Pearl earrings expensive?

    Belonging to the most valuable category of Pearls, the value of Tahitian Pearl earrings ranges from a minimum of $500 to around $1500, depending on the carat weight as well as design of the earrings. Having such a diverse budget, we make sure you can purchase your favorite Tahitian Pearl Earrings at different price ranges.

  5. Are Tahitian Pearl Earrings clear?

    Tahitian Pearl is known for its smooth luster where reflections are sharp and are graded from AAA to B. An AAA quality Tahitian Pearl is known to be nearly flawless, with no visible inclusions to the naked eye while a B graded Tahitian Pearl is known to have high to medium luster.