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About Orange Sapphire Earrings

A rare gemstone as sparkling bright as the sunlight. Earrings are already a favorite among all and when combined with the radiant shine of Orange Sapphire, is its vibrant beauty even needed to be mentioned? Who isn’t a fan of bright colors after all and when combined in a jewelry, we’re sure you won’t be able to look past such a bright pair of orange sapphire earrings. In fact, because of its intense orange color, ‘Orange Sapphire’ name itself is derived from Sinhalese meaning ‘Lotus Flower.’ Got an idea why the intensely bright color of Orange Sapphire with hints of yellow is such a hit?

Apart from its appearance, the hype for Orange Sapphire Earrings is also justified by the profound value it holds. Orange Sapphire, having been a symbol of honesty and leadership since time immemorial, is also known to have physical as well as emotional healing properties. The best part about the Orange Sapphire Earrings is that, it looks just as sparky combined with any metal, be it yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Infact, the glistening spark of Orange sapphire earrings yellow gold is absolutely unparalleled, just like a match made in heaven.

Glow with Orange Sapphire Earrings on any occasion

Orange Sapphire Stud Earrings:

Since stud earrings make for such a classic work look, when combined with this radiant gemstone, the sparkling shine of orange sapphire stud earrings makes your fashion statement all the more evident even at work.

Orange Sapphire Stud Earrings:

Be it any occasion, the trend for Hoop Earrings are just as timeless. That being said, Orange Sapphire embellishment in Hoop Earrings add the glow factor to it.

Orange Sapphire Stud Earrings:

Since Drop Earrings make for such a loud, feminine and vintage fashion statement, we’re sure you wouldn’t feel any less than a glowing diva by donning Orange Sapphire Drop Earrings.

Explore the 4 Cs of Orange Sapphire Earrings

  • Cut 

    The shape of Orange Sapphire Earrings ranges from simple Round and Oval to the most intricate Marquise, Pear and Princess. All just as stunning and sparkling.

  • Clarity 

    Belonging to the family of Sapphires which are known to be graded with AAA, orange sapphire earrings are believed to have minimal blemishes and inclusions.

  • Color 

    The color of Orange Sapphire Earrings ranges from light orange color to reddish orange color with little hints of yellow and vivid color saturations.

  • Carat

    The carat weight of Orange Sapphire Earrings ranges from 0.01 to 1 CT.

What spiritual value does Orange Sapphire Earrings hold?

  • Did you know apart from its sparkling sun-like beauty, orange sapphire earrings are also known as a ‘crystal of wisdom.’ It is even believed to bring good fortune, luck and spiritual insight in the life of the wearer, which must be insinuated through the radiant orange color.
  • Since Sapphire gemstone also has ties with royalty, it is believed to attract prosperity and abundance as well.
  • Orange Sapphire Earrings are also known to enhance mental health of the wearer as well by helping with depression, tension and toxic thoughts.


  1. What does Orange Sapphire stand for?

    Orange Sapphire, a semi-precious gemstone, is known to bring joy, fulfillment and togetherness in the life of the wearer. It is also a popular symbol of honesty and leadership. All of this combined makes the value of Orange Sapphire earrings profound.

  2. Can you wear Orange Sapphire Earrings in shower?

    Although Water can never damage Orange Sapphire but when it comes to jewelry, being a little extra cautious won’t hurt anybody. To make sure that your gemstone is tight and to avoid any chemical exposure, be cautious to take out your Orange Sapphire Earrings whenever in shower.

  3. Do Orange Sapphire Earrings scratch easily?

    Orange Sapphire Earrings are known as one of the most hardest and strongest earrings of all times since it has a rating of 9 on Moh’s scale. Thus, it can take the wear and tear of everyday use quite well. It can even be professionaly polished at regular intervals to maintain its lustre and sheen. All of this combined makes it a perfect pick to be worn on regular basis.

  4. Are Padparadscha and Orange Sapphire same?

    The main difference between Padparadscha and Orange Sapphire is their color and cost. Whereas on one hand, Padparasdcha is a perfect combination of pinkish and orangish hues, orange sapphire has a radiant bright orange color with hints of yellow and red. Since Padparasdcha are quite rare to find, they come at a slightly higher cost than Orange Sapphire.

  5. What is the birthstone of Orange Sapphire Earrings?

    The interesting part is orange sapphire does not belong to any birthstone, thus making orange sapphire earrings a great pick for people born in any month.

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