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About Valentine’s Day

The day of romance fast approaching? What to gift, how to make the love of your life feel special, a million questions might be popping your head. The struggle is indeed real but all the love makes it worth it. History has it that the famous saint of love, Saint Valentine used to commemorate marriages of the Roman soliders, against the will of the emperor. Some suggest that, while being imprisoned, he wrote love letters to his ladylove just before he was beheaded. That gave birth to the tradition of love letters and the big day came to be known as a celebration of love: Valentine’s Day

Why jewelry on Valentine’s Day?

Jewelry holds great deal of sentimental value and is more like a collection of memories. That makes it an endearing gift to surprise your special someone with. A day as significant and romantic as Valentine’s Day, deserves to be commemorated with jewelry that makes for a timeless token of love.

Let’s Celebrate love: Jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day

  • Ring: Rings are a symbolic gift of love and are fashioned in a number of endearing designs such as eternity signifying eternal love, promise rings carrying a promise of lifelong togetherness, heart ring insinuating how she belongs to your heart, three stone rings to commemorate your past, present and future together, celtic knot ring with the endless knots signifying a knot of love and infinity ring signifying infinite love.
  • Earring: Earrings are an everyday staple and when they carry an emotional value so profound, it makes for an irresistible gift for your loved one. Right from the symbolic heart shape stud earrings that tell the world out loud how she belongs to your heart, infinity earrings symbolizing eternal love, crown earrings for the queen of your hearts, cat earrings if she is an animal lover to the classic drop, hoop and floral earrings/
  • Pendant: Pendants are another token of love and an endearing one! These are inclusive of the symbolic heart shape gemstone pendant, the endearing infinity symbol pendant along with more classic designs including solitaire and vintage inspired pendants for your vintage heart ladylove.
  • Bracelet: An accessory no woman can ever get bored of, let alone when gifted by the love of her life. Our Valentine’s Day bracelet collection is inclusive of heart and infinity symbol bracelets signifying your eternal love along with more classic designs including tennis, station chain, charm and open circle.


  1. Is jewelry good for Valentine’s Day?

    Absolutely and without a shred of doubt, yes! Jewelry commemorates all the sentimental occasions and holds great value for those in love. It’s a symbolic gift of romance, really!

  2. What is the best gift for Valentine’s Day?

    Some of the most romantic and endearing gifts for Valentine’s day include heart shaped jewelry, eternity rings, promise rings, three stone jewelry, celtic knot ring.

  3. Is the tradition of exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day only for lovers?

    Not at all! Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love of any kind and form. You can take it as an opportunity to celebrate all the people you love and shower them with gifts that they’d cherish for a lifetime.