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About Citrine Necklace

Desiring that perfect breezy summer vibe? The yellow-orange tint of citrine necklace can sure do the job for you. We’re all so fascinated by the bright lime-like radiance of Citrine after all! And what better way to highlight your neckline than that? We sure can’t deny the spark and we bet neither can you! Anything intensely bright decorating your neck would sure become an irresisitible pick now wouldn’t it? Matching all your pretty summer outfits, donning a Citrine necklace can sure give you those blossomy beachy vibes! No less youthful than a sunflower. Such is the versatility of our collection of Citrine necklace that it ranges from the most artistic, ancient yet fashionable citrine necklace vintage or a piece of Citrine cross necklace for a more modish, sleek and vigorous fashion statement. Necklace styles may differ but the sun-like joyful shine remains constant! Sure to highlight your glamoros collar bones like no other, thanks to its crystally yellowish color. Talking about its emotional value, Citrine necklace crystal is known to symbolize positivity and hope, which we’re sure you can tell from the mere glance of it. In fact, it is even known to enhance blood circulation and get rid of toxins of body.

You know what adds to the beaming shine of citrine necklace? Being decorated all around with diamond. The combined sparkle of Citrine necklace with diamond is sure irresistible. Also, can serve as a great gift for your ladylove. Aren’t you already mesmerized by the heartening beauty of citrine heart necklace as bright as your love for one another? The glistening yellow sparkle of citrine necklace gold combined includes white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Who doesn’t look good in yellow after all? And yellow is for genders, all outfits and all age groups! Citrine necklace mens looks just as beaming and fashionable. Handcrafted by artisans, let’s delve a little deeper into the world of this yellow beauty crafted in different styles and shapes:

Bright, Beaming and Blissful: Citrine Necklace Styles

  • Citrine Solitaire Necklace : Yellow color matched with Solitaire necklace: a match made in heaven. So bright yet the most classic, what else would you want to decorate your neckline with?
  • Citrine Halo Necklace : Love the sparkling bright glow of necklaces? Look no further then! Citrine necklace with diamonds in a halo setup makes for a radiant, shiny statement in order to illuminate your neckline with nothing but grace.
  • Citrine Infinity Necklace : The bright, bold and modest fashion statement that a Citrine necklace combined with its vigorous yellow color makes for another expressive fashion statement. And if your loved one is in love with the beaming sun like shine of yellow, a citrine infinity necklace also makes for a great gift.
  • Citrine Heart Necklace : Adding a tint of lime like shine of yellow, nothing comes close to how fashionable yet so emotionally profound Citrine heart necklace can look for the bright queen of your life!
  • Citrine Three Stone Necklace : If you just can’t enough of the bright yellow sparkle of Citrine, why to settle for less? Add a tint of drama and three times more sunshine to your entire look, by adorning a citrine three stone necklace, making for a elaborate and bold fashion statement.
  • Citrine Cross Necklace : Cross, more like the new symbol of fashion, when embellished with the bright and youthful citrine, makes for a modest, vigorous, sleek fashion statement, adding detailing to your neckline subtle but with equal spark.
  • Vintage Inspired Citrine Necklace : Antiquity of vintage inspired necklace combined with the vigour of yellow, now that we’d call a match made in heaven. A Citrine necklace vintage would surely give you ancient feels, only combined with the youthfulness of Citrine.
  • Citrine Fashion Necklace : For all of you fashion lovers out there who like making a bright and bold statement with their necklace, a piece of Citrine Fashion necklace can make for another eloquent piece, whether a royal yet stylish Citrine Snowflake necklace or a more unique Citrine swirl necklace.
  • Citrine Dangle Necklace : If you want your neckline to do all the talking combined with the undying sun-like shine of Citrine, there is nothing like a Dangle necklace decorated all over with Citrine.

Explore the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The shape of Citrine ranges from round, oval, baguette and cushion to pear, marquise, princess and heart.
  • Color: The color of Citrine necklace gold is known to range between a pale yellow to crystal-like lime yellow with a tint of orange.
  • Clarity: A high quality citrine is known to be eye clean with minimal inclusions and color zoning, thus making it an appealing pick.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Citrine necklace ranges from 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. Can you wear Citrine necklace everyday?

    Citrine has a hardness of 7 out of 10 on Moh’s scale which is quite on the greater side, thus making it wearable for everyday basis.

  2. What are the benefits of Citrine?

    Citrine is known to symbolize positivity and compassion which we’re sure you can tell just with a mere glance. It is also known to possess great healing properties including emotional healing such as help with depression along with enhancement of self confidence, physical healing such as increase in stamina. In fact it is also known to help in improving the intelligence of the wearer.

  3. What is the difference between Citrine and Yellow sapphire?

    While citrine is the birthstone of November, yellow sapphire is the birthstone of September and Citrine is known to possess bright lime like yellow to deep yellowish golden color while yellow sapphire is known for being pale to light yellow. Also, Citrine has a slightly lower refractive index than yellow sapphire.

  4. When can Citrine necklace be worn?

    Does this bright yellow colored necklace need an occasion to be worn? While a solitaire citrine necklace or a citrine cross necklace can be worn to work for a subtle yet luminious fashion statement, a Citrine three stone necklace or Citrine Halo Necklace can be worn to your ravishing parties. It is just a matter of how simpler or more elaborate you want your fashion statement to be. We’re sure you’ll find your pick in our collection.

  5. How to tell if Citrine is real?

    A high quality citrine necklace is known for its clarity and to make you better assured of the 4 Cs of our citrine necklace, we only sell SGL certified products.