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About Heart Earrings

What’s more heart warming than say, a heart shape jewelry? Specially the jewelry that has a special corner in every woman’s jewelry box: earrings! Is the profound beauty of heart earrings even needed to be mentioned? Since these also serve as one of the most expressive gifts for your significant other, the significance of heart earrings is further enhanced. Heart earrings look endearing, meaningful and exquisite and when embellished intricately with different colored gemstones and diamond, the graceful and vibrant beauty is unparalleled. Heart earrings red, black heart earrings or yellow heart earrings. All just as stunning but distinctive in their own way! You see the pattern? The gemstone embellishment can change the entire game! And what’s sweeter and more appealing than heart shape after all! Heart Earrings Diamond look sparkling bright and the most timeless out of all!

Stud or drop: heart earring in different styles look just as pretty and versatile. While heart earrings studs look minimalist yet alluring, a heart drop earrings make your entire look more loud and vibrant. Heart is today the most popular shape for any jewelry, let alone earrings. Since heart earrings have such a versatile beauty, we bet choosing a metal to go just right with your favorite pair of heart earrings won’t be so tough! Specially since we have a variety of metal options from white gold, yellow gold to rose gold. While Heart earrings white gold look classic and vintage, yellow gold looks luxurious and glistening and heart earrings rose gold make for a blushy feminine pick. All just as stunning in their own sweet way! Since heart earrings

Different Designs of Heart Earrings: Can you choose one?

Cutout heart earrings:

Heart earrings having a cutout design, what’s more unique than that! You sure won’t ever get bored of the funky fashion statement of these heart earrings embellished beautifully with your favorite gemstones. Who wants to be boring when it comes to earrings after all!

Heart paw earrings:

Paw earrings and heart combined, name us a more adorable pair! Animal paws heart earrings can add that tint of liveliness to your earrings, making these another top picks in our handmade collection of heart earrings.

Infinity heart earrings:

Infinity shape combined with heart earrings makes it look more eloquent, sweet and eye pleasing! Two of the most beautiful symbols of love combined together. Sure to make for a precious gift for your loved one!

Teardrop heart earrings:

Royalties have always loved a teardrop shape and that when combined with a modish heart shape of earrings, we’re sure you won’t be able to look past its grace.

Initial heart earrings:

An initial earrings combined with heart earrings specially crafted for you can surely make you feel precious. No less special than these heart initial earrings!

Heart Lip Earrings:

Who doesn’t like adding a funky tint of style to their earrings? Lip Shape earrings embedded with intricately cut gemstone embellished heart shape is sure to do that job for you!

Heart Devil Earrings:

We bet you won’t find a more unique pair of earrings than these! Heart Devil Earrings look exotic and fashionable, both at once, alone making your entire look stand out.

Heart Earrings Styles: Elaborate, Versatile and Stunning

Heart Earrings Studs:

Heart shape stud earrings look the most minimalist out of the lot but eloquent and stylish, all at once! Wear them to work for a cute formal look or to your night outs to add more definition to your fancy outfits.

Heart Drop Earrings:

Drop Earrings are women’s favorite and when embellished with gemstone cut in heart shape to add a cute hint to these earrings, heart drop earrings can mesmerize any eye with their beauty.

Heart Halo Earrings:

Halo set sparkling loop of Diamond encircling can enhance the look of any heart earrings, making it look more defined, well cut and not to mention, elegant!


  1. What do heart earrings symbolize?

    Heart earrings have always been a symbol of love and affection and that’s what makes them so meaningful, expressive and profound. Sure to please any eye with their loving look! Heart earrings can insinuate what you cannot say with words. That’s why they are the most sought after gifting option to express your love towards your significant other, specially for valentine’s day, anniversaries and birthdays.

  2. What are open heart earrings?

    Open heart earrings have a cut out heart shape to add a unique and funky touch to your entire look. Cut out heart earrings are another trendy pick among our collection.

  3. Are heart earrings fashionable?

    Gone are the days when we used to adorn dull pieces of jewelry! Since heart shape is so eye-catching, cute and spunky in its look, these make for a fashionable style statement and have become one of the trendiest pieces today. Our versatile collection of heart earrings ranges from cut out heart earrings to heart earrings combined with other shapes as well, in a variety of different styles from stud, drop to halo earrings. You surely would find your favorite pair among these.

  4. What metal to pair up with heart earrings?

    Our collection of heart earrings comes in a variety of metal colors including white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. White heart earrings white gold look timeless and simple, yellow gold adds luxurious touch to your earrings and heart earrings rose gold look feminine and elegant.

  5. Can you sleep with heart earrings?

    We say it is better to not wear jewelry to bed to maintain its new luster and avoid doing any damage. Although heart stud earrings are specially made for you to wear on a daily basis, we recommend removing them at night, specially if you have had your ears pierced for quite a while.